Saturday, December 26, 2009

Competition News!

Message from Misty
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break! Now its time to work, work, work! We have less than 8 weeks til our first competition. For those of you who it is your first year on Competition, this is when things get crazy busy. It is absolutely critical that the dancers do not miss any practices from here on out. Even with one person missing it is really hard to have a 100% successful practice. It was your choice to let your daughter tryout for the team so please be responsible in making sure that they don’t miss class! If we all work together I know we will be as successful if not more as the past 7 years competing! Thanks you for all of your support!

All of the costumes have been ordered and some have already arrived! I will be sending them home with those who have paid all of their costume, competition, and tuition fees! I will have them try them on during class to make sure they fit like I want them to. Please do not let the dancers play dress up in their costumes for we want them to be in tip top shape for performances. Please put them in a safe place for I will not be able to order another one if you are missing a part of your costume.

I am still missing some costume, competition, and tuition fees. These are all over due! Please pay them immediately or your dancer may be spaced out of their dance and will not be able to compete. Thank you so much to those who have paid on time or have made payment arrangements with me. I really appreciate your responsibility!

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
Please mark your calendar for these rehearsal dates. It is critical that everybody is there so that we can use the whole dance studio and space the dances as if they were on a stage! Parents may attend if they would like. Parents are encouraged to come for the younger dancers so that they will have help to change their costumes. Dress rehearsal means full costume including hair, make up, tights, shoes etc. Please come in your Jazz costume first.

Saturday February 20th at the dance studio
8:00 Sweet n Sassy 10:00 Extreme
8:30 Pewees 10:30 Dynamite
9:00 Diamonds 11:00 Excite
9:30 Minis 11:30 Stars
Tuesday February 23rd (There will be no Technique this day)
5:00 Sr. Elite
6:00 Ultimate Company
7:00 Jr. Elite
8:00 Energy
Thursday February 25th (There will be no Ballet this day for competition teams)
5:00 Celebration
6:00 Expressions
Please read both sides of this note!

Mandatory Competitions
Here is a reminder of all of the competitions that we will be attending this year as well as the address! Please remember ALL OF THE COMPETITIONS ARE MANDATORY! I will not receive lineups or times until the week before the competition. As soon as I receive them I will post them on the blog . so please check frequently for last minute updates and information.
Most competitions do charge an admission fee at the door usually $5 or $6, so please be prepared for that.(I know, I think it is absolutely ridiculous as well.) The Thanksgiving point competition this year will have FREE Admission! Yay!
Most solos are on Friday nights and most team dances are on Saturdays. These usually take up the whole day so please keep these specific Saturdays clear from other activities. It is not mandatory to stay for awards, but it is so much fun for the girls. So, if you can attend the awards ceremony please do!

February 26th-27th= Thanksgiving Pointe Competition in Lehi
March 19th-20th= Spring Fling Competition @Timpview High School 3570 N Timpview Drive Provo, Utah
March 26th-27th= Ultimate Expressions Competition @ Dixie High School 350 E 700 S St. George Utah (plan on staying over at least on Friday night for competition starts very early) I have rooms blocked out at La quinta and Holiday Inn. If you would like to stay there tell them you are with Ultimate Dance to get the group rate. Call soon!
April16th-17th= Competitive Edge Competition @ Northridge High School 2430 N 400W Layton, Utah
May 14th-15th=Nationals Championships @ Lagoon Amusement Park Farmington Utah

Shoes and Tights
I will be ordering shoes and tights on Friday January 15th. All tan shoes and tights must be ordered through us so that they will be the same color. Black and white attire can be bought wherever. I sell them to you at the wholesale price. If you do not have Revolution brand tights and tan shoes you must order some in the office before Friday January 15th.
Tights =$7
Gore shoes=$20
Foot undeez= $18
I will be listing on the blog what each team is required to have.

Thank you for your continued support!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Open Office!

Hey everyone I will be in the office Monday December 21st from 9-11 if anybody needs to come pick up scentsy orders or pay. You can still get the early bird discount if you pay tomorrow!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Competition Team Newsletter


I am so excited for the progress I have seen on every team! I can’t believe that the fall session is almost over, and we will soon be into the competition season! Every Team has either learned both dances or are very close to finishing both dances. It is very critical that from here on out that the dancers do not miss any classes, unless it is an emergency. We will begin really cleaning all of the dances when we get back from Christmas break. We appreciate all of your support and are very excited for the competition season! Have a happy holiday and we will see you soon!

Winter/Spring Registration
The last day of classes for the Fall Session is on December 11th. Please remember you do need to pay for the upcoming winter/spring tuition. However, you do not need to register online for the class. Winter/Spring consists of 5 month instead of 4 and will begin January 4th. I will not let anyone with a balance compete if tuition is not paid!
Competition Teams
Early Bird Pre-pay Discount if paid by Pre-Pay discount if paid after December 18th (including recital fee) December 18th(including recital fee)
Sweet n sassy, minis, & pewees
1hour class= $ 170 1 hour class=$190

Dynamites, extreme, expressions, Energy, Diamonds, Excite, and celebration
$270 $ 305
Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Stars, Ultimate Company
$330 $ 370

Class Change
Due to building and teacher scheduling conflicts, I had to change the time of both the Excite and Dynamite Teams on Mondays. Dynamites will be coming on Mondays from 4:00-5:00 and Excite will be coming from 6:00-7:00. All other days and times will remain the same. Sorry for any inconvenience. These time changes will take place beginning January 4th.

Competition Fees and Costume Fees
Both competition and costume fees are extremely over due! I cannot buy costumes or register for competitions unless I have been paid. If I have not received all your fees by December 16th we will space your dancer out of the dances. (unless other arrangements have been made with Misty). Everybody was aware of these fees back in May at tryouts, you have had a very long time to plan for them. Competition fees are $140 per dancer and Costume fees are $90 per dancer.

Have a great Christmas Break and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attention!! Excite and Dynamite

Due to lack of studio space I had to change the times for both Excite and Dynamite on Mondays!
This will all begin with the new winter/spring session that starts in January!
Excite will be coming on Mondays at 6:00 pm-7:00 Pm and Dynamite will be coming on Mondays at 4:00 pm-5:00 pm. Sorry for any inconvienence, but this change was a must. Dynamite will still come the same time on tuesdays.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Competition Fees are now Past Due!!!!

Competition fees were due November 1st. I need this payment ASAP! If not paid by the 20th you will have a $10 late fee added to your account!! $140

Also, Costume fees are over due. Please pay this today!!!!!!

Good News! The Thanksgiving Point competition in February will not be charging parents and family admission at the door!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Competiton Fees and Disneyland



Monday, October 19, 2009

solos sign up

$100 for choreography and 4 1/2 hour classes
I will not start your solo unless you have paid in full. Please do not even sign up til all of your fees are paid.

I have a signup sheet by the front office. These are my times available first come first serve.

1. Tuesday October 27th, Nov 3rd, 10th, 17th @3
2. Tuesday October 27th, Nov 3rd, 10th, 17th @ 3:30
3-7. Saturday November 14t, 21st, December 5th, 12th
@ 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30, and 11

Monday, October 5, 2009

October Newsletter

October Newsletter
Message From Misty
Wow! A whole month has already passed and everyone should be settled in their proper classes. All of the classes have been learning terminology and proper technique and will soon be starting on their routines for the Christmas dance showcase! Please encourage your child to show you what they have been learning in class and share this special interest with them.

McKenna Can 5 k Run!
For all of you runners out there please come and support the McKenna Can 5k Run and Help a local girl beat Leukemia for the 2nd time. It is Saturday 10/10 at 10:00 am. To register or read her story go to

Let’s not share the Bug!
If your child is sick, Please do not bring them to class! For Most classes there are other available classes for make-ups. It is hard enough to stay healthy so please don’t share the germs.

Dance Showcase
Dance Showcase will be the week of December 14th. This most likely will not take place during your regular class time. I will send home a schedule with what time each class will be next month!

Ultimate Dance Blog
Please remember to check our blog often for last minute announcements or notes that you miss. as well as our website.

No Classes
Thursday October 15th- Fall Break
Wednesday and Thursday November 25th-26th-Thanksgiving

For Competition Teams Only
Please remember all costume fees, Warm-ups, Hip Hop workshop, and bag fees are now Due. I will not order you warm-ups or bags if you have not paid for them. Just a reminder competition fees are due November 1st-$140.

Also, The results are in for the optional trip and the winner is…….Disneyland! We will performing in Disneyland over spring Break. I need an estimate of how many dancers will be attending this trip, so please discuss this with your family and see if you can make this great experience. If your dancer is going to be able to go please sign up on the Disneyland sheet in the office. I need to know approx. how many will be able to go by November 1st so that I can send in the paperwork. I do not need to know how many family and friends til a later time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disneyland Performance!

