Monday, May 28, 2012

Pocatello dance Camp

Summer Slam Pocatello dance Camp Fees due by June 24th
We will Leave Wed Aug 1st and return home Saturday August 4th!
This is an amazing camp and well worth it. The girls have soooo Much fun!
Here is the Break down:
Summer slam camp w/Lunch $150
Hotel Room $100 (This is if there are 3 dancers and 1 chaperone per room)
Matching Camp tops for 3 days $20

... *I know they charge if you want to stay and watch during the cam the first 2 days. I think it is $15/day. I think you can pay in advance or when you get there. The 3rd day where they showcase their dances is free.
*Lunches $30
*Hotel rooms for parents are around $50-$100 depending on room occupancy.

Please let me know who is coming asap! so that I can book the rooms and get sizes for the matching camp tops!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012-2013 competition Team Tryouts

June 5th
9:00am ages 5-8 beginning
10:30am ages 7-8 intermediate/advanced
11:30am ages 9-11novice /beginning
1:00pm ages 12+novice/ beginning

June 6th
11:00am ages 13+ intermediate/advanced
12:30pm ages 9-12 intermediate/advanced
2:00pm call backs for Company teams

I have had a lot of questions on what day to bring your dancers to tryouts! hopefully this will help. Wednesday tryouts are only for those have been on a prep, elite, or co. team. Ex(jr. prep, Elite prep, Jr. Elite, Sr. elite, and Ultimate Co.)Wednesdays tryouts are going to be very advanced routines. You must have clean triple pirouettes, fouettes, etc! Everyone else should be on tuesday! please come to the age you are now!! unless told otherwise!
Cant wait to see everyone this week! Good Luck !

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Week of Dance Schedule!!! Class Parties!

Monday  May 21st
Both 9:30 ballet/Tap and 10:30 Ballet/ Tap will be held at 9:30
Monday ballet/tap 2:15 class and Monday ballet/Jazz 3:00 class will be held at 3:00
Sweet n sassy,  Stars, Jr. Prep  come at 4:00
Monday 5:00 classes are at normal times!

Tuesday May 22nd
9:30 and 10:15 classes will be held at 9:30
Ultimate co., Sr.Elite, Jr. Elite, Mckenna and Britney come at 4:00 *CHANGED TIME*
Wednesday May 23rd
Pewees, Diamonds, and Minis come at 4:00
Both Wednesday 5:00 and 6:00 classes with Michelle will be held at 5:00

Thursday May 24th
Celebration, Expressions, Elite prep come at 5:00
Both Hip Hop Classes will be held at 7:00

You may bring treats for your class if you want!

Congrats on a Great Recital!

We are now Registering for Fall Session!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Here are the times for Team & Solo Pictures Please do not be late! Show up 5 min prior to your time and in Jazz costume. Bring Lyrical with! Pictures Will be taken at Carma Gray photography 471 W Rolling Sage way in Saratoga Springs (Saratoga Hills Developement) If you are late the picture will be taken without you!
Tuesday May 15, 2012
400 Expressions
420 Pewees
440 Celebration
500 Jr. Elit
...520 Ultimate Co.
540 diamonds
600 Sweet n sassy
620 Stars
640 Minis
700 Jr. Prep
720 Sr. Elite
740 Quad
800 Elite Prep

May 14, 2012
330 Kyra
400 Sariah
415 sage
430 Tosh
445 Shanny
5:00McKenna Maddie, and Madison
515 Shanny& Tosh
530 Sydney and Genae
545 Dylainy
600 Mattie
615 Mckenzie M
630 Rylee
645 Hailie
700 Kaisha
715 Ella
730 Gabby
745 Sydney
800 Mckenzie C
815 Samantha
830 Mckenna
If you do not want pictures for your solo please let me know ASAP so I can take you off the schedule!!!!