Thursday, May 21, 2009

year end random! Competition Tryouts!

Thank you to everyone who performed at the Rockette Review last night. You all did an awesome job!

Dont forget the Year end recital May 30th at Rockwell Charter High School check the website for you time!

Competition Tryouts! (please spread the word)

There are new times for competition Tryouts due to some schools not being out for summer break yet! Here are the new audition times.

June 2nd
1:00 8-12 yr olds for all Intermediate and above levels
2:30 12 + for all intermediate and above levels

June 3rd
1:00 5-8 yr olds
2:30 9-11 yr olds
4:00 12+
*please be advised, just because you tryout for an intermediate level team does not mean that you will be placed on that team. Misty will place you on a team that she thinks would benefit both the dancer and the team! Please dont tell me where your daughter should be placed and what skills she can do. I have been doing this a long time and I know what I am doing!

*Remember to pre-register online before tryouts it's free. Registration at the door is $5

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