Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disneyland Information

I can't believe the Disneyland performance is almost here!! There are a few thing that are very important so please pass the word to those who need it! Here are the teams and what costumes they need to bring. Disneyland will not let us dance barefoot so place make sure you bring your jazz shoes and foot undeez!
Sweet n Sassy-music and me-blue costume
Pewees-Sea Cruise
Minis-What I like about you
Diamonds-Oh so Quiet
Dynamite&Riley-50's mix
Extreme-I'm Yours-Be sure to bring tan tights and tan gore shoes!!!
Celebration-Cotton eye Joe
Jr. Elit-Witch Doctor
Sr. Elite-Rock your soul-Dont forget foot undeez
Expressions-Dont forget Tan Gore shoes
Energy-Nothing left-Dont forget foot undeez

Here is The Disneyland 101 on the performance, you might want to write this down!We will be performing on the Garden Stage (by the castle). The performance time is 10:30 am.All dancers need to meet me and the Disneyland worker at the entrance of Toon Town at 9:00 am. Please dont be late! At this time you will leave your dancers in Candice and mines care and go have fun and then meet us back at the Garden Stage for showtime! Sorry No Parents are allowed backstage!Disneyland wants the dancers to come in normal clothes and bring the costumes in a small backpack (No duffle bags or garment bags are allowed). Dancers will change back in the pre-show dressing room. Show will be over by 11:00 and you can meet your dancers back at the entrance of Toon Town and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland or whereever you would like!! Yay this will be so much fun! Any Questions make a comment! Please come get your Disneyland tickets from the office! I do not want to bring them with me!

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