Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dance Nationals @ Lagoon May 8-9 more info!!

I just got some more information today in the mail about the Lagoon competition. I haven't done this competition for about 4 yrs so I am not sure really what to expect 100%. Some things are still the same so I can help you out with what I know. This competition is supposed to be one of the Largest dance competitions in the world. It is the same company as the Thanksgiving Point competition so it is ran about the same except only more studios, teams and stages. Team places are posted on the wall and Overall awards are given on the stage after each level is concluded. This is America Onstages National Competition. I have recieved the discounted Parking passes but not entrance passes yet. Hopefully I will get them this next week. I can get as many discount passes as you need so please let me or Alicia in the office know if you need extras! I did get some new information that I didnt already know today for solos, duets, and trio. I guess they have what is call "Jr. National All Americans" These are given to the Highest scoring performers of the competition. This is how they choose: top scores in
Novice Beginning Intermediate
1 duet 1 duet 1 Duets
2 lyrical solos 2 Lyrical solos 2 Lyrical solos
2 Hip Hop Solos 2 Hip Hop solos 2 Hip Hop solos
2 Jazz solos 2 Jazz Solos 2 Jazz Solos

Please Remember Champion Productions Nationals competition is the next week May 16th at Skyline High School Not UVU

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