Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holy Cow what a weekend! I am so proud of all of our teams! Everyone did so great! Thank you so much for all the parents help and for the dancers representing our studio so greatly! Here are the results:
Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 2nd Place
RESPECT 4th place

Sea Cruise 2nd Place
I hope you dance 2nd place

Prayer of the Children 1st place
What I like about you 1st place and overall Mini High point Champions (top score out of 43 teams)

Imagine 2nd place
Oh so quiet 1st place and Mini amateur/intermediat overall grand Champion

I Believe 2nd place
50's Mix 3rd place

I'm Yours 2nd place
Hero 3rd place

Hold your Hand 1st place
Cotton Eye Joe 1st place and Junior Overall 2nd place!
Power of a Dream 3rd place
Mercy 1st place

Top of the World 1st place
Life is a Highway 1st place and Overall Teen 2nd place

I got nothing left 2nd place
Rich mans world 2nd place

Jr. Elite
Never alone 3rd place
Witch Doctor 1st place

Sr. Elite
Rock your soul 2nd place
Wild Party 1st place

Solos Duets and Trios!
We did Awesome in solos Duets and Trios as well!
Dylainy and Megan 1st place
Delilah 1st place and Overall Mini High Point! 6ft Trophy
Kyra and Sydnie 1st place
Kailee and Taylor 2nd place
McKell and Whitney 2nd place
Brecca 1st place
Kennedy 3rd place
Kaylee 1st place
Haylee S 2nd place
Katie F. 1st place and Overall Junior amateur/intermediat High Point! 6ft Tropy
Makelle 2nd place
Cristen D 1st place
Hailey N 2nd place
Jessica, Ashleigh, and Baylie 1st place
Mckenna M 1st place
Kaycee 1st place
Brittney 1st place
Congratulations to Everyone! I can't Wait For St. George this Next Weekend please make sure you have your wrist bands!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disneyland Performance finalized!!!!!! Performance time!

Ok so I feel like I am posting like every 5 min. but this is all important!!! Here is The Disneyland 101 on the performance, you might want to write this down!
We will be performing on the Garden Stage (by the castle). The performance time is 10:30 am.
All dancers need to meet me and the Disneyland worker at the entrance of Toon Town at 9:00 am. Please dont be late! At this time you will leave your dancers in Candice and mines care and go have fun and then meet us back at the Garden Stage for showtime! Sorry No Parents are allowed backstage!
Disneyland wants the dancers to come in normal clothes and bring the costumes in a small backpack (No duffle bags or garment bags are allowed). Dancers will change back in the pre-show dressing room. Show will be over by 11:00 and you can meet your dancers back at the entrance of Toon Town and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland or whereever you would like!! Yay this will be so much fun! Any quiestions make a comment!

ST. George Solo, Duets, and Trio Line up

Wow it feels like christmas this week. disneyland tickets, spanish fork Lineups and line ups all in one week! Please remember these are preliminary so they may change. Please remember to be there an hour before your performance time! This competition is at Dixie High School in St. George on Friday April 3rd!
Name # Time
Hailey Nosak 282 9:21 pm Gym
Cristen Davis 280 9:18 Gym
Dylainy & meg 4 4:06 Auditorium
Jess, Bay, Ash 8 4:18 Auditorium
kyra & Sydnie 28 5:04 Auditorium
Kailee & Taylor 32 5:14 Auditorium
Mckell & Whit 40 5:30 Auditorium
Haylee Tap 102 8:49 Auditorium
Katie 104 8:53 Auditorium
Mckenna 242 7:30 Gym
Haylee lyr 111 9:11 Auditorium
Brecca 105 8:55 Auditorium
Kennedy 97 8:37 Audtiorium
Makelle 75 7:42 Auditorium
Brittney 41 5:33 Auditorium
Kaylee 37 5:24 Auditorium
Kaycee 35 5:22 Auditorium
Delilah 13 4:27 Auditorium

Mini, duo and Trio Awards 6:30
Junior, and Teen Awards 9:30

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

update for Spanish Fork!

I have updated solos for friday at spanish fork please look below for almost all of them have changed! Also, I have Disneyland tickets ready to be picked up!!!


Guess what just showed up on my doorstep!!! Yep Disneyland Tickets! YAY! I am so excited. I will try to get these sorted and get them to you. I suggest that the parents come in and pick them up so that there isnt a chance of them getting lost. There is no way of replacing them. Unfortunately I still dont have a time for performance yet!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spanish Fork Dance Competition!

Here are the preliminary lineups for the Competition this saturday March 28th. The competition is at Spanish Fork High School. I just barely recieved them! Times may still change so please check the blog daily!! Please be on time! Please remember there is a charge at the door for spectators. You can check their website at for info. Dancers must have a wrist band that I should hopefully recieve in the mail today for their entrance. This will be their ticket in and their ticket to recieve their awards! Good Luck!

