Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solo Line up!

Here are the Solos lineups!
Remember you may want to be there an hour before your time so that you can stretch, practice and be ready in case they are running early! Yes these are all pm and they are all on Friday night!
Makelle 4:14 Auditorium
Kennedy 4:16 Auditorium
Dylainy and Megan 4:23 Small Gym
Kailee and Taylor 5:07 Small gym
Ashleigh, Jessica, and Baylie 5:43 Small Gym
Sydnie and Kyra 5:50 Small Gym
Whitney and Mckell 5:52 Small Gym
Delilah 7:04 Small Gym
Haylee S Tap 8:31 Auditorium
Katie 8:32 Gymnasium
Brecca 9:10 Auditorium
Haylee S 9:10 Auditorium LYR
Kaylee K. 9:11 Gym
Kaycee 9:11 Gym
Brittney 9:11 Gym
Mckenna 9:53 Gym
Cristen 10:01 Auditorium
Haylie N 10:01 Auditorium
As you can see with 3 stages running at the same time I cannot be everywhere at once. It is your responsibility to be there on time stretch and practice on your own. Bring your own music to practice. Make sure you are in you designated competing place at least 2o min before your time!
Good luck! you will all do great!


  1. Hey Misty, do you know when awards would be for Megan and Dylainy's duet? Just checking :)

  2. I think around 7:30 for Mini duo and trios and 11:30 for everyone else! Yikes!