The Votes are in and the results are..... Disneyland. We will work for the cruise again maybe next year! We will be going the week of spring Break hopefully performing on that wednesday. I need to send in the audition video but first I need to know how many performers are planning on going. Please discuss this with your family and see if this is something that your dancer will be able to attend. I will have a sign up list in the office. If you are planning on making this very fun performance trip please put your dancers name on the sign up list before October 20th!
Last year the tickets were
$104-2day park Hopper
$134-4 day

I am hoping they will still be the same this year. If not I am sure it will be close.
I only need to know how many performers are going at this time. I dont need to know how many family and friends are going til probably Jan. or Feb. This is such a fun trip and a Great Experience for the girls! All Competition Teams are invited!

Please remember All Costume, Warmup, and bag fees are due this week!!!!!! I will not order your warmups if you have not paid yet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warm-ups, Hip hop Workshop, and Costumes Fees Due by Oct 1!

Thanks to everyone who attended the parents meetings!
Just a reminder that I am sending in the orders for Warmups on Oct. 1st. I will not order your warmups unless I have been paid. Also, Fees for the Hip HOp Workshop and Costumes are due by October 1st!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



I will be having a vote on our optional performance trip this spring. We are planning either Disneyland or a Cruise. Here are the prices and Itinerary for the cruise that you can look over to see if that is something your family would want to do.

CRUISE 4 Night 5 day Ensenada

May 31st Inside Cabin 3or 4th person Outside Cabin 3or 4th person
Approx $375/person Approx $260/person Approx $430/person Approx $300/person

June 7th Approx $ 425/Person Approx $320/person Approx $ 475/person Approx $375/person

These prices are estimated with taxes but not gratuity
These prices include all meals, 24 hour of eating, lodging, Camp Carnival for the kids, and Entertainment on the ship! $150 Deposit/person would be due by October 5th.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2010 Competition Dates!

Ok so I finally got dates for competitions! That is if they dont change them like they did last year! I made sure that none of them were over conference or Spring Break. We are doing a few new competitions this year for that reason. All Competitions are mandatory for all Teams. Please Mark your calendars for these dates;
February 25th-Solos,duets,and trios Thanksgiving pointe, Lehi
February 26th&27th-some solos, and All Teams.- Thanksgiving Pointe, Lehi(The majority of teams will bo on the 27th.
March 19th-Solos, duets, and trios-Spring Fling @ Timpview High school, Provo
March 20th-All Teams-Spring Fling @ Timpview High School, Provo
March 26th-Solos, duets, and trios-Ultimate Expression-Dixie High School, St. George
March 27th-All Teams-Ultimate Expression-Dixie High School, St. George
April 16th-Solos, duets, and trios-Competitive Edge-Northridge High School, Layton
April 17th-All Teams-Competitive Edge-Northridge High School, Layton
May 14th-Solos, duets, and trios-Dance Nationals-Lagoon, Farmington
May 15th-All Teams-Dance Nationals-Lagoon, Farmington

I have booked 50 rooms at the Holiday Inn for $92/night and I have also booked 50 rooms at the La Quinta for $74/night. If you want to stay at either one of these hotels you can call and let them know you are with Ultimate Dance and you can get this special rate! Please be advised that we have 150 dancers going to st. George so please dont wait til March to book these rooms for they will be gone.

The Holiday Inn $92/night has an indoor pool and hot tub and has a restaraunt on site, I think kids eat free!

La Quinta $74/night is really nice just brand new last year. They have a free hot breakfast w/ waffles, eggs, etc. They have an outdoor pool and an outdoor hot tub.

You do not have to stay at these hotels. You can make your own accommodation. These are just the ones I like and they gave us a really good group rate. This is the peak season for st. George so Hotels are usually well over $100/night.

Please remember You will want a room for friday night for sure and maybe saturday night if you are competiting in the 9 and older teams! Please fit this into your budget now, it is still 6 months away and is super fun and Mandatory for all dancers!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chairity garage sale, carwash and 5 k Run!

Garage Sale and carwash
September 12th 9am-1pm@ Ultimate Dance Etc. Studios
Carwash @ Walgreens
5K Run
The McKenna 5K run/walk/bike race
If anyone can beat Leukemia twice, McKenna can!
October 10th 2009
Harvest Hills Park
Saratoga Springs, UT

Register at
To read her story go to
If you dont like to run you can just donate by going on her website!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rap it Up Hip Hop Workshop

There is going to be a hip hop workshop at Murray High School on October 17th! It is supposed to be the best Hip hop classes around! They bring in lots of professional people who have danced for famous people and you get to learn from the best! Gev from So you think you can dance will be there as well. I am making this optional for whoever wants to go. You have to be in at least 4th grade to go. They have all levels from beginning to advanced. The cost for this workshop is $80. We have to register before October 1st so if you would like to go, let Misty know! for more information about it go to and go to the camps and workshops link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Formal Gown party! Your invited!

Every girl is a princess and we want you to feel like one!

Why buy a dress you wear only once? Rent a dress from us for a lot less! There are lots of gorgeous dresses to choose from including many modest styles.

Come try on our beautiful dresses and rent one for your formal dance or other special occasion.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 26th between 4 & 8 pm at:

Ultimate Dance Etc.
1657 N. Guardian Drive
Saratoga Springs

For more information about this Open House or for information about hosting your own Open House to earn credit towards your dress rental, please contact Tina at (801) 768-3882.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Competition Team Info for 2009-2010

Ultimate Dance Etc. Competition Teams
Information and Fees for the 2009-2010 year

Here are a few dates, fees and due dates for the upcoming competition season so that you can plan ahead!

*Fall session Begins Monday August 31st
*Mandatory Competition Parents Meeting Tuesday September 8th at 8:00 for
Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Company, and Energy , Diamonds, and Stars.
*Mandatory competition Parents Meeting Monday Sept 14th at 7:00 for
Sweet n Sassy, Pewees, Minis, Dynamite, Extreme, Excite, Celebration, and Expressions.

All of the meetings will be at the Dance Studio! This meeting is very important for I have lots of information, and we will also vote on our optional performance trips! I will also have all of the dates of the competitions for the spring!

Tuition is due by the first day of class. Please remember you can still get a ½ month free and no registration fee if you pay for the whole session. I will be in the office on August 18-20 from 10-11 or the week after from 10-12 if you need to come pay tuition! Here are the prices for the teams for the whole fall session if you have not paid tuition yet. This is with the discount.
1hour classes $140 (sweet n sassy, pewees, minis)
2hour classes$225 (dynamite, diamonds, extreme, celebration, Excite, Energy,Expressions)
3hour classes$280(stars, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Company)

Competition Fees for 2009-2010 $140 for the Year. 5 competition 2 dances each. Due on November 1st!

Costume Fees for 2009-2010
Sweet n sassy, Minis, Pewees, and Diamonds- $80/year
All other teams- $90/ year
This is for 2 costumes that are used many times! Due October 1st!

*You will need to buy tights, and dance shoes when it comes to competition time. I will let you know what colors and style after I have chosen the costumes! Tights run between $7-$10 and Shoes run between $14-$20.

*It is absolutely mandatory that your dancer comes to their ballet class in black leotards and pink or white tights. They must also have Pink Ballet shoes and have their hair pulled all they way back. There is no way that the instructor can give them proper critique if they can’t see dancers lines and muscles. If the dancer does not come to ballet in proper dance attire they will be asked to sit out and watch.
St. George Competition-Please remember it is mandatory for all competition Dancer to attend the St. George Competition. Hotels, Transportation and Food are at your own cost!

Here are some other estimated Optional costs and opportunities for the dancers these costs are on the high end:
*Warm ups jacket and bottoms $70-We are getting brand new warm-ups this year they are poly-cotton and the logo and names are embroidered!
*Garment bags- $15
*Stadium of fire performance- $120 (in July)
*Summer slam dance camp in Idaho-$250 (in July or August) This includes Hotel for 3 night, 3 days of Dance classes from professionals, Breakfast, Lunch and Transportation.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I need your input! I am trying to put together an optional performance trip for this next year. I would like to know what you would more likely attend. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would be interested in one of these.

I am thinking of either going to Disneyland again or performing on a cruise. Here is a break down!

Disneyland (Probably go over Spring Break which I think is April 8th??)
*Find your own Hotel (although I will book one for group rate if you want to stay there you can or find your own accommodations)
*Find your own transportation
*Tickets are anywhere from $104 for 2day- $145 for a 5-day
We perform in Disneyland

Cruise(Probably go June 7th, so that it is warm) 4day Cruise to Catalina and Ensenada out of L.A.
*Prices are approx $519-$535 per person This includes Lodging, All Food, All Taxes, All Fees, and All GRATUITY!
*Find your own Transportation
*May need passport
*We perform on the CruiseShip

Tell me your thoughts let me know if either of these sound like something you would want to do!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Break!

The office will now be closed til the middle of August! We are on Summer Break! if you have any questions please email us at
Fall classes will begin Monday August 31st. See you then and have a great Summer!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Early Bird Discount!