Please meet in the lobby of the Auditorium! please find your team mom!
Sweet N Sassy-Be There at 8:30 am -Auditorium
compete Music and me @ 9:29 am
compete RESPECT @ 9:57am
Pewees-BE There @ 7:45 am-Auditorium
compete I hope you dance@ 8:23 am
compete Sea cruise @ 8:43 am Quick change!!!!
Minis Be there @8:30 -Auditorium
compete prayer of the children@ 9:29
compete what I like about you @ 10:45
Diamonds Be There @7:30 am-Auditorium
compete Imagine @ 8:23
compete Oh so quiet @9:10
All morning , Mini age category(sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, and Diamonds) and Mini overall high point Awards @ 12:30 - Gym

For the teams below please meet in the practice room located on the north side of the gym upstairs behind the bleachers!
Dynamite be there 8:15 -*update*
compete I believe @ 9:09 -Meet in Auditorium foyer
compete 50's mix @ 11:47 -Meet in Gym
Extreme be there @ 10:00-Gymnasium
compete hero@ 10:51
compete I'm yours @ 11:47
Celebration be there @ 9:00-Gymnasium
compete cotton eye joe @ 10:00
compete Hold your had @ 11:00
Stars be there 10:15-Gymnasium
compete power of a Dream @ 11:13
compete mercy @ 1:30
Expressions be there @12:15-Gymnasium
compete Top of the world @1:13
compete Life is a highway @4:25
Energy be there @1:10-Gymnasium
compete I got nothing left @2:09
compete Rich mans world @ 4:55
Jr. Elite be there @ 9:15-Gymnasium
compete Witch Doctor @ 10:12
Compete Never Alone @ 1:44
Sr. Elite be there @4:20-Gymnasium
compete Rock your soul @ 5:18
compete wild party @ 5:55

remaining team Awards, junior and teen High point awards@ 6:00 -Gym

It is not mandatory to stay for awards but is always fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Solo, Duet, and Trio times for Spanish Fork!

Here are some preliminary times for The spanish Fork Competition Friday March 27th. Please remember it is always good to be about an hour early from the time posted. I will be there but please remember it is your responsibility to be there on time, have your costume on and Stretch so that you are ready to perform. I will have your master copy cd to turn in but it is your responsibility to have a practice or backup cd! Good luck Ladies! you will do great! please remember times may change.

Time # Name Place of performance
4:20 9 Delilah Auditorium
4:22 10 Jess, Ash, Bay Auditorium
4:13 6 Dylainy&Meg Auditorium
5:10 28 Syd&Kyra Auditorium
5:27 34 Kailee&Tayl Auditorium
5:55 44 Mckell&Whit Auditorium
6:06 48 Brecca Auditorium
6:10 50 Kennedy Auditorium
7:11 61 Haylee S Auditorium(lyric)
6:2355 Kaylee K Auditorium
7:23 65 Katie Auditorium
7:27 67 Haylee S. Auditorium (Tap)
7:4875 Makelle E Auditorium
8:02 80 Cristen Auditorium
8:07 82 Hailey N Auditorium
5:29 125 Mckenna M Gymnasium
5:14 118 Brittney Gymnasium
5:08 116 Kaycee Gymnasium
Minis, duos, and trio awards 6:30-Auditorium
Remaining Awards-9:30 Gym

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update info!

Hi everyone! just a little update!
I am finding that the practices for Disneyland for some classes are not necessary! I have a lot of people leaving before the 11th of April for Disneyland! Therefore, there will be no practice that day! If you are wondering what they are doing for disneyland, they are doing one of their competition dances so obviously they dont have to learn a new routine or buy an extra costume! We have found that we have not had make hardly any changes to any of the dances which is great! I will run through the dance they are performing with the girls that are going to Disneyland at the end of each class and if I find that there is a need for an extra practice I will let you know! Thanks for all you support!

Here is a new schedule of what I feel is necessary!

Saturday March 21st
8:00- Dynamite

No practice April 11th unless needed. I will keep you posted!

Also I should be getting the lineup for Spanish Fork sometime this week! keep checking the blog!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In Case you Forgot! Mandatory Rehearsals, competitions and NO Classes! Update your calendars!

March 21st-Mandatory Disneyland Performance rehearsal

Friday and Saturday March 27 &March 28thSpanish Fork competiton-Mandatory All Competition Teams
Thursday April 2nd No Class for thursday competition teams! (most of us will be on our way to St. George)

Friday and Saturday April 3rd&4thSt. George Competition-Madatory All Competition Teams

Friday, March 6, 2009

URGENT!!!! Stadium of FIRE

OK So here is the Deal! I guess I was wrong! I have to Turn in the Deposit by Monday! IF you want to Perform at Stadium of Fire I need your $20 Deposit on monday! Remember the Total is going to be $65 to $75. Including costume, props, and the performers ticket in. Other family member that want to come have to buy their own tickets. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP if you want to do this!
PLEASE REMEMBER this is for SR. & JR. Elite, Stars, Energy, and Diamonds ONLY.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stadium of Fire performance!

Ok so I have had a pretty good response through my facebook! I am definitely going to send in the video. I have to have the deposit and the Video at the same time soooooooooooo.......if you want to do it please have $20 to Misty by March 18th so that I can have it in by the 20th. If you are 13 or older this would definitely be an awesome opportunity because you get to be a main dancer!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stadium of fire Performance!?

We have been invited to audition to perform at the Stadium of fire this year! So Here is the deal You have to be 8 by September 1st, They say it will be hard choreography that you will have to come and learn. so they say mostly intermediate to Advanced dancers. Diamonds, stars, jr. & Sr. Elite, Energy, Celebration, Expressions.........
it costs approx $65-$75 per person which includes costume, props, and ticket for the show. We would need a $20 deposit by March 20th and the remainder by April 20th.
The Jonas brothers are performing. This is July 4th.
I guess my question is........IS ANYONE INTERESTED?? If so I need to send in an audition tape ASAP. Let me know if you are interested in doing this. Yes it will be optional!

Upcoming Competitions and News!

Just a reminder of the upcoming Mandatory Competitions for all teams!
March 28th Cant stop Dancin'- Spanish Fork High School
April 4th Ultimate Expressions-Dixie High School St. George Utah

I should get lineups 1 week prior to each competition and I will post them as soon as I get them!

Please be Advised there are No Classes on Thursday April 2nd. Most of us will already be heading to St. George for solos, duets, and Trios competition!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Expression please remember you only have Ballet on thursday so you will come from 5-6. All other teams are as normal!