Friday, April 22, 2011

Lagoon passes

They are not sending out passes for lagoon this year. To get your competitor passes, spectator passes, parking passes, and discount ride passes...............Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the lagoon passes and print them out!

Calendar for the rest of the session for Competition Teams!

Ok so since our last month of dance gets so crazy I wanted to lay out what to expect the rest of the session so you can put it on your calendars!
Week of April 25th-30th
April 25th-28th-Normal classes... I need costume fee from all of the girls in Pointe class for their costume!!! I really need to order them and I have only been paid by a few girls!
April 30th-Releve Dance Competition in Ogden-Madatory for all Competition Teams

Week of May 2nd- May 7th
May 2-5-Normal Classes
May 7th-America onstage Competition at Lagoon-Mandatory for all competition Teams

Week of May 9th-14th
May 9th-13th Normal Classes

Week of May 16th-21st
*Competition Team Pizza Parties* You may bring treats to share with your class if you wish!Come as follows:
Monday May 16-Sweet n Sassy party at 4:00
Stars and Elite prep only have ballet this day-NO Choreography!
Tuesday May 17- Ultimate co, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Elite Prep, and Energy Party at 5:00
All will have Technique together at 6:00 *optional*
**Energy will not have their ballet this day, but may join in the technique class at 6!**
Wednesday May 18th-Diamonds, Pewees , Stars, and Minis will have their party at 4:00 *No normal class for these teams*
Normal Ballet for Ultimate, Sr. Elite and point
Thursday May 19th-Extreme, Celebration, and Expressions will have their party at 4:00
Their will be a combined Ballet Class for all three classes at 5:00!
Saturday May 21st-Spring Recital-Mandatory for all Competition Teams!

Week of May 23rd-28th-No normal classes-Fall registration Begins
Tuesday May 24th-Picture day for Competition Teams
Wednesday May 25th-Picture day for Non-competitive classes
Thursday May 26th-End of Session!! Thanks for a Great Year!!

other upcoming dates:
June 6th- Summer classes start
June 14th&15th-Competition Tryouts for 2011-2012
June 24th-Money due for summer slam Idaho camp!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ogden Solos

Here is the lineup for the solos! I need everyones music from the last competition!
Ella 3:44
Mckenzie 4:00
Sariah 4:09
Jordan 4:16
Riley 4:38
Kyra 4:40
Megan 4:42
Cherity 7:03
Dylainy 7:15
Brittney 8:14
Tylar 8:42
McKenna 8:52
Shantel 8:56
Tosh 9:05

Ogden Competition!

Here is the lineup for the Ogden Competition next week. It is at the Val A. Browning Center at weber State University in the Austad Auditorium. This is mandatory for all competition teams!!!! Please Do not be late! Come ready to perform!
Also, There are some free master Dance classes for the dancers during the day being taught by Gev from SYTYCD. I will post times at the bottom!

Saturday April 30th
Sweet n Sassy Be there at 8:45
Baby Mine 9:35
Splish Splash 10:14

Peewees Be there at 8:45
Daughters Eyes 9:30
Can't wait to be king 10:46

Minis be there at 9:00
Hippy shake 9:45
Sugar Cane 11:02

Diamonds Be there at 10:30
Diamonds 11:25
one more moment 12:03

Extreme be there 8:45
Razzle Dazzle 9:39
Friend like you 10:18

Celebration Be there at 10:30
Hold your hand 11:30
Rock this town 12:12

Expressions be there 8:50
strongest suit 9:51
feels like home 10:31

Energy be there 2:00
look at me 3:06
cooler than me 3:28

Elite prep be there 3:30
give me one reason 4:32
Lost 4:59

Stars be there 10:00
So small 10:52
Mambo Italiano 12:03

Jr. Elite be there 3:00
Surrender 4:07
Le Jazz Hot 4:37

Sr. Elite be there 3:45
Jungle Drum 4:47
Breakable 5:07

Ultimate Co. be there 2:30
Suzy 3:23
Glitter 3:48

Master classes with Gev:
These take place in the Allred theatre
8-9:15 am 7yrs-11yrs
11-12:30- 12 yrs +
There are also meet and greets with Gev right after the master clases!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Estimated Times for Lagoon competition

Here is an estimated times for the Lagoon Competition on May 7th. These times will change within 2 hours give or take! Novice Solos 1:30 Novice teams 8:30 Beginning solos 9:00 Beginning teams 12:00 intermediate solos 11:00 intermediate teams 2:00 advanced solos 3:30 Dont Forget about the Ogden competition on April 30th! I dont have any lineups yet but I will post them as soon as I get them! Both competitions are Mandatory for all Competition Teams!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Camp In Idaho

For those of you interested in the Summer Slam Camp in Pocatello Idaho, I have a little preliminary information for you. We will leave for Idaho on Wednesday August 3rd and be back home Saturday August 6th. The Cost will be between $250-$275 depending on what we can get rooms for. This includes: *3 night Hotel stay with Breakfast included. *3 Days of amazing instruction and hard core dance classes in all Genres of dance. *Lunch included in all 3 days of the dance camp. Dance camps are from 8:30-5 every day! *On the 6th there is a free showcase for the parents of all the dances they learn and a dance down where Trophies can be won. *There will be a room mom and 3 dancers in each of the rooms. *Each of the room moms will be carpooling all the dancers to and from Idaho. We had such an amazing time last year at this camp and it was well worth every $. Our girls learned so much. This is an awesome opportunity and all dancers 6+ are invited to come! If you can make this work with your budget I would highly recommend this camp. I will need to know by the end of the session an approximate number of who is going to go and all payments will be due by June 24th.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Important upcoming info!

Recital The Spring Recital is on Saturday May 21st. All competitive and non-competitive classes will be in the Spring Recital. If you have not paid your $10 recital fee please do so ASAP. Also, Non-Competitive classes and Pointe classes have a Costume fee of $36. Please pay that if not already done. All Non-competitive Classes will have a Dress Rehearsal Friday May 20th! Both Dress rehearsal and Spring Recital will be at Willow Creek Middle School! NO Classes There will be No Classes April 11th- 15th for Spring Break! Upcoming Competitions April 30th-Releve Dance Competition May 7th-Nationals at Lagoon **I am inviting any of my 3-4 yr old dance classes to come compete with the competition teams this day. Competition fees are $15 they will recieve a ribbon and Medal. I need to know and have fees paid by April 9th** Registration for Fall Registration for Fall 2011 will begin on May 23rd. This is first come first serve! We always fill up fast and classes are very limited! Class Pictures Studio Pictures will be the week of May 23rd. There will be no regular dance classes this week just assigned class picture times! End of Spring Semester Spring Semester Ends May 26th! 2011-2012 Competition Team Tryouts Tryouts for the 2011-2012 Year will be the week of June 13th. I will send out more info. at a later time!