Sunday, January 30, 2011

St. George Competition

I have had some people tell me that they still havent got rooms in st. George for competition and that there are no rooms available.
The LaQuinta that I am staying at is full. But, I looked on and there were 3 or 4 Hotels still available for that weekend for under $80 and a couple others for around $100. If you need a place to stay in st. George I strongly suggest you book one right away! Friday night the 25th is main night you would want to book for! You may even get one cheaper if you priceline it!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Estimated performance times for Thanksgiving point competition

Thursday Feb 24th
4:30 pm Advanced solos
Friday Feb 25th
2:00 Beginning Solos
5:oo Intermediate Solos
Saturday feb 26th
8:00 Beginning teams-Diamonds, Expression, Elite Prep, Stars
11:00 Novice solos
1:00 Novice Teams - Sweet n Sasssy, pewees, minis, extreme, celebration, energy
4:00 Intermediate Teams-Jr. Elite, Sr.Elite
7:30 Advanced Teams- Ultimate Co.
These are performance times plan on being there about 1 hr. early!
The final times will be posted around the 20th!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mandatory Dress Rehearsals and updated comp info!

I can’t believe it is already competition time! It is coming so fast! All the teams are working so hard to clean their dances for their first competition. We usually call Thanksgiving Pointe our “Practice Competition”. It is really scary getting on stage in front of the judges and lots of people for the first time of the season. We usually use this competition to help calm nerves and be able to see where we need to fix problems for the rest of the competitions.
Costumes have started to come in! I have been handing them out as I receive them. Due to back order, some may not come in til the week before or of competition. Please be sure that you have paid all of your costume and competition fees so that your dancer will not be disappointed if she doesn’t get one.
In January I sent home a note with what each team needs as far as shoes and tights. I have had to make a few changes. Stars and Celebration will no longer need tan gore shoes and Ultimate Co. will no longer need black fishnets or gore shoes. We have found that the shoes make it slippery and hard to do all of the tumbling skills in these particular dances. Sorry for the change but I want the girls to look good and feel safe!
Due to Presidents weekend being right before competition I am having a hard time finding a good time for dress rehearsals with everyone in town. However, I find it very important that we do have dress rehearsal so that the girls can practice in their costumes and space out in the larger room! Please be sure to arrive 5 min early so that the dancer can stretch on their own and in full costume at the studio for the times listed below. Please come in Jazz costume and bring lyrical to change into.
Monday February 7th
7:00 Elite Prep-directly following their normal classes
Monday February 14th
3:00 Stars
Thursday February 17th – There will not be normal ballet classes this day!
4:00 Minis
4:45 Extreme
5:30 Celebration
6:15 Expression
Tuesday February 22-There will not be normal technique or ballet classes this day!
4:00 Sweet n Sassy
4:45 Pewees
5:30 Sr. Elite
6:15 Ultimate Co.
7:00 Jr. Elite
7:45 Energy

Wednesday February 23rd Sr. Elite and Ultimate Co.Ballet will be combined this day @5
4:00 Diamonds

Please note: Classes are being held on Valentines day!!!
I will have the final times for line up 1 week before the competition!
PS I heard that all the rooms are full in St. george. If you havent got one yet I would start searching for one. remember Cedar city is 45 min away and Mesquite is about 20 min away for a 2nd option. I know that all the La quinta rooms are taken.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ultimate Co. and Sr. Elite Performance Jan 20th

Westlake Storm Drill team is Having a showcase on Thursday January 20th and they have asked for us to come perform! Ultimate Co. will be performing their Lyrical - Glitter in the air and Sr. Elite will be performing their Jazz-Jungle Drum! If you are unable to make this performance I need to know ASAP so We can try to space you out. Please try to make it to this performance for it will be a great practice for our upcoming competitions!
I have the costumes in for Ultimate Co. and I am hoping and praying that Sr. Elite's costumes will be here in time if not I have another idea up my sleeve! Both teams will neet the tan stirrups and foot undeez.
Here are the rest of the details:
Date: Thursday January 20th
time: 6:15 PM
Place: Westlake High School

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Spring Session starts 1/10/11

I hope Everyone is having a great break and practicing all of their competition dances! Just a reminder that dance starts again on January 10th!

Also, All costume fees and competition fees are OVER DUE! I need to have all fees in that first week of dance or I will have to start spacing out dancers for competition!

I am excited to see you all soon!