Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exciting Summer!

Wow! Great Job yesterday at the Recital! What a turnout! I thought by splitting the studio in half and having everyone only dance in one show, we would have more than enough seating. I guess I was wrong! We had more than 500 seats and still not enough room! Sorry!

I Just wanted to remind you all about some of the events coming up!

Stadium of Fire practices MANDATORY!
Tuesday June 2nd
Main Dancers 10:00
Wednesday June 3rd
Main Dancers 10:00
Junior dancers 11:00
Thursday June 4th
Junior dancers 11:00
Main Dancers12:00
Friday June 5th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00
Here are a few dates and times to start!
There will be more depending on how fast you can learn it! Plan on practicing a few days the following week as well!
I will let you know other times and dates next week!
Please be on time and stretching

Competiton Tryouts
June 2nd and 3rd

Pony Express Parade!
Saturday June 6th

Saratoga Splash Performance!
We have a time for performance at Saratoga Splash! I believe itis 11:30. Is There any Soloists duets, or Trios that would like to perform?? Here is the deal I am going to be out of town but I can have all of the music ready and find someone to be in charge if you would like to do it. I know you all know what your doing we have done this many times! Let me know!!


  1. Mistie can contribute candy to throw in the parade - Chad can drive truck to pull trailer if needed. Let us know if you need these. thanks, Chad n Mist.

  2. I am curious about your dance studio. We have only lived here in Lehi for a year. I have a daughter that has been in dance since she was 5. I drive her to Provo up to four times a week for her classes. She has been on the Sr. Team for the last 3 years going on 4. She is almost 12. I was at the performance on Saturday to watch my daughters friend, Cherity Couchman. I didn't get to stay and watch your higher teams for the second show.(I wish we would have!) I am wondering if you have tumbling classes for her age, and if you do things like Aerials? She can land them, but struggles landing them in her solo's and other dances.(maybe a confident thing) She loves dance, and is amazing! (I am sure all moms say and think that!) I would love for her to come and watch one of your higher classes sometime, and see what she thinks. It is killing me to drive to Provo as much as I do! I am willing to do it for her love of dance, but if I can find something closer that she likes, it would be great!
    My email:
    I also have a Face Book under: Karen Jensen
    (I have posted her last solo and duo on my FB if you add me as a friend, you'd be able to see what she dances like, and where she might fit in at your studio)
    Sorry for the long comment!