Monday, April 27, 2009

Competition Tryouts Pre- Registration

Competition Tryouts will be held June 2nd and 3rd. (see April Newsletter for times or its on our webpage) Due to the large amount of people that were at try-outs last year, we are having pre registration this year. If you Pre-register there will be no audition fee. If you would like to register at the door there will be a $5 audition fee. You can register by going to our website at

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ultimate Dance Summer Camps!

IT's That time again! Time to register for Summer Intensive Camps! These camps are really good for the dancers to help improve their technique! You are the first to get this schedule. Class sizes are limited so register soon!
June 22th, 23th, 24th, and 26th
July 13th, 14th, 15th, & 16th

3-4 yrs old $50 per block 10:00-11:30
10:00-10:45 Ballet/Jazz
10:45-11:00 Snack Time
11:00-11:30 Tumbling

5-7yrs old $65 per block 9:00-11:00
9-10:00 Tumbling/ Cheer
10:00-11:00 Ballet/Jazz

8-11 yrs old $80 per block 10:00-1:00
10:00-11:00 Tumbling/cheer
11:00-12:00 Ballet
12:00-12:30 Jazz Turns and Leaps
12:30-1:00 Hip Hop

12 – 16 yrs old $80 per block 11:00-2:00
11:00-11:30 Intro to Choreography
11:30-12:00 Hip hop
12:00-1:00 Ballet
1:00-2:00 Jazz Turns and Leaps

*Registration is on a first come first serve basis
*Class sizes are limited

Single classes are available:
½ hr classes - $35 per class
45min & 1 hr classes-$40/per class

4 fun days of dance classes!
Register for 1 week or for both (if registering for both $5 discount off second week)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Entrance passes for Lagoon!

Ok so I now have both discount entrance passes and parking passes in the office. Please make sure you pick these up this week. I have 2 Competitor passes per dancer which will give you a free entrance only and a discount for rides. I have as many Spectator passes as you would like these are a 8.95 entrance fee and a discounted ride pass. Please dont bring me money for these. You can just take the passes to the ticket counters at Lagoon. I am so excited for these last two competitions they are huge! Please do not let your dancers miss class these next two weeks it is very important that they are there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dance Nationals @ Lagoon May 8-9 more info!!

I just got some more information today in the mail about the Lagoon competition. I haven't done this competition for about 4 yrs so I am not sure really what to expect 100%. Some things are still the same so I can help you out with what I know. This competition is supposed to be one of the Largest dance competitions in the world. It is the same company as the Thanksgiving Point competition so it is ran about the same except only more studios, teams and stages. Team places are posted on the wall and Overall awards are given on the stage after each level is concluded. This is America Onstages National Competition. I have recieved the discounted Parking passes but not entrance passes yet. Hopefully I will get them this next week. I can get as many discount passes as you need so please let me or Alicia in the office know if you need extras! I did get some new information that I didnt already know today for solos, duets, and trio. I guess they have what is call "Jr. National All Americans" These are given to the Highest scoring performers of the competition. This is how they choose: top scores in
Novice Beginning Intermediate
1 duet 1 duet 1 Duets
2 lyrical solos 2 Lyrical solos 2 Lyrical solos
2 Hip Hop Solos 2 Hip Hop solos 2 Hip Hop solos
2 Jazz solos 2 Jazz Solos 2 Jazz Solos

Please Remember Champion Productions Nationals competition is the next week May 16th at Skyline High School Not UVU

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Estimated Schedule for Lagoon May 8th and 9th

Here is an Estimated Schedule for The Lagoon Competition on May 8th&9th. This is a huge competition it will be on 3 different stages all at the North end of the park. It is supposedly one of the worlds largest competitons and there will be studios from many different states there to compete. Please remember this schedule will more than likely change. I should have more specific times by May 2nd.
FRIDAY, MAY, 8 - Solos, Duos, Trios (Nov, Int, Adv)
4:00 Delilah, Brittney
6:00 pm DUETS/TRIOS - Jessica, Ashleigh, and Baylie
3:30 Solos McKenna M

SATURDAY, MAY 9- All Teams & Beginning Solos/Duos/Trio

8:00 am TEAMS , Large Groups)-Dynamite
8:30 am TEAMS (Jazz ) sweet n Sassy, pewees, Minis, Extreme, Expressions
9:00 am TEAMS (Lyrical, Ballet)

BEGINNING SOLOS/DUETS/TRIOS-Dylainy & Megan, Kailee & Taylor
10:00 am TEAMS-Diamonds, Celebration, Energy

Davis Stage about 2:00-4:00 pm Overalls and All-American

5:00 pm TEAMS (Jazz )-Stars, Jr.Elite, Sr. Elite
6:00 pm TEAMS (All Others)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Disneyland Performance Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the Disneyland performance CD!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disneyland Pictures CD

Carrie Marrott has purchased the CD of pictures of the disneyland performance. She is willing to make you a copy for $5. There are some amazing pics on it. If you would like one please leave a comment!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Thanks to Everyone who went to Disneyland! Everyone did such a great Job! The Disneyland Staff was so surprised at how professional and well behaved everyone was! If you have pics send them and I will post them on the blog. Also I purchased the pic they took of everyone in their costumes I will hang it in the studio with the plaque we recieved!