Just a reminder if you want the early bird discount (one month free and no registration fee), you must pay for the fall session by July 15th. After July 15th the discount is not available. We will be in the office July 13, 14, and 15th from 9-2 if you would like to come in and pay for tuition!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stadium of Fire Practice

If you need a ride to the practice in provo on thursday.....Junior Dancers meet me at 3:00 at the Studio for a ride or Main Dancers meet Claudia at 6:00 at the studio for a ride. If you are late you will be left so be sure that you are on time. Don't forget water and snacks and sneakers!

See ya there!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stadium of Fire Costumes are in!

I have all of the stadium of fire costumes. You need to come get them along with your props so that you will be ready for dress rehearsal!
You can come get them at the studio on Monday between 10-11 or on Tuesday between 9-10. I am not going to wait around for you. I am taking time out to meet you at the studio so please be sure to come get them.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Stadium of Fire Practices in Provo

Ok so we have 16 junior dancers and 19 main dancers that we need to transport to the practices on July 2,3,&4. Is there anyone willing to drive? Even if you want to do one way and or one day or whatever! If you are willing to drive please leave a comment and how many kids you can take! THANKS!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stadium of Fire practices!

Please dont forget the Mandatory Stadium of Fire Practices coming up! It is next week I cant believe it!
Wednesday June 24th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 1:00

Thursday June 25th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 1:00
Rehearsal Schedule for July 2,3,4th…..
July 2nd.
Junior Dancers 4:00-7:00pm N. Practice Field “I’m Alive”
Main Dancers 7:00-10:00pm N. Practice Field “I’m Alive”
July 3rd
Main Dancers 6:45am-11:30am N. Practice Field - both routines
Junior Dancers 7:45am-11:30am N. Practice Field – both routines
Main & Juniors 1:15pm-3:30pm N. Practice Field – FIRE
Main & Juniors 5:15pm-7:30pm BYU Stadium (come in costume)
Main & Juniors 8:00pm-11:00pm DRESS REHEARSAL @ BYU Stadium
July 4th
Main Dancers 6:45am-12:00noon BYU Stadium (final rehearsal)
Juniors Dancers 7:45am-12:00noon BYU Stadium (final rehearsal)
ALL Dancers 6:15pm SHOW Call time – meet in portals for roll call
Must be TOTALLY ready – costume, prop(s), make-up, hair, attitude!!!BYU has replaced their football field with brand new grass and astro-turf. Thus they are being extremely protective of this new field. We are only allowed limited time on the actual performance field, but we have a fantastic “practice field” that we are able to use. The “practice field” is located just north of BYU’s stadium at: 2230 N Canyon Rd. (between Canyon Rd. and University Ave.) - Provo, UT.There will be parking available on the South or East sides of the “practice field”. The parking is limited, so only directors will be able to park and stay. Parent helpers may have to park a block away, but there is plenty of near-by parking lots that will be available to use.Please Remember to bring snacks, and drinks (maybe Gatorade or something) Water will be available. Wear lots of sunscreen!When you are on the practice field only Sneakers allowed. When you are on the stadium field only Gore shoes are allowed. Please remember you need tan tights and tan shoes!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Congratulations 2009-2010 Ultimate Dance Competition Team Members!

Congratulations to Everyone who is on Ultimate Dances 2009-2010 Competition Teams! We have so many exciting plans and routines for this coming year! We are excited to see everyone Excel and are looking forward to another great competition Season in the spring!
Please be Advised that the following teams will not necessarily be competing in the same level as last year. Levels will be determined after choreography is learned! Please remember that Competition teams are a full dance year commitment and there are extra costs such as travel to St. George and other competitions which are mandatory!
*If you are placed on a team and you know you will not be able to participate please let Misty know ASAP.
Also, If you tried out and do not see your name, Please contact Misty.
*If you were on a competition Team Last year and missed tryouts and would like to compete this year please contact Misty.
Reminder ***Early Bird Discount For Tuition Ends JULY 15TH********
I will be in the office June 23rd -26th from 9-1 if you would like to come pay your tuition
Costume Fees will be due on October 1st and Competition Fees will be due November 1st this year!
Sweet n Sassy=Monday 5:00-6:00
Lexi Rogers
Kelsey Tippetts
Marisa Gear
Emma Byrd
Ashtyn Hansen
Sianna Shakespear
Sydney Derieg
Ester Waddell
Genae Jarrett
Juliet Casper
Katie Shunn
Sara Murphy

Pewees- Wednesday 5-6
McKenzie Metcalf
Bennett Petersen
Katie Baertsch
Hope Knorr
Megan Dobson
Emily Hawkes
Alyssa Hayes
Sariah Geertsen
Kayla Gunn
Rylee Berkley
Halle Gleaves
Gracee Barnes

Minis=Wednesday 6-7
Jazmin Godfrey
Alyssa Hazard
Alexa Smith
Aniston Jeppson
Paige Anderson
Alyse Johannessen
Hailey Smith
Jada Garza
Allie Wendel
Hanna Reid
Mia Hampton
Ashlin Loftus

Diamonds =Monday 5-6 & Wednesday 4-5
Jalen Gleaves
Madison Evans
Teriesa Ballard
Josie Bassett
Morgan Sherwood
Jacee Peterson
Madeleine Cunningham
Anna Berkley
Jasmine Parker
JoJo Petersen
Jessi Bradbury

Sr. Elite-Tuesday 4-6 & Wednesday4-5
Jasmine Salomone
Haylee Schoonover
Maddie Beck
Maddie Seegmiller
Brittney Dulle
Taylor Miller
Brecca Bastian
Kailee rose
Alisha Swain

Sr. Ultimate-Tuesday 5-7 & Wednesday 5-6
Mckell Finch
Cristen Davis
Whitney Swain
Hailey Nosack
McKenna Morris
Taylor Seegmiller
Katie Foote
Kamber Hopkins

Stars-Monday 3-5 &Wednesday 7-8
Allyson Van Valkenburgh
Riley Robertson
Vanessa Melena
Megan Hibbert
Dylainy Hansen
Deliliah Stutz
Lauren Pearson
Kaylee Kohler
Jordan Seegmiller
Baylie Herbert
Rylee Kohler
Tiny Madsen (Victoria)
Expressions =Thursday 6-8
Cherity Couchman
McKensie Elison
Morge Miner
Abby Beal
Madison Fiser
Makinsey Gardner
Kylee Hazard
Ansley Beck
Julianna Smith
Becca Snider

Jr. Elite =Tuesday 6-8 &Monday 6-7
Kylie Buchanan
Kelsey Bond
Kaitlyn Bott
Abbie Stockman
Tylar Hansen
Alyssa Bacon
Kyra Geertsen
Kaycee Chamberlain
Alexandra Degn
McCall Funk
Mallory Ferkovich
Makelle Mooring
Kennedy Ericksen

Energy=Tuesday 7-9
Starli Meyer
Jolie Anderson
Christina Crum
Jessica Jensen
Sloan Orejana
Kaitlyn Rose
Rhea Bytendorp
Jadalyn Adamson
Jessica Montgomery
Katie Anderson
Kennedy Neathery
Sabrina Spens
Meleah Hepworth
Shaylee Brown

Dynamite= Monday 6-7 & Tuesday 4-5
Keeli Shakespear
Meghann Smith
Brinley Watkins
Taite Hudson
Bailee Miner
Samantha Nance
Eliza Waddell
Makayla Shattuck
Averie Dunyon
Aurie Gatherum
Lexi Bergman

Celebration =Thursday 5-7
Samantha Westwood
Brookelle Shakespear
Lynsea Hayes
Chelsea Hayes
Mackenzie Ekblad
Chloe Byrd
Jayde Pearson
Ashleigh Marshall
Jessica Buxton
Samantha Sanderson
Extreme=Thursday 4-6
Shadie Davis
Britney Shunn
Tatum Bates
Sloan Riding
Becca Baertch
Allison Furse
Taylor Nonnenmacher
Rylee Marrott
Hannah Smith
Kyra Poduska
Kodi Steele
Shelby Bond
Bridget Beal

Excite-Monday 4-5 & You are required to take at least 1 other Ballet Class. Preferrably 2. Talk to Misty to decide what day and time for Ballet!
Emma Waddell
Kennedy Yates
Kaisha Rose
Reagan Madsen
Kortney Buchannan
Rachel Doyle
Hanna Price

Questions Email me @

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mandatory Rehearsals for Stadium of Fire!

Ultimate Dance Mandatory Practices at the studio
Wednesday June 24th and Thursday June 25th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 1:00

SOF Dancer Rehearsal Schedule 2009

Rehearsal Schedule for July 2,3,4th…..
July 2nd.
Junior Dancers 4:00-7:00pm N. Practice Field “I’m Alive”
Main Dancers 7:00-10:00pm N. Practice Field “I’m Alive”

July 3rd
Main Dancers 6:45am-11:30am N. Practice Field - both routines
Junior Dancers 7:45am-11:30am N. Practice Field – both routines


Main & Juniors 1:15pm-3:30pm N. Practice Field – FIRE Break
Main & Juniors 5:15pm-7:30pm BYU Stadium (come in costume)

Main & Juniors 8:00pm-11:00pm DRESS REHEARSAL @ BYU Stadium

July 4th
Main Dancers 6:45am-12:00noon BYU Stadium (final rehearsal)
Juniors Dancers 7:45am-12:00noon BYU Stadium (final rehearsal)
ALL Dancers 6:15pm SHOW Call time – meet in portals for roll call
Must be TOTALLY ready – costume, prop(s), make-up, hair, attitude!!!

