Friday, May 1, 2009

Lagoon Nationals Competition May 8th&9th Line up

Competition Time again! Yay! Here is our line up for the Lagoon Competition. Your dancers should have recieved discount parking and entrance passes. If you are only going to watch and not ride I would use the competitor passes (blue ones). YOu just turn them in at the ticket office(at least they let us use them 4 yr ago even if you werent a competitor). If you are riding rides, either ticket is good. I have more of both so if you need more let me know!
Please be at the designated stage at the time posted, not pulling in the parking lot! Both Stages are at the North End of the Park behind the flyin aces and Jet star ride. This competition is ran by the same competition as the Thanksgiving Point competition so things are ran about the same way. Good Luck!

Friday May 8th
Be there 1 hour before your performance time!
McKenna Morris 4:07 Davis Stage
Delilah Stutz 5:42 Canyon Stage
Brittney Dulle 6:03 Canyon Stage
Jessica, Ashleigh , Baylie 7:07 Canyon Stage

Saturday May 9th

Dynamite Be There at 7:30 Davis Stage
8:08 50's Mix
8:26 I Believe

Sweet N Sassy Be there at 8:10 Canyon Stage
12:08 Music and Me

Pewees Be There at 8:40 Canyon Stage
9:37 Sea Cruise
12:23 I hope you Dance

Minis Be There at 8:40 Canyon Stage
9:37 What I like about you
12:23 Prayer of the Children

Extreme Be There at 9:00 Canyon Stage
10:06 Hero
12:31 Im Yours

Diamonds Be There at 9:10 Davis Stage
10:08 I magine
1:19 Oh So Quiet

Celebration be There at 9:20Davis Stage
10:21 Hold your Hand
1:28 Cotton Eye Joe

Energy Be there at 9:35 Davis Stage
10:39 I got nothing left
2:56 Rich mans World

Expressions Be There at 10:25 Canyon Stage
11:25 Life is a Highway
12:37 Top of the World

Jr. Elite be there at 2