Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012-2013 competition Team Tryouts

June 5th
9:00am ages 5-8 beginning
10:30am ages 7-8 intermediate/advanced
11:30am ages 9-11novice /beginning
1:00pm ages 12+novice/ beginning

June 6th
11:00am ages 13+ intermediate/advanced
12:30pm ages 9-12 intermediate/advanced
2:00pm call backs for Company teams

I have had a lot of questions on what day to bring your dancers to tryouts! hopefully this will help. Wednesday tryouts are only for those have been on a prep, elite, or co. team. Ex(jr. prep, Elite prep, Jr. Elite, Sr. elite, and Ultimate Co.)Wednesdays tryouts are going to be very advanced routines. You must have clean triple pirouettes, fouettes, etc! Everyone else should be on tuesday! please come to the age you are now!! unless told otherwise!
Cant wait to see everyone this week! Good Luck !

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