Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skyline Saturday may 16th competition lineups

Finally we have lineups!!! Yay! please check your bags and make sure you have all of your costumes and accessories. some stuff was left at the studio after pictures. Dont forget your props! This Competition is at Skyline High School 3251 E 3760 S Salt Lake City.

sweet n Sassy Be there at 12:30 Auditorium
Respect competes at 1:30
Music and Me competes at 2:18

Pewees be there at 11:40 Auditorium
Sea cruise 12:40
I hope you dance 1:00 Quick change!

Minis be there at 12:00 Auditorium
What I like about you 1:00
Prayer of the children 2:00

Diamonds be there 12:40 Auditorium
Oh so quiet 1:37
Imagine 1:55

Dynamite be there at 4:00 Auditorium
I believe 4:54
50' mix 6:54 Gymnasium

Extreme be there at 9:45 Gymnasium
Hero 10:45
I'm yours 3:50 Auditorium

Celebration be there 3:30 Auditorium
Hold your hand 4:30
Cotton Eye Joe 5:37 Gymnasium

Stars be there 11:30 Auditorium
Power of a dream 12:30
Mercy 6:44 Gymnasium

Expressions be there 9:00 Gymnasium
Life is a highway 10:00 (big time change) spread the word
Top of the World 4:52 Auditorium

Energy be there 11:15 Gymnasium
Rich mans world 12:13
I got nothing left 6:14 Auditorium

Jr. Elite be there 3:15 Auditorium
Never Alone 4:15
Witch Doctor 5:39 Gymnasium

Sr. Elite be there 10:45 Auditorium
Rock your soul 11:45
Wild party 7:30 Gymnasium

Good luck Everyone!


  1. Wow! Eighteen minutes between, it is going to be a hectic day.

  2. Yay for being there at noon!!!

  3. do you know what time the awards will be at?

  4. Is that 9:30p.m. for Diamonds? I am trying to decide if I should let Jon get her changed between dances and go to my open house or just not go to my open house. I just don't think he can handle the quick change.

  5. So we're not at UVU but at Skyline High School. I heard today that Expressions was changed to 9 a.m. rather than 1 p.m., but the other one is still at 5 p.m. Is that correct?

  6. Yes we are at Skyline High School! Expressions did change! dang it! the posted time is the correct time now! sorry about the spread.

  7. I think 2:30 Misti! Not exactly sure how they are doing things.

  8. Did Diamonds get their braclets to get in the competition? Sloan didn't get one. It was picture day & crazy! What should I do?