Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congratulations!!!!! National Championships Results

Wow! Again our Studio was very consistant and did an amazing job!!! Everyone did so awesome I am so Proud of Everyone!!

This competition was the toughest competition our studio has ever attended! We still did great!

Now remember there was two competitions going on the champions (wich is everyone who has not taken a first place at a champion productions competition) and the Invitational (everyone who has won a 1st place at a regional champion productions competition compete against eachother, the best of the best) We only had 4 dances in the champions competition and 20 dances in the Invitation, best of the best, competition!

Here are the results!

Sweet n Sassy

music and me 1st place

Respect 3rd place


Sea cruise- 2nd place and Overall Mini amateur 1st place champion in the champions division

I hope you dance- 2nd place


Prayer of the Children -1st place and Overall Mini amateur Grand Champions in the Invitational division

What I like about you -1st place and Overall Mini amateur 1st place champion in the Invitational division


Imagine-1st place

Oh so quiet-1st place and Overall Mini amateur/intermediate Grand Champions in the Invitational division


I Believe- 1st Place

50's Mix- 2nd place


I'm yours- 3rd place

Hero- 2nd Place


Cotton eyed Joe- 2nd place

Hold your Hand-2nd place


Mercy-2nd place

Power of a dream - 2nd place and Overall Junior 1st place champions in the Champion division


Top of the World- 1st place and Overall Teen 2nd place champions in the Invitational division

Live is a Highway- 2nd place


I've got nothing left- 2nd place

Rich mans World- 1st place

Jr. Elite

Witch Doctor- 2nd place

Never alone-4th place

Sr. Elite

Wild Party- 1st place

Rock your soul -4th place

Wow 6 overalls ! That is amazing! Thank you so much to all the dancers for being so awesome, and to the Parents for all your support and Help.

Thanks to all the Team moms for having the girls ready and having things run so smooth. I appreciate you so much! Thanks so much to all of my teacher and my assistant Candice for all your hard work. We could not give these girls such an awesome opportunity without you!! Love ya all!

If you are planning on trying out for a competition team next year, be sure to pre register on our website at It is free if you pre-register or $5 if you register at the door. There will be new times for competition tryout due to the Ranches Academy still being in school. check back for times!

Thanks for a Great year!

Reminder! Celebration, Jr.Elite, Sr.Elite, Dynamite, and Extreme are performing at the Rockette Review at Rockwell High charter school in the ranches. Call time is 6:15 performance starts at 7!!!

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  1. Misty and Candice, You guys are the best and we love you! Thank you for all your hard work on the part of our girls. You have helped them be strong and more confident, thank you!!! We are looking forward to next season!!Thanks again! Dianna and Frank Byrd