BYU has replaced their football field with brand new grass and astro-turf. Thus they are being extremely protective of this new field. We are only allowed limited time on the actual performance field, but we have a fantastic “practice field” that we are able to use. The “practice field” is located just north of BYU’s stadium at: 2230 N Canyon Rd. (between Canyon Rd. and University Ave.) - Provo, UT.

There will be parking available on the South or East sides of the “practice field”. The parking is limited, so only directors will be able to park and stay. Parent helpers may have to park a block away, but there is plenty of near-by parking lots that will be available to use.

Please Remember to bring snacks, and drinks (maybe Gatorade or something) Water will be available. Wear lots of sunscreen!
When you are on the practice field only Sneakers allowed. When you are on the stadium field only Gore shoes are allowed. Please remember you need tan tights and tan shoes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pony Express Parade!

Reminder Pony Express Parade is Saturday June 6th. If you want to dance in the parade (must be 8 or older) meet at the dance studio at 8 AM to learn your parade routine. If you just want to ride in the trailer meet us at Hidden Hollow Elementary school no later than 9:30! Please either wear your dance costume or Warmups! The parade starts at the Elementary school follows Pony Express Parkway and Ends at Smith Ranch Road at the Church right there. You can pick up your child at the Church!

If you want to bring candy to throw feel free! Please remember you dont have to be on a competition team to be in the parade, this is for everyone! This should be fun! If you need me I do have my phone again you can call me at 801-718-6900!

Thanks to the Davis' for driving us in the parade and letting us use their truck and trailer!

Class pictures are at the Dance Studio if you are missing yours!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updated Stadium of Fire Practices

Here are some more practice dates for Stadium of Fire! It is very critical that nobody misses a practice for we are learning a dance daily! We need to record all of the dances and send them back to stadium of fire by June 14th. We probably wont have practices again until the end of June after next weeks practices so please please make sure everyone is there.

Friday June 5th No Practice
Monday June 8th
Juniors 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00

Tuesday June 9th
Juniors 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00

Wednesday June 10th-We are recording this day!! Be sure to wear proper dance attire and look good with hair back
Juniors 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exciting Summer!

Wow! Great Job yesterday at the Recital! What a turnout! I thought by splitting the studio in half and having everyone only dance in one show, we would have more than enough seating. I guess I was wrong! We had more than 500 seats and still not enough room! Sorry!

I Just wanted to remind you all about some of the events coming up!

Stadium of Fire practices MANDATORY!
Tuesday June 2nd
Main Dancers 10:00
Wednesday June 3rd
Main Dancers 10:00
Junior dancers 11:00
Thursday June 4th
Junior dancers 11:00
Main Dancers12:00
Friday June 5th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00
Here are a few dates and times to start!
There will be more depending on how fast you can learn it! Plan on practicing a few days the following week as well!
I will let you know other times and dates next week!
Please be on time and stretching

Competiton Tryouts
June 2nd and 3rd

Pony Express Parade!
Saturday June 6th

Saratoga Splash Performance!
We have a time for performance at Saratoga Splash! I believe itis 11:30. Is There any Soloists duets, or Trios that would like to perform?? Here is the deal I am going to be out of town but I can have all of the music ready and find someone to be in charge if you would like to do it. I know you all know what your doing we have done this many times! Let me know!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pony Express Parade!

Everyone is invited to walk/ride in the Pony Express Parade on Saturday June 6th. The Davis' are letting us use their Trailer to ride on and we want to put Some of our Trophies on it as well! Is there anyone one who has a truck that would like to drive us and pull the trailer in the parade????? I thought it would be cute just to wear costumes from this year (your favorite one). Also I thought it would be fun for some to be dancing down the street. If you would like to be a dancer please meet at the studio at 8 AM to learn just a real easy routine (couple counts of 8) to do down the parade route. Please only 8 yrs+ dancing. 7yrs and Under can ride. This should be lots of fun! I am also going to get some candy to throw!
We will need to meet at the beginning of the parade route at 9:30. Pony Express Parkway and Sweet water dr. in the Ranches. The Parade starts at 10:00!

Please be advised you do not have to be on a Competition team to be in the Parade. As long as you are a dancer or Tumbler at Ultimate Dance Etc. you are invited!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pony Express Parade!

We are going to be in the Pony Express Parade on Saturday June 6th! Whoever wants to be in it can be in it! Let me know if you want to be in it! I will give more info as soon as I recieve it!

Stadium of Fire!

It's getting close to Stadium of Fire time! For those who are doing it please make sure you plan nothing on July 2nd after noon, all day July 3rd and 4th. These are mandatory and if yo miss one practice you are kicked out! These 3 days are at BYU. There will be other practices at the studio to learn the routines with me! Please be sure to be there. We have to send a DVD of us back to them by june 18th so we need to learn and perfect the dances ASAP!
Stadium of Fire Called and said that all of the Main Dancers (13 and older) are doing another dance as well. Therefore you will need another costume, unfortunately You will need to pay another $7. Fortunately it is only $7 and you get to keep the costume. Please pay that to Misty ASAP! Please plan for these days and times to learn the dances! This is going to be a lot of hard work but hopefully it will be well worth it! Thanks!
Junior dancers 8-12 yrs old
Main Dancers 13+

Tuesday June 2nd
Main Dancers 10:00
Wednesday June 3rd
Main Dancers 10:00
Junior dancers 11:00
Thursday June 4th
Junior dancers 11:00
Main Dancers12:00
Friday June 5th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00

Here are a few dates and times to start! There will be more depending on how fast you can learn it! I will let you know other times and dates next week! Please be on time and stretching!

Spring Recital! What costume do you wear first??

Some are wondering what costumes they wear first for spring recital. Yes Everyone is doing both dances! All Solos are performing as well!
If you are in tumbling/Cheer that is the first performance of the show so be ready!
Sweet n Sassy-Respect
Pewees -Sea Cruise
Minis-Prayer of the Children
Dynamite-50's Mix
Celebration-Cotton eye joe
Expressions-Life is a highway
Energy-I got nothing left
Jr. Elite-Witch Doctor
Sr. Elite-Rock your soul

Thursday, May 21, 2009

year end random! Competition Tryouts!

Thank you to everyone who performed at the Rockette Review last night. You all did an awesome job!

Dont forget the Year end recital May 30th at Rockwell Charter High School check the website for you time!

Competition Tryouts! (please spread the word)

There are new times for competition Tryouts due to some schools not being out for summer break yet! Here are the new audition times.

June 2nd
1:00 8-12 yr olds for all Intermediate and above levels
2:30 12 + for all intermediate and above levels

June 3rd
1:00 5-8 yr olds
2:30 9-11 yr olds
4:00 12+
*please be advised, just because you tryout for an intermediate level team does not mean that you will be placed on that team. Misty will place you on a team that she thinks would benefit both the dancer and the team! Please dont tell me where your daughter should be placed and what skills she can do. I have been doing this a long time and I know what I am doing!

*Remember to pre-register online before tryouts it's free. Registration at the door is $5

Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week! Just a reminder

This week is not a regular week, so here is what's going on!
Pizza Party @ 4:30-5:30 No regular competition team practice
Stars, Dynamite, Sweet n Sassy, Diamonds If you would like to bring a treat for your team, feel free!

Pizza Party @ 5:30 No regular competition Practice
Mini's, Pewees, Jr. Elite, and Sr. Elite! If you would like to bring a treat for your team, feel free

Rockette Review Performance @ Rockwell High School
Celebration, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Dynamite, and Extreme
Call time 6:15 performance time 7:00
No Regular team practice

No Competition Team practice- Studio Pictures
Celebration, expressions, Energy, and Extreme will have their pizza party on the 28th!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congratulations!!!!! National Championships Results

Wow! Again our Studio was very consistant and did an amazing job!!! Everyone did so awesome I am so Proud of Everyone!!

This competition was the toughest competition our studio has ever attended! We still did great!

Now remember there was two competitions going on the champions (wich is everyone who has not taken a first place at a champion productions competition) and the Invitational (everyone who has won a 1st place at a regional champion productions competition compete against eachother, the best of the best) We only had 4 dances in the champions competition and 20 dances in the Invitation, best of the best, competition!

Here are the results!

