Sunday, March 8, 2009

In Case you Forgot! Mandatory Rehearsals, competitions and NO Classes! Update your calendars!

March 21st-Mandatory Disneyland Performance rehearsal

Friday and Saturday March 27 &March 28thSpanish Fork competiton-Mandatory All Competition Teams
Thursday April 2nd No Class for thursday competition teams! (most of us will be on our way to St. George)

Friday and Saturday April 3rd&4thSt. George Competition-Madatory All Competition Teams


  1. Will there be a dress rehearsal for either the Spanish Fork or St. George competitions?

  2. Misty,We don't know if this might be the case for others, but we will be gone to California on the 10th of April (taking advantage of the spring break.) We saw that there is a rehearsal on the 11th.
    Can you comment?

  3. Ya I am finding that as well! I am hoping after this saturdays practice they will be good. We can also run through it at the end of class! Thanks! If you are planning on leaving early in the week please do not change your plans!