Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dance Spectactular competition March 16th!

Important info. for Dance spectacular competition on Saturday March 16th! Salt lake community college in the Lifetime Achievement Center (LAC) 4600 s. Redwood road in Taylorsville.
Admission:$7/person    3yrs under is free......
I have pink wristbands for all the dancers this is to get them in and out of the competition. Each dancer must take the wristband and have the competition staff put it on them at the door. I have the wristbands in the office it is your responsibility to pick up your dancers wristband. If you lose or forget wristband you have to pay $7 for a new one!
soloists: If you are responsible for your own music be sure that there is only one song on a cd. It is a 5pt deduction otherwise!
Awards for all solos, duos, & trios, and teams are at 10:20 pm! No I dont expect everyone to wait for awards but would love to have you if you are there!
Salt lake community college- This competition is on a gym floor- All team times are PM!
Admission $7 :(
Stars be there at 2:00
Jazz 3:07
lyrical 4:00
Sweet n sassy be there at 2:20
Jazz 3:26
Lyrical 4:43
Dynamite be there at2:40
Jazz 3:41
lyrical 4:30
Diamonds be there 3:30
Lyrical 4:37
jazz 5:25
Pewees be there 3:45
Lyrical 4:49
Jazz 5:44
Jr. Prep be there 4:30
lyrical 5;30
jazz 6:45
Elite prep be there 5:20
lyrical 6:20
Hip hop 8:01
Jr. Elite be there 6:25
Lyrical 7:25
Jazz 8:58
Mini co. be there 4:30
Lyrical 5:28
Jazz 8:13
Sr. Co be there 3:00
Jazz 4:00
Lyrical 5:10
Jr. Co be there4:00
Lyrical 4:58
Jazz 5:53
Ultimate Co. be there 6:30
lyrical 7:30
Jazz 8:26
Energy be there 6:30
lyrical 7:30
hip hop 8:52
sr. elite be there 7:00
Lyrical 8:04
Jazz 9:18
SOLOS,DUOS, AND TRIOS- THESE TIMES ARE ALL MORNING please be there 1hr prior to your time
8:00- Mckenna, brittney, shantel, kyra
850- shanny
9:45- Dylainy
10:00 Kyra
10:45 Sariah
12:30 Macklyn
12:45 Mattie
12:50 Bailey
1:00 kelsey
1:15 sydney
1:20 Genae
8:55 Dom and tyson
9:15 Allie, lindsay, maizey
9:20 Dom and Presleigh
10:15 McKenzie
10:30 Taylor
11:50 Rylee
11:55 Samantha
12:30 Sage
12:45 morgan:
1:00 Mckenna
2:15 Annie

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Point competition information

Here is the estimated times for the Thanksgiving Point competition. Times may change! Final and specific times for each dance will come out on the 13th and I will post them!
Thursday February 21st
4:00 Novice Solos
6:30 Advanced solos

... Friday February 22nd
12:00 Beginning solos, duos, and trios
3:00 Intermediate solos, duos, and trios

Saturday February 23rd
8:00 Beginning Teams- diamonds, stars, Jr. prep, Jr. elite
12:00 Novice Duets and Trios
1:00 Novice Teams-sweet n sassy, pewees, dynamite, energy, elite prep
3:30 Intermediate Teams- sr. Elite, Mini co, Jr co., senior co.
5:00 Advanced Teams- Ultimate Co.

Again these are estimated times so your team will perform somewhere in that time block. Please remember teams must arrive 1hr prior to their dance time!!