Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stadium of fire Performance!?

We have been invited to audition to perform at the Stadium of fire this year! So Here is the deal You have to be 8 by September 1st, They say it will be hard choreography that you will have to come and learn. so they say mostly intermediate to Advanced dancers. Diamonds, stars, jr. & Sr. Elite, Energy, Celebration, Expressions.........
it costs approx $65-$75 per person which includes costume, props, and ticket for the show. We would need a $20 deposit by March 20th and the remainder by April 20th.
The Jonas brothers are performing. This is July 4th.
I guess my question is........IS ANYONE INTERESTED?? If so I need to send in an audition tape ASAP. Let me know if you are interested in doing this. Yes it will be optional!


  1. So you're not doing the choreography? The Stadium of Fire would do well to have you on board :) But I know Megan would definitely be interested. Count us in if it's something you are going to do!

  2. When will they be learning the choreography and where just at the studio? Will there be extra practices through June?

  3. I guess they send me a video and I have to teach it to the girls at the studio and then July 2,3,4 they have practice at the stadium

  4. so would the family that would like to attend have to purchase tickets now....i would assume they are going to sell out fast