Friday, April 10, 2009


We have passed our audition for the stadium of fire! Here are some details The total cost for the stadium of fire is $70 so if you already paid the $20 deposit you owe $50 this is due by April 25th! Please remember you will need to make practices in June as well as mandatory practices all day on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Here is a list of people that I have going to the Stadium of fire. I need to send your measurements in by tomorrow so please call me if I dont have yours!!

Main Dancers
Ashlie Stoddard
Hailey Nosak
Whitney Swain
Taylor Seegmiller
Mckenna Morris
Mckell finch
Katie Foote
Cristen Davis
Keirnan Buschert
Sierra Phillips
Megan Carson
Jazmin Salomone
Maddie Seegmiller
Karissa Swain
Kailee Rose
Alisha Swain
Taylor Miller
Maddie Beck

Junior Dancers
Brittney Dulle
Brecca Bastian
Vanessa M.
Brittney Shunn
Dylainy Hansen
Kaylee Kohler
Megan Hibbert
Kaycee Chamberlain
McCall Funk
Riley Robertson
Allie VanValkenburgh
Kyra Geertsen
Alyssa Bacon
Tylar Hansen
Hanna Price
Makelle Mooring
If you have already paid the $20 deposit and your name is not on here please let me know!!!
I can still take 1 more Sr. Dancer I have to know ASAP!


  1. Hi don't forget about Tylar. I didn't see her name on the list. Thanks!!

  2. i am not sure what measurements you have for britney but she has grown quite a bit since the measurements you did for competition costumes....most of her costumes are 6/7 and she is more of an 8.