Sweet n Sassy

music and me 1st place

Respect 3rd place


Sea cruise- 2nd place and Overall Mini amateur 1st place champion in the champions division

I hope you dance- 2nd place


Prayer of the Children -1st place and Overall Mini amateur Grand Champions in the Invitational division

What I like about you -1st place and Overall Mini amateur 1st place champion in the Invitational division


Imagine-1st place

Oh so quiet-1st place and Overall Mini amateur/intermediate Grand Champions in the Invitational division


I Believe- 1st Place

50's Mix- 2nd place


I'm yours- 3rd place

Hero- 2nd Place


Cotton eyed Joe- 2nd place

Hold your Hand-2nd place


Mercy-2nd place

Power of a dream - 2nd place and Overall Junior 1st place champions in the Champion division


Top of the World- 1st place and Overall Teen 2nd place champions in the Invitational division

Live is a Highway- 2nd place


I've got nothing left- 2nd place

Rich mans World- 1st place

Jr. Elite

Witch Doctor- 2nd place

Never alone-4th place

Sr. Elite

Wild Party- 1st place

Rock your soul -4th place

Wow 6 overalls ! That is amazing! Thank you so much to all the dancers for being so awesome, and to the Parents for all your support and Help.

Thanks to all the Team moms for having the girls ready and having things run so smooth. I appreciate you so much! Thanks so much to all of my teacher and my assistant Candice for all your hard work. We could not give these girls such an awesome opportunity without you!! Love ya all!

If you are planning on trying out for a competition team next year, be sure to pre register on our website at It is free if you pre-register or $5 if you register at the door. There will be new times for competition tryout due to the Ranches Academy still being in school. check back for times!

Thanks for a Great year!

Reminder! Celebration, Jr.Elite, Sr.Elite, Dynamite, and Extreme are performing at the Rockette Review at Rockwell High charter school in the ranches. Call time is 6:15 performance starts at 7!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solo Line up!

Here are the Solos lineups!
Remember you may want to be there an hour before your time so that you can stretch, practice and be ready in case they are running early! Yes these are all pm and they are all on Friday night!
Makelle 4:14 Auditorium
Kennedy 4:16 Auditorium
Dylainy and Megan 4:23 Small Gym
Kailee and Taylor 5:07 Small gym
Ashleigh, Jessica, and Baylie 5:43 Small Gym
Sydnie and Kyra 5:50 Small Gym
Whitney and Mckell 5:52 Small Gym
Delilah 7:04 Small Gym
Haylee S Tap 8:31 Auditorium
Katie 8:32 Gymnasium
Brecca 9:10 Auditorium
Haylee S 9:10 Auditorium LYR
Kaylee K. 9:11 Gym
Kaycee 9:11 Gym
Brittney 9:11 Gym
Mckenna 9:53 Gym
Cristen 10:01 Auditorium
Haylie N 10:01 Auditorium
As you can see with 3 stages running at the same time I cannot be everywhere at once. It is your responsibility to be there on time stretch and practice on your own. Bring your own music to practice. Make sure you are in you designated competing place at least 2o min before your time!
Good luck! you will all do great!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skyline Saturday may 16th competition lineups

Finally we have lineups!!! Yay! please check your bags and make sure you have all of your costumes and accessories. some stuff was left at the studio after pictures. Dont forget your props! This Competition is at Skyline High School 3251 E 3760 S Salt Lake City.

sweet n Sassy Be there at 12:30 Auditorium
Respect competes at 1:30
Music and Me competes at 2:18

Pewees be there at 11:40 Auditorium
Sea cruise 12:40
I hope you dance 1:00 Quick change!

Minis be there at 12:00 Auditorium
What I like about you 1:00
Prayer of the children 2:00

Diamonds be there 12:40 Auditorium
Oh so quiet 1:37
Imagine 1:55

Dynamite be there at 4:00 Auditorium
I believe 4:54
50' mix 6:54 Gymnasium

Extreme be there at 9:45 Gymnasium
Hero 10:45
I'm yours 3:50 Auditorium

Celebration be there 3:30 Auditorium
Hold your hand 4:30
Cotton Eye Joe 5:37 Gymnasium

Stars be there 11:30 Auditorium
Power of a dream 12:30
Mercy 6:44 Gymnasium

Expressions be there 9:00 Gymnasium
Life is a highway 10:00 (big time change) spread the word
Top of the World 4:52 Auditorium

Energy be there 11:15 Gymnasium
Rich mans world 12:13
I got nothing left 6:14 Auditorium

Jr. Elite be there 3:15 Auditorium
Never Alone 4:15
Witch Doctor 5:39 Gymnasium

Sr. Elite be there 10:45 Auditorium
Rock your soul 11:45
Wild party 7:30 Gymnasium

Good luck Everyone!

Dont Forget Pictures Today!!!

Please Remember Picures are today! Expression will have theirs next week because they have girls out of town! Stars can start coming at 7:20 if you want! Better Yet that is a good time for the Stars to be taking solo Pictures! Everyone come in Lyrical and bring Jazz! See ya tonight!

Monday, May 11, 2009


After many phone calls and emails, I still dont have lineups for this weekend. The only answer I got was that I will recieve them on Wednesday and we will mostly be competing in the evening on Saturday. But, You never know what will change. I will have times out as soon as I recieve them! Sorry!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lagoon National Grand Championships results

WOW! I cannot believe how well our teams did at this competition. I am truly amazed at how Awesome everyone is! This is supposed to be the worlds largest Dance Competition! There were 101 teams and out of the top 10 overall high scores, Ultimate Dance won 6 of them!!! Way to go I am so proud of you all! Thanks to all the Team Moms for all your help!

Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 1st place
Respect 1st place

I hope you dance 1st and Overall High point
Sea Cruise 1st and Overall High point

Prayer of the Children 1st and Overall High Point
What I like about you 1st and Overall High Point

Oh so quiet 2nd place
Imagine 2nd place

I'm yours 1st place
Hero 1st place and Overall High point

50's Mix 1st place
I believe 1st place

Hold your hand 1st place
Cotton eye Joe 2nd place

Top of the world 1st place and Overall High Point
Life is a highway 1st place

Power of the Dream 1st place
Mercy 2nd Place

Jr. Elite
Witch Doctor 1st place
Never alone 2nd Place

Rich mans world 1st place
I have Nothing 1st place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 1st place
Rock your soul 3rd place

Overall Novice Best Dance Studio
Overall Beginning Best Dance Studio

Congratulations and Good Luck Next week!
Our Soloist and duos and trios did awesome as well! Congrats!
McKenna Queen and Overall High Point Queen
Brittney Queen
Dylainy and Megan Queen
Taylor and Kailee Queen
Sydnie and Kyra Queen
Delilah 2nd Place
Jessica, Ashleigh and Baylie 2nd Place
Ashleigh, Jessica, and Baylie 2nd

Friday, May 8, 2009

I lost my phone

I have lost my phone so if you need to get a hold of me I am sorry! See you at lagoon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Champion National Dance Competition

Unfortunately I still do not have lineups for the competition on May 15 th and 16th. But, I did get wristbands today. The wristbands are not like the ones we got for the other competitions. They are actual bracelets. rubber purple and white and they say "I dance with Champion Dance" on them. I will send them home the next dance day they have. Please do not lose these wrist bands for this is their ticket into the competition. The competition is not at UVU it is at Skyline High school the address is 3251 E 3760 S. in Salt Lake City. Please check regularly for the lineup and I will post them as soon as I recieve them!
In the mean time! I will see you this weekend at Lagoon! I am so excited! we will do great! Please dont be late!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rockette Review Performance!

The Rockwell Rockettes have invited the Celebration, extreme, Dynamite, Jr. Elite, and Sr. Elite Teams to perform at their year end Review! This Performance will be on Wednesday May 20th at Rockwell Charter High School. Obviously there will be no ballet for Jr and Sr Elite and no class for Dynamites on this day! Please Mark your calendars! Celebration, dynamite, and Sr. Elite will do their Jazz routine and Extreme and Jr. Elite will do their lyrical routine. Please be to Rockwell by 6:15 pm.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Team Pictures!

Team Pictures will be held Wednesday May 13th. There will be no competition Ballet Classes,, Diamonds or Dynamites on that day. There will also be no class for the 3&4 yr. Old Ballet Tap classes. Please wear your Lyrical costumes first and bring your jazz costumes! Here is the schedule
3:00 Wednesday 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs
3:15Thursday 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs
3:30 Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs
3:45 Thursday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs
4:00 Jr. Elite
4:20 Diamonds
4:40 Minis
5:00 Celebration
5:20 Extreme
5:40 Sweet n Sassy
6:00 Sr. Elite
6:20 Pewees
6:40 Energy
7:00 Dynamite
7:20 Expressions
7:40 Stars

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lagoon Nationals Competition May 8th&9th Line up

Competition Time again! Yay! Here is our line up for the Lagoon Competition. Your dancers should have recieved discount parking and entrance passes. If you are only going to watch and not ride I would use the competitor passes (blue ones). YOu just turn them in at the ticket office(at least they let us use them 4 yr ago even if you werent a competitor). If you are riding rides, either ticket is good. I have more of both so if you need more let me know!
Please be at the designated stage at the time posted, not pulling in the parking lot! Both Stages are at the North End of the Park behind the flyin aces and Jet star ride. This competition is ran by the same competition as the Thanksgiving Point competition so things are ran about the same way. Good Luck!

