Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Directions to Maple Mountain High School

Turn right to merge onto I-15 S
21.5 mi
Take exit 258 to merge onto US-6 E toward Price/​Manti/​US-89 E
2.2 mi
Turn left onto E Center St
318 ft
Take the 1st right onto E 100 S/​E Center St
Continue to follow E Center St
0.3 mi
Continue onto E 100 S/​E 6800 S/​E 6800 South Rd
Continue to follow E 6800 S/​E 6800 South Rd
0.8 mi
Turn left onto S 1800 East Rd
0.2 mi
Turn left
Destination will be on the left

Sunday, March 11, 2012

ST. George Line ups!!! Final lineups some times have changed!

St. George Line up for teams at Dixie High school Saturday March 24th!

Celebration be there 1:30
Hallelujah 2:36 auditorium
Hip HOp 5:42 Gym

Jr. Elite be there 11:00
Breaking dawn 12:00
The Way you look tonight 6:52pm Gym

Expressions be there 1:00
I'll be watching you 1:44
Trouble 7:03 pm Gym

ULtimate co. be there 12:30
The rose1:29
One wild night 7:05 pm Gym

Quad be there 1:15
Water over fire 1:52
Cell Block tango 7:38pm Gym

Sweet n Sassy Be there 9:00
Tutti Frutti 10:03
Music and Me 11:36

Stars Be there 9:10
Oh So Quiet 10:05
One Voice 10:22

Minis Be there 9:30
Party Party 10:31
Let them be 11:48

Jr. Prep be there 10:00
Brighter than the sun 11:06
Wont let go 1:20

Sr. Elite be there 10:30
Newsies 11:34
I believe 12:26

PeWees Be there 9:00
God help the outcast 9:49
Yo Ho 12:39

Diamonds be there 11:00
Somewhere out there 11:59
Do whap dee do 12:28

Elite prep Be there 1:00
One 1:55
Ive got nothing left 2:24

12:50-1:45 Awards for Mini High Points and dances performed prior to 12:50
5:00 Awards for all dances performed prior to 5:00
8:45 Awards for overall Junior, Teen and Elite teams
Friday March 23rd
Mckenzie M. 3:43
Mattie 3:46
Sariah 4:05
Ella 4:53
Sage 5:50
Hailie 9:26
Mckenzie c. 6:11
Tosh 6:51
Dylainy 6:03
Morgan 6:59
Kyra 7:38
Rylee 8:06
Shanny 8:08
5:10-5:45 Mini overalls Solos and all dances competed before 5:10 Award
10:40 Overall Awards for Junior, Teen and Elite Solos

Duos and Trios Saturday March 24th
Sydney and Genae 9:09 am
Mckenna, Maddy, and Madison 9:11
Shanny and Tosh 9:34
12:50-1:45 Awards for Duets and Trios

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rockwell Charter Performance

We have been asked to Perform at the Rockwell Drill Team review! They have asked for specific numbers to perform which are:
Kyra, Sariah, Shanny, Tosh, Ella, and Dylainy solos as well as Ultimate Co both Jazz and Lyrical routines. Please be at Rockwell at 6:15 next thursday March 15th!

Line up for Maple Mountain competition

Here are the times times for the upcoming competition at Maple mountain on Saturday March 17th! Please come ready to perform and do not be late!! Maple Mountain High School 51 North 2550 East Spanish Fork Ut 84660 you can also see details about the Master classes and awards at www.relevedc.com

Pewees Be there 9:15am
God help the outcast 10:00 am
Yo Ho 10:36 am

Sweet n Sassy be there 9:15
Music and me 10:04
Tutti Frutti 11:34

Elite prep be there 2:00
One 2:51
Ive got nothing left 4:49

Jr. Elite be there 2:00
The way you look tonight 2:48
Breaking dawn 5:05

Diamonds be there 9:20
Do whap de doo 10:20
somewhere out there 12:38

Celebration be there 9:45
Hip Hop 10:48
Hallelujah 12:29

Minis be there 10:30
Party party 11:28
Let them be 12:32

Jr. prep be there 10:45
Brighter than the sun 11:37
I wont let go 1:04

Expressions be there 10:45
I'll be watching you 12:40

Stars be there 11:30
Oh so Quiet 12:20
One voice 1:02

Sr. Elite be there 2:00
King of new york 3:03
I believe 4:43

Quad be there 4:45
Water over fire 5:22
Cell block tango 6:41

Ultimate Company Be there 4:45
The Rose 5:50
One wild Night 8:53

Solos, Duos, and Trios Friday March 16th please be there 1 hr prior to your performance time!
Ella Shippen 2:52
Genae and Sydney 3:00
Madison, Maddie, and Mckenna 3:16
Sage 3:23
Rylee 3:39
Dylainy 4:05
Kyra 6:18
Tosh and Shanny 4:59
McKenzie M 6:01
Morgan 3:49
Mattie 5:51
Shanny 6:34
Sariah 6:22
Sydney 6:38
Toshina 7:00
Hailie 6:49
Samantha 6:54
McKenzie C. 6:59
Kaisha 7:03
McKenna 8:37
Gabby 8:20
The Master Classes are with SYTYCD Kathryn McCormick Classes are free for all competitors and are on Saturday March 17th
novice and beginning classes 8:30am-9:30am
Intermediate and Advanced classes 11:30-1:00

2:00 Awards for sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, diamonds, stars, celebration, expressions, jr. prep,
2:00 Awards for overall high points for sweet n sassy, Pewees, Minis, diamonds and Stars
6:00 Awards forElite prep, jr. elite, sr. Elite
9:00 Awards for ultimate co.
9:00 Awards for Overall High points for celebration, expressions jr. prep, Elite prep, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite and Ultimate Co.