Friday, April 17, 2009

Lagoon Competition

Please Remember Lagoon Dance Competition is on May 9th I will have times up probably within the next 2 weeks as soon as I receive them. I have discounted Parking passes and tickets to get in at the dance studio. Please let me know how many you will need. Also, My records only show that
Mckenna M., Delilah, Jessica, Ashley and Baylie, and Taylor and Kailee, Dylainy and Megan, Brittney. are doing solos at Lagoon. Is this right??? Please Note that registration for this competition was $70/solo and 47.50 per Duet. Because this is a National competition. If you you have not paid the right amount please even up with Alicia in the office.
Please Remember Champion Nationals is the week following at Skyline High School!


  1. You should also have Megan and Dylainy down to perform at Lagoon. They're not a solo, but I'm assuming you meant duets as well.

  2. What's the cost for the parking and tickets?

  3. ok Thanks got Megan And Dylainy! I have parking passes for Lagoon are $3 (I do have about 14 free ones that I can give away) I will see if I can get more I am not sure how I ended up with them! To Ride the rides I think it is $27 park entrance is $8 if you are not riding rides.(I am trying to get at least 1 free entrance per family so I will keep trying) You can get as many discounted entrance and parking passes as you need!