Friday May 8th
Be there 1 hour before your performance time!
McKenna Morris 4:07 Davis Stage
Delilah Stutz 5:42 Canyon Stage
Brittney Dulle 6:03 Canyon Stage
Jessica, Ashleigh , Baylie 7:07 Canyon Stage

Saturday May 9th

Dynamite Be There at 7:30 Davis Stage
8:08 50's Mix
8:26 I Believe

Sweet N Sassy Be there at 8:10 Canyon Stage
12:08 Music and Me

Pewees Be There at 8:40 Canyon Stage
9:37 Sea Cruise
12:23 I hope you Dance

Minis Be There at 8:40 Canyon Stage
9:37 What I like about you
12:23 Prayer of the Children

Extreme Be There at 9:00 Canyon Stage
10:06 Hero
12:31 Im Yours

Diamonds Be There at 9:10 Davis Stage
10:08 I magine
1:19 Oh So Quiet

Celebration be There at 9:20Davis Stage
10:21 Hold your Hand
1:28 Cotton Eye Joe

Energy Be there at 9:35 Davis Stage
10:39 I got nothing left
2:56 Rich mans World

Expressions Be There at 10:25 Canyon Stage
11:25 Life is a Highway
12:37 Top of the World

Jr. Elite be there at 2:50 Davis Stage
3:51 Witch Dr.
5:54 Never Alone

Stars Be thee at 2:50 Davis Stage
3:51 Mercy
5:54 Power of a Dream

Sr. Elite be there at 4:00 Davis Stage
5:03 Wild Party
6:15 Rock your soul

Dylainy and Megan compete at 6:50 Canyon Stage
Kyra and Sydnie compete at 7:02 Canyon Stage
Kailee and Taylor compete at 7:11 Canyon Stage

Overall Novice Awards 2:30 Canyon Stage
Overall Beginning Awards 4:10 Canyon Stage
Overall Intermediate Awards 8:30 Davis Stage

Monday, April 27, 2009

Competition Tryouts Pre- Registration

Competition Tryouts will be held June 2nd and 3rd. (see April Newsletter for times or its on our webpage) Due to the large amount of people that were at try-outs last year, we are having pre registration this year. If you Pre-register there will be no audition fee. If you would like to register at the door there will be a $5 audition fee. You can register by going to our website at

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ultimate Dance Summer Camps!

IT's That time again! Time to register for Summer Intensive Camps! These camps are really good for the dancers to help improve their technique! You are the first to get this schedule. Class sizes are limited so register soon!
June 22th, 23th, 24th, and 26th
July 13th, 14th, 15th, & 16th

3-4 yrs old $50 per block 10:00-11:30
10:00-10:45 Ballet/Jazz
10:45-11:00 Snack Time
11:00-11:30 Tumbling

5-7yrs old $65 per block 9:00-11:00
9-10:00 Tumbling/ Cheer
10:00-11:00 Ballet/Jazz

8-11 yrs old $80 per block 10:00-1:00
10:00-11:00 Tumbling/cheer
11:00-12:00 Ballet
12:00-12:30 Jazz Turns and Leaps
12:30-1:00 Hip Hop

12 – 16 yrs old $80 per block 11:00-2:00
11:00-11:30 Intro to Choreography
11:30-12:00 Hip hop
12:00-1:00 Ballet
1:00-2:00 Jazz Turns and Leaps

*Registration is on a first come first serve basis
*Class sizes are limited

Single classes are available:
½ hr classes - $35 per class
45min & 1 hr classes-$40/per class

4 fun days of dance classes!
Register for 1 week or for both (if registering for both $5 discount off second week)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Entrance passes for Lagoon!

Ok so I now have both discount entrance passes and parking passes in the office. Please make sure you pick these up this week. I have 2 Competitor passes per dancer which will give you a free entrance only and a discount for rides. I have as many Spectator passes as you would like these are a 8.95 entrance fee and a discounted ride pass. Please dont bring me money for these. You can just take the passes to the ticket counters at Lagoon. I am so excited for these last two competitions they are huge! Please do not let your dancers miss class these next two weeks it is very important that they are there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dance Nationals @ Lagoon May 8-9 more info!!

I just got some more information today in the mail about the Lagoon competition. I haven't done this competition for about 4 yrs so I am not sure really what to expect 100%. Some things are still the same so I can help you out with what I know. This competition is supposed to be one of the Largest dance competitions in the world. It is the same company as the Thanksgiving Point competition so it is ran about the same except only more studios, teams and stages. Team places are posted on the wall and Overall awards are given on the stage after each level is concluded. This is America Onstages National Competition. I have recieved the discounted Parking passes but not entrance passes yet. Hopefully I will get them this next week. I can get as many discount passes as you need so please let me or Alicia in the office know if you need extras! I did get some new information that I didnt already know today for solos, duets, and trio. I guess they have what is call "Jr. National All Americans" These are given to the Highest scoring performers of the competition. This is how they choose: top scores in
Novice Beginning Intermediate
1 duet 1 duet 1 Duets
2 lyrical solos 2 Lyrical solos 2 Lyrical solos
2 Hip Hop Solos 2 Hip Hop solos 2 Hip Hop solos
2 Jazz solos 2 Jazz Solos 2 Jazz Solos

Please Remember Champion Productions Nationals competition is the next week May 16th at Skyline High School Not UVU

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Estimated Schedule for Lagoon May 8th and 9th

Here is an Estimated Schedule for The Lagoon Competition on May 8th&9th. This is a huge competition it will be on 3 different stages all at the North end of the park. It is supposedly one of the worlds largest competitons and there will be studios from many different states there to compete. Please remember this schedule will more than likely change. I should have more specific times by May 2nd.
FRIDAY, MAY, 8 - Solos, Duos, Trios (Nov, Int, Adv)
4:00 Delilah, Brittney
6:00 pm DUETS/TRIOS - Jessica, Ashleigh, and Baylie
3:30 Solos McKenna M

SATURDAY, MAY 9- All Teams & Beginning Solos/Duos/Trio

8:00 am TEAMS , Large Groups)-Dynamite
8:30 am TEAMS (Jazz ) sweet n Sassy, pewees, Minis, Extreme, Expressions
9:00 am TEAMS (Lyrical, Ballet)

BEGINNING SOLOS/DUETS/TRIOS-Dylainy & Megan, Kailee & Taylor
10:00 am TEAMS-Diamonds, Celebration, Energy

Davis Stage about 2:00-4:00 pm Overalls and All-American

5:00 pm TEAMS (Jazz )-Stars, Jr.Elite, Sr. Elite
6:00 pm TEAMS (All Others)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Disneyland Performance Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the Disneyland performance CD!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disneyland Pictures CD

Carrie Marrott has purchased the CD of pictures of the disneyland performance. She is willing to make you a copy for $5. There are some amazing pics on it. If you would like one please leave a comment!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Thanks to Everyone who went to Disneyland! Everyone did such a great Job! The Disneyland Staff was so surprised at how professional and well behaved everyone was! If you have pics send them and I will post them on the blog. Also I purchased the pic they took of everyone in their costumes I will hang it in the studio with the plaque we recieved!

Lagoon Competition

Please Remember Lagoon Dance Competition is on May 9th I will have times up probably within the next 2 weeks as soon as I receive them. I have discounted Parking passes and tickets to get in at the dance studio. Please let me know how many you will need. Also, My records only show that
Mckenna M., Delilah, Jessica, Ashley and Baylie, and Taylor and Kailee, Dylainy and Megan, Brittney. are doing solos at Lagoon. Is this right??? Please Note that registration for this competition was $70/solo and 47.50 per Duet. Because this is a National competition. If you you have not paid the right amount please even up with Alicia in the office.
Please Remember Champion Nationals is the week following at Skyline High School!

Stadium of Fire!

Please Remember I need all money due for Stadium of Fire by the 25th of April. Please remember that July 2nd, 3rd and 4th are mandatory as well as the practices the first two weeks in June!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Upcoming Mandatory competitions and performances

Lagoon Competition
Saturday May 9th-All Competition Teams
Nationals competition
Saturday May 16th-All Competition Teams
New Venue * Skyline High School
Year End Dance Recital May 30th-Entire Studio
Rockwell Charter High School
If you havent paid your $10 recital fee please do so ASAP


We have passed our audition for the stadium of fire! Here are some details The total cost for the stadium of fire is $70 so if you already paid the $20 deposit you owe $50 this is due by April 25th! Please remember you will need to make practices in June as well as mandatory practices all day on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Here is a list of people that I have going to the Stadium of fire. I need to send your measurements in by tomorrow so please call me if I dont have yours!!

Main Dancers
Ashlie Stoddard
Hailey Nosak
Whitney Swain
Taylor Seegmiller
Mckenna Morris
Mckell finch
Katie Foote
Cristen Davis
Keirnan Buschert
Sierra Phillips
Megan Carson
Jazmin Salomone
Maddie Seegmiller
Karissa Swain
Kailee Rose
Alisha Swain
Taylor Miller
Maddie Beck

Junior Dancers
Brittney Dulle
Brecca Bastian
Vanessa M.
Brittney Shunn
Dylainy Hansen
Kaylee Kohler
Megan Hibbert
Kaycee Chamberlain
McCall Funk
Riley Robertson
Allie VanValkenburgh
Kyra Geertsen
Alyssa Bacon
Tylar Hansen
Hanna Price
Makelle Mooring
If you have already paid the $20 deposit and your name is not on here please let me know!!!
I can still take 1 more Sr. Dancer I have to know ASAP!



