Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal Today!

Just a reminder!
Sweet n Sassy, Pewees, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co., Jr. Elite and Energy have Dress Rehearsal tonight! Please come in full costume and appropriate footwear. Please have your hair the way it is supposed to be as well!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mandatory Dress REhearsals start today!

Please Remember Dress REhearsals! These are Mandatory and are very important that you are there! These are full Dress Rehearsals which mean full hair makeup and costume! Due to the storms on the East coast some of our costumes are still not in. I have made phone calls and the latest they will be here is next Thursday. If you do not have your costume yet then please still wear proper tights and shoes and be sure your hair is done and you can wear a leotard of your choice to practice in. I will post when costumes come in so you can come pick them up at the studio! Please wear Jazz costumes to the recital and bring Lyrical. (Except sweet n sassy). Please arrive 5 min early so you can stretch on your own!!

Thursday Feb 17th
4:00-Minis-Hair in Curly bun
4:45- Extreme-Hair in Curly Bun
5:30- Celebration-Hair in curly Bun
6:15-Expressions-Hair in from twist slicked over to right side in a side curly bun

Tuesday Feb 22nd
4:00-Sweet n Sassy-Hair sides and bangs up all curly
4:45 Pewees-Hair in Curly bun
5:30 Sr. Elite-Hair same as performance
6:15 Ultimate Co.-Hair same as performance
7:00 Jr. Elite-Hair twist in front slicked back into low pony straight (please straight iron your hair so there are no waves)
7:45 Energy-Hair in Curly bun

Wed Feb 23rd
4:00 Diamonds- Hair in curly bun


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Solos-Be there 1 hr before you time!
Thursday Feb 24th
Shantel -6:04

Friday Feb 25th
1:39 Kaycee Chamberlain
2:15 pm Cherity Couchman
2:57 pm Tylar Hansen
3:43 pm Ella Shippen
Sariah Geertsen
4:19 pm Riley Robertson
Megan Hibbert
4:45 pm McKenzie Metcalf
4:48 pm Jordan Seegmiller
7:10 pm Britttney Dulle
Toshina Young
7:43 pm Kyra Geertsen

TEAM Sat. Feb 26th
Stars Be there @ 7:30 am
Mambo Italiano 8:30 am
So Small 10:35

Diamonds be there @ 10
Diamonds 11:00
One more Moment 11:37

Elite Prep be there at 10:15
One reason 11:07
Lost 11:46

Expressions be there at 10:15
Strongest suit 11:07
Feels like home 11:40

Celebration be there 12:15
Rock this town 1:15
Hold your Hand 2:25

Energy be there at 12:40
Cooler than me 1:40
Look at me 2:34

Sweet n Sassy be there 1:45
Splish splash 2:45
Baby mine 3:00

Pewees be there 2:00
Daughters eyes 3:00
Lion King 3:17

Minis be there 2:00
Hippy shake 2:55
Sugar cane 3:06

Extreme be there 1:50
Razzle Dazzle 2:50
Friend like you 3:11

Sr. Elite be there 2:40
Jungle Drum 3:41
Breakable 7:18

Jr. Elite be there 4:00
Le Jazz Hot 4:54
Surrender 6:09

Ultimate Co. Be there 7:00 pm
Suzy 7:54 pm
Glitter in the air 9:21 pm

Please come ready to perform and find the rest of your team an or team mom. Team must stay together, stretch, and run through dances at the time of your arrival!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Updated Times for Thanksgiving point competition!

Please Note: Times have changed since the last post!

Teams will need to be there 1 hour before performance time!

THURSDAY, February 24

3:00 pm Doors Open

4:00 pm Advanced Queen Solos/D/T

8:00 pm Solos conclusion
**Awards given immediately at conclusion.


12:00 pm Doors Open

1:00 pm Beginning Solos/D/T

3:45 pm Novice QUEEN Solos/D/T

5:15 pm Intermediate Solos/D/T

9:30 pm Solos Conclusion
**Awards given about 1 hour after each level's conclusion.
*The final program with times will be posted 10 days prior to the event online.
Saturday, February 26

7:30a Doors Open

8:00 am Beginning

12:30 pm Novice Teams

3:30 pm Intermediate Teams

7:30 pm Advanced Teams

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dress rehears this Monday for Stars and Elite Prep

Don't Forget about Dress Rehearsal for Stars and Elite Prep tomorrow. Stars at 3 and Elite Prep at 7. Jazz costumes first and lyrical second! Elite Prep hair: Twist in front slicked to low straight pony. Stars hair: Twist in front all hair slicked to right side into a side curly bun!