Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update info!

Hi everyone! just a little update!
I am finding that the practices for Disneyland for some classes are not necessary! I have a lot of people leaving before the 11th of April for Disneyland! Therefore, there will be no practice that day! If you are wondering what they are doing for disneyland, they are doing one of their competition dances so obviously they dont have to learn a new routine or buy an extra costume! We have found that we have not had make hardly any changes to any of the dances which is great! I will run through the dance they are performing with the girls that are going to Disneyland at the end of each class and if I find that there is a need for an extra practice I will let you know! Thanks for all you support!

Here is a new schedule of what I feel is necessary!

Saturday March 21st
8:00- Dynamite

No practice April 11th unless needed. I will keep you posted!

Also I should be getting the lineup for Spanish Fork sometime this week! keep checking the blog!

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