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Western Anaheim Inn

For those of you who are staying at my hotel Here is a little map to show you where it is located. x marks the spot. It is the Best Western Anaheim Inn located directly across from the entrance walkway to disneyland! For Everyone else we will see you there at 8:55 at the entrance of Toon Town on Tuesday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disneyland Information

I can't believe the Disneyland performance is almost here!! There are a few thing that are very important so please pass the word to those who need it! Here are the teams and what costumes they need to bring. Disneyland will not let us dance barefoot so place make sure you bring your jazz shoes and foot undeez!
Sweet n Sassy-music and me-blue costume
Pewees-Sea Cruise
Minis-What I like about you
Diamonds-Oh so Quiet
Dynamite&Riley-50's mix
Extreme-I'm Yours-Be sure to bring tan tights and tan gore shoes!!!
Celebration-Cotton eye Joe
Jr. Elit-Witch Doctor
Sr. Elite-Rock your soul-Dont forget foot undeez
Expressions-Dont forget Tan Gore shoes
Energy-Nothing left-Dont forget foot undeez

Here is The Disneyland 101 on the performance, you might want to write this down!We will be performing on the Garden Stage (by the castle). The performance time is 10:30 am.All dancers need to meet me and the Disneyland worker at the entrance of Toon Town at 9:00 am. Please dont be late! At this time you will leave your dancers in Candice and mines care and go have fun and then meet us back at the Garden Stage for showtime! Sorry No Parents are allowed backstage!Disneyland wants the dancers to come in normal clothes and bring the costumes in a small backpack (No duffle bags or garment bags are allowed). Dancers will change back in the pre-show dressing room. Show will be over by 11:00 and you can meet your dancers back at the entrance of Toon Town and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland or whereever you would like!! Yay this will be so much fun! Any Questions make a comment! Please come get your Disneyland tickets from the office! I do not want to bring them with me!

St. George RESULTS

Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 1st place
RESPECT 1st place

I hope you dance 1st place and overall amateur 1st place Grand champs & Judges Choice overall best technique!
Sea Cruise 2nd place

Prayer of the Children 2nd place
What I like about you 1st place

Imagine 1st place
Oh so quiet 2nd place and Overall amateur/Intermediate Grand Champions

I believe 1st place
50's mix 1st place

HOld your hand 2nd place
Cotton eye Joe 4th

Top of the world 1st
Life is a highway 2nd

Hero 3rd place
I'm Yours 1st place

JR. Elite
Never alone 1st place
Witch Doctor 3rd place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 3rd place
Rock your soul 2nd place

Nothing left 1st place
Rich mans world 2nd place

Mercy 2nd place
Power of a dream 3rd place

Way to go! I am so proud of you! We did really well in solos duets and trios as well! Congrats to Kaylee Kohler for winning Overall High Point in Juniors and winning a 6 ft trophy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ST. George Time Changes!! URGENT

I have updated all of St. George competitions Time Changes below. Sorry I just barely recieved this! Caution Extreme, Jr. and Sr. Elite have Changed big times so please spread the word!!!

Competition is Saturday April 4th at Dixie High School! See Ya there! please Double check your bags for costumes, shoes and Props and Drive Safely!

If you need me my # is 801-718-6900

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holy Cow what a weekend! I am so proud of all of our teams! Everyone did so great! Thank you so much for all the parents help and for the dancers representing our studio so greatly! Here are the results:
Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 2nd Place
RESPECT 4th place

Sea Cruise 2nd Place
I hope you dance 2nd place

Prayer of the Children 1st place
What I like about you 1st place and overall Mini High point Champions (top score out of 43 teams)

Imagine 2nd place
Oh so quiet 1st place and Mini amateur/intermediat overall grand Champion

I Believe 2nd place
50's Mix 3rd place

I'm Yours 2nd place
Hero 3rd place

Hold your Hand 1st place
Cotton Eye Joe 1st place and Junior Overall 2nd place!
Power of a Dream 3rd place
Mercy 1st place

Top of the World 1st place
Life is a Highway 1st place and Overall Teen 2nd place

I got nothing left 2nd place
Rich mans world 2nd place

Jr. Elite
Never alone 3rd place
Witch Doctor 1st place

Sr. Elite
Rock your soul 2nd place
Wild Party 1st place

Solos Duets and Trios!
We did Awesome in solos Duets and Trios as well!
Dylainy and Megan 1st place
Delilah 1st place and Overall Mini High Point! 6ft Trophy
Kyra and Sydnie 1st place
Kailee and Taylor 2nd place
McKell and Whitney 2nd place
Brecca 1st place
Kennedy 3rd place
Kaylee 1st place
Haylee S 2nd place
Katie F. 1st place and Overall Junior amateur/intermediat High Point! 6ft Tropy
Makelle 2nd place
Cristen D 1st place
Hailey N 2nd place
Jessica, Ashleigh, and Baylie 1st place
Mckenna M 1st place
Kaycee 1st place
Brittney 1st place
Congratulations to Everyone! I can't Wait For St. George this Next Weekend please make sure you have your wrist bands!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disneyland Performance finalized!!!!!! Performance time!

Ok so I feel like I am posting like every 5 min. but this is all important!!! Here is The Disneyland 101 on the performance, you might want to write this down!
We will be performing on the Garden Stage (by the castle). The performance time is 10:30 am.
All dancers need to meet me and the Disneyland worker at the entrance of Toon Town at 9:00 am. Please dont be late! At this time you will leave your dancers in Candice and mines care and go have fun and then meet us back at the Garden Stage for showtime! Sorry No Parents are allowed backstage!
Disneyland wants the dancers to come in normal clothes and bring the costumes in a small backpack (No duffle bags or garment bags are allowed). Dancers will change back in the pre-show dressing room. Show will be over by 11:00 and you can meet your dancers back at the entrance of Toon Town and enjoy the rest of your day at Disneyland or whereever you would like!! Yay this will be so much fun! Any quiestions make a comment!

ST. George Solo, Duets, and Trio Line up

Wow it feels like christmas this week. disneyland tickets, spanish fork Lineups and line ups all in one week! Please remember these are preliminary so they may change. Please remember to be there an hour before your performance time! This competition is at Dixie High School in St. George on Friday April 3rd!
Name # Time
Hailey Nosak 282 9:21 pm Gym
Cristen Davis 280 9:18 Gym
Dylainy & meg 4 4:06 Auditorium
Jess, Bay, Ash 8 4:18 Auditorium
kyra & Sydnie 28 5:04 Auditorium
Kailee & Taylor 32 5:14 Auditorium
Mckell & Whit 40 5:30 Auditorium
Haylee Tap 102 8:49 Auditorium
Katie 104 8:53 Auditorium
Mckenna 242 7:30 Gym
Haylee lyr 111 9:11 Auditorium
Brecca 105 8:55 Auditorium
Kennedy 97 8:37 Audtiorium
Makelle 75 7:42 Auditorium
Brittney 41 5:33 Auditorium
Kaylee 37 5:24 Auditorium
Kaycee 35 5:22 Auditorium
Delilah 13 4:27 Auditorium

Mini, duo and Trio Awards 6:30
Junior, and Teen Awards 9:30

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

update for Spanish Fork!

I have updated solos for friday at spanish fork please look below for almost all of them have changed! Also, I have Disneyland tickets ready to be picked up!!!


Guess what just showed up on my doorstep!!! Yep Disneyland Tickets! YAY! I am so excited. I will try to get these sorted and get them to you. I suggest that the parents come in and pick them up so that there isnt a chance of them getting lost. There is no way of replacing them. Unfortunately I still dont have a time for performance yet!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spanish Fork Dance Competition!

Here are the preliminary lineups for the Competition this saturday March 28th. The competition is at Spanish Fork High School. I just barely recieved them! Times may still change so please check the blog daily!! Please be on time! Please remember there is a charge at the door for spectators. You can check their website at for info. Dancers must have a wrist band that I should hopefully recieve in the mail today for their entrance. This will be their ticket in and their ticket to recieve their awards! Good Luck!

