Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Point competition information

Here is the estimated times for the Thanksgiving Point competition. Times may change! Final and specific times for each dance will come out on the 13th and I will post them!
Thursday February 21st
4:00 Novice Solos
6:30 Advanced solos

... Friday February 22nd
12:00 Beginning solos, duos, and trios
3:00 Intermediate solos, duos, and trios

Saturday February 23rd
8:00 Beginning Teams- diamonds, stars, Jr. prep, Jr. elite
12:00 Novice Duets and Trios
1:00 Novice Teams-sweet n sassy, pewees, dynamite, energy, elite prep
3:30 Intermediate Teams- sr. Elite, Mini co, Jr co., senior co.
5:00 Advanced Teams- Ultimate Co.

Again these are estimated times so your team will perform somewhere in that time block. Please remember teams must arrive 1hr prior to their dance time!!

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