Lagoon Competition

Please Remember Lagoon Dance Competition is on May 9th I will have times up probably within the next 2 weeks as soon as I receive them. I have discounted Parking passes and tickets to get in at the dance studio. Please let me know how many you will need. Also, My records only show that
Mckenna M., Delilah, Jessica, Ashley and Baylie, and Taylor and Kailee, Dylainy and Megan, Brittney. are doing solos at Lagoon. Is this right??? Please Note that registration for this competition was $70/solo and 47.50 per Duet. Because this is a National competition. If you you have not paid the right amount please even up with Alicia in the office.
Please Remember Champion Nationals is the week following at Skyline High School!

Stadium of Fire!

Please Remember I need all money due for Stadium of Fire by the 25th of April. Please remember that July 2nd, 3rd and 4th are mandatory as well as the practices the first two weeks in June!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Upcoming Mandatory competitions and performances

Lagoon Competition
Saturday May 9th-All Competition Teams
Nationals competition
Saturday May 16th-All Competition Teams
New Venue * Skyline High School
Year End Dance Recital May 30th-Entire Studio
Rockwell Charter High School
If you havent paid your $10 recital fee please do so ASAP


We have passed our audition for the stadium of fire! Here are some details The total cost for the stadium of fire is $70 so if you already paid the $20 deposit you owe $50 this is due by April 25th! Please remember you will need to make practices in June as well as mandatory practices all day on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Here is a list of people that I have going to the Stadium of fire. I need to send your measurements in by tomorrow so please call me if I dont have yours!!

Main Dancers
Ashlie Stoddard
Hailey Nosak
Whitney Swain
Taylor Seegmiller
Mckenna Morris
Mckell finch
Katie Foote
Cristen Davis
Keirnan Buschert
Sierra Phillips
Megan Carson
Jazmin Salomone
Maddie Seegmiller
Karissa Swain
Kailee Rose
Alisha Swain
Taylor Miller
Maddie Beck

Junior Dancers
Brittney Dulle
Brecca Bastian
Vanessa M.
Brittney Shunn
Dylainy Hansen
Kaylee Kohler
Megan Hibbert
Kaycee Chamberlain
McCall Funk
Riley Robertson
Allie VanValkenburgh
Kyra Geertsen
Alyssa Bacon
Tylar Hansen
Hanna Price
Makelle Mooring
If you have already paid the $20 deposit and your name is not on here please let me know!!!
I can still take 1 more Sr. Dancer I have to know ASAP!



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Western Anaheim Inn

For those of you who are staying at my hotel Here is a little map to show you where it is located. x marks the spot. It is the Best Western Anaheim Inn located directly across from the entrance walkway to disneyland! For Everyone else we will see you there at 8:55 at the entrance of Toon Town on Tuesday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disneyland Information

I can't believe the Disneyland performance is almost here!! There are a few thing that are very important so please pass the word to those who need it! Here are the teams and what costumes they need to bring. Disneyland will not let us dance barefoot so place make sure you bring your jazz shoes and foot undeez!
Sweet n Sassy-music and me-blue costume
Pewees-Sea Cruise
Minis-What I like about you
Diamonds-Oh so Quiet
Dynamite&Riley-50's mix
Extreme-I'm Yours-Be sure to bring tan tights and tan gore shoes!!!
Celebration-Cotton eye Joe
Jr. Elit-Witch Doctor
Sr. Elite-Rock your soul-Dont forget foot undeez
Expressions-Dont forget Tan Gore shoes
Energy-Nothing left-Dont forget foot undeez

Here is The Disneyland 101 on the performance, you might want to write this down!We will be performing on the Garden Stage (by the castle). The performance time is 10:30 am.All dancers need to meet me and the Disneyland worker at the entrance of Toon Town at 9:00 am. Please dont be late! At this time you will leave your dancers in Candice and mines care and go have fun and then meet us back at the Garden Stage for showtime! Sorry No Parents are allowed backstage!Disneyland wants the dancers to come in normal clothes and bring the costumes in a small backpack (No duffle bags or garment bags are allowed). Dancers will change back in the pre-show dressing room. Show will be over by 11:00 and you can meet your dancers back at the entrance of Toon Town and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland or whereever you would like!! Yay this will be so much fun! Any Questions make a comment! Please come get your Disneyland tickets from the office! I do not want to bring them with me!

St. George RESULTS

Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 1st place
RESPECT 1st place

I hope you dance 1st place and overall amateur 1st place Grand champs & Judges Choice overall best technique!
Sea Cruise 2nd place

Prayer of the Children 2nd place
What I like about you 1st place

Imagine 1st place
Oh so quiet 2nd place and Overall amateur/Intermediate Grand Champions

I believe 1st place
50's mix 1st place

HOld your hand 2nd place
Cotton eye Joe 4th

Top of the world 1st
Life is a highway 2nd

Hero 3rd place
I'm Yours 1st place

JR. Elite
Never alone 1st place
Witch Doctor 3rd place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 3rd place
Rock your soul 2nd place

Nothing left 1st place
Rich mans world 2nd place

Mercy 2nd place
Power of a dream 3rd place

Way to go! I am so proud of you! We did really well in solos duets and trios as well! Congrats to Kaylee Kohler for winning Overall High Point in Juniors and winning a 6 ft trophy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ST. George Time Changes!! URGENT

I have updated all of St. George competitions Time Changes below. Sorry I just barely recieved this! Caution Extreme, Jr. and Sr. Elite have Changed big times so please spread the word!!!

Competition is Saturday April 4th at Dixie High School! See Ya there! please Double check your bags for costumes, shoes and Props and Drive Safely!

If you need me my # is 801-718-6900