Please meet in the lobby of the Auditorium! please find your team mom!
Sweet N Sassy-Be There at 8:30 am -Auditorium
compete Music and me @ 9:29 am
compete RESPECT @ 9:57am
Pewees-BE There @ 7:45 am-Auditorium
compete I hope you dance@ 8:23 am
compete Sea cruise @ 8:43 am Quick change!!!!
Minis Be there @8:30 -Auditorium
compete prayer of the children@ 9:29
compete what I like about you @ 10:45
Diamonds Be There @7:30 am-Auditorium
compete Imagine @ 8:23
compete Oh so quiet @9:10
All morning , Mini age category(sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, and Diamonds) and Mini overall high point Awards @ 12:30 - Gym

For the teams below please meet in the practice room located on the north side of the gym upstairs behind the bleachers!
Dynamite be there 8:15 -*update*
compete I believe @ 9:09 -Meet in Auditorium foyer
compete 50's mix @ 11:47 -Meet in Gym
Extreme be there @ 10:00-Gymnasium
compete hero@ 10:51
compete I'm yours @ 11:47
Celebration be there @ 9:00-Gymnasium
compete cotton eye joe @ 10:00
compete Hold your had @ 11:00
Stars be there 10:15-Gymnasium
compete power of a Dream @ 11:13
compete mercy @ 1:30
Expressions be there @12:15-Gymnasium
compete Top of the world @1:13
compete Life is a highway @4:25
Energy be there @1:10-Gymnasium
compete I got nothing left @2:09
compete Rich mans world @ 4:55
Jr. Elite be there @ 9:15-Gymnasium
compete Witch Doctor @ 10:12
Compete Never Alone @ 1:44
Sr. Elite be there @4:20-Gymnasium
compete Rock your soul @ 5:18
compete wild party @ 5:55

remaining team Awards, junior and teen High point awards@ 6:00 -Gym

It is not mandatory to stay for awards but is always fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Solo, Duet, and Trio times for Spanish Fork!

Here are some preliminary times for The spanish Fork Competition Friday March 27th. Please remember it is always good to be about an hour early from the time posted. I will be there but please remember it is your responsibility to be there on time, have your costume on and Stretch so that you are ready to perform. I will have your master copy cd to turn in but it is your responsibility to have a practice or backup cd! Good luck Ladies! you will do great! please remember times may change.

Time # Name Place of performance
4:20 9 Delilah Auditorium
4:22 10 Jess, Ash, Bay Auditorium
4:13 6 Dylainy&Meg Auditorium
5:10 28 Syd&Kyra Auditorium
5:27 34 Kailee&Tayl Auditorium
5:55 44 Mckell&Whit Auditorium
6:06 48 Brecca Auditorium
6:10 50 Kennedy Auditorium
7:11 61 Haylee S Auditorium(lyric)
6:2355 Kaylee K Auditorium
7:23 65 Katie Auditorium
7:27 67 Haylee S. Auditorium (Tap)
7:4875 Makelle E Auditorium
8:02 80 Cristen Auditorium
8:07 82 Hailey N Auditorium
5:29 125 Mckenna M Gymnasium
5:14 118 Brittney Gymnasium
5:08 116 Kaycee Gymnasium
Minis, duos, and trio awards 6:30-Auditorium
Remaining Awards-9:30 Gym

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update info!

Hi everyone! just a little update!
I am finding that the practices for Disneyland for some classes are not necessary! I have a lot of people leaving before the 11th of April for Disneyland! Therefore, there will be no practice that day! If you are wondering what they are doing for disneyland, they are doing one of their competition dances so obviously they dont have to learn a new routine or buy an extra costume! We have found that we have not had make hardly any changes to any of the dances which is great! I will run through the dance they are performing with the girls that are going to Disneyland at the end of each class and if I find that there is a need for an extra practice I will let you know! Thanks for all you support!

Here is a new schedule of what I feel is necessary!

Saturday March 21st
8:00- Dynamite

No practice April 11th unless needed. I will keep you posted!

Also I should be getting the lineup for Spanish Fork sometime this week! keep checking the blog!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In Case you Forgot! Mandatory Rehearsals, competitions and NO Classes! Update your calendars!

March 21st-Mandatory Disneyland Performance rehearsal

Friday and Saturday March 27 &March 28thSpanish Fork competiton-Mandatory All Competition Teams
Thursday April 2nd No Class for thursday competition teams! (most of us will be on our way to St. George)

Friday and Saturday April 3rd&4thSt. George Competition-Madatory All Competition Teams

Friday, March 6, 2009

URGENT!!!! Stadium of FIRE

OK So here is the Deal! I guess I was wrong! I have to Turn in the Deposit by Monday! IF you want to Perform at Stadium of Fire I need your $20 Deposit on monday! Remember the Total is going to be $65 to $75. Including costume, props, and the performers ticket in. Other family member that want to come have to buy their own tickets. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP if you want to do this!
PLEASE REMEMBER this is for SR. & JR. Elite, Stars, Energy, and Diamonds ONLY.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stadium of Fire performance!

Ok so I have had a pretty good response through my facebook! I am definitely going to send in the video. I have to have the deposit and the Video at the same time soooooooooooo.......if you want to do it please have $20 to Misty by March 18th so that I can have it in by the 20th. If you are 13 or older this would definitely be an awesome opportunity because you get to be a main dancer!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stadium of fire Performance!?

We have been invited to audition to perform at the Stadium of fire this year! So Here is the deal You have to be 8 by September 1st, They say it will be hard choreography that you will have to come and learn. so they say mostly intermediate to Advanced dancers. Diamonds, stars, jr. & Sr. Elite, Energy, Celebration, Expressions.........
it costs approx $65-$75 per person which includes costume, props, and ticket for the show. We would need a $20 deposit by March 20th and the remainder by April 20th.
The Jonas brothers are performing. This is July 4th.
I guess my question is........IS ANYONE INTERESTED?? If so I need to send in an audition tape ASAP. Let me know if you are interested in doing this. Yes it will be optional!

Upcoming Competitions and News!

Just a reminder of the upcoming Mandatory Competitions for all teams!
March 28th Cant stop Dancin'- Spanish Fork High School
April 4th Ultimate Expressions-Dixie High School St. George Utah

I should get lineups 1 week prior to each competition and I will post them as soon as I get them!

Please be Advised there are No Classes on Thursday April 2nd. Most of us will already be heading to St. George for solos, duets, and Trios competition!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Expression please remember you only have Ballet on thursday so you will come from 5-6. All other teams are as normal!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanksgiving point results!!!

The Overall High Point winners-Pewees Team!

Oh my Gosh! I cant believe how awesome we did for our first competition, especially against the most highly recognized Studios in the state! I am so proud of all the girls and I can not wait until the next competition! Here are the results!!

Sweet N Sassy
RESPECT 2nd place
Music and Me 1st Place

Sea Cruise 1st Place
I hope you dance 1st place and Novice overall high point out of 62 teams!!!

What I like about you 2nd place
Prayer of the Children 2nd Place

Oh so quiet 2nd place
Imagine 1st place and Beginning overall high point out of 70 teams!!

50's mix 1st place
Believe 1st place

Hero 2nd place
I'm Yours 1st Place

life is a highway 1st place
On top of the World 2nd Place

Cotton Eye Joe 2nd Place
Hold your Hand 1st place

Mercy 2nd place
If you can dream 1st place

Rich mans world 1st place
I got nothing 2nd place

Jr. Elite
Witch doctor 2nd place
Never alone 2nd place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 1st place
Rock your soul 2nd place

ALSO,..... We won Overall Best Dance Studio in both the Novice and Beginning levels!

Congratulation Everyone!!!!! If anyone has pics send them to me please so I can post them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is my Cell # plug it in your phone incase you need me 801-718-6900

FINALLY! competition times

Thanksgiving point Competition

Friday Feb 27th solos, duets, and Trios

Be There 1hr prior to Performance time!

Cristen Davis 1:30
Dylainy and Megan 1:54
Sydnie and Kyra 2:03
Beginning Awards 3:15
Delilah Stutz 2:39
Kaylee Kohler 3:12
Kaycee Chamberlain 3:15
Brittney Dull 3:17
Katie Foote 4:00
Makelle Ericksen 4:21
Jessica, Ashleigh, &Baylie 4:50
Kailee & Taylor 5:06
Novice Awards 6:15
McKenna Morris 6:55
McKell & Whitney 8:56
Intermediate Awards 9:15
Saturday Feb 28th Teams
Jr. Elite
Be there 7:30 am
Perform : Witch Doctor 8:06 Never Alone 10:15
Be There 7:30 am
Perform: Mercy 8:10 Power of a dream 10:18
Sr. Elite
Be there 8:30 am
Perform: Wild Party 9:30 Rock your Soul 10:50
Intermediate Overall Awards 1:50
Sweet N Sassy
Be there 9:00 am
Perform: RESPECT around 9:30 is Music and Me around 10ish.
Be There 11:45
Perform: Sea Cruise 12:45 I hope you Dance 2:52
Be there 12:10
Perform: What I like about you 1:12 Prayer of the Children 3:00
Be there 12:30
Perform: Hero 1:30 I'm Yours 3:06
Be There 1:30
Perform Life is a Highway 2:26 Top of the world 3:15
Be there 2:30
Perform 50's Mix 3:29 Believe 3:35
Novice Overall Awards 5:00
Be there 3:00
Perform: Oh So Quiet 4:00 Imagine 6:12
Be There 3:15
Perform: Cotton eye Joe 4:15 Hold your hand 6:20
Be there 4:15
Perform Rich mans world 5:15 I've got nothing left 6:43
Beginning Overall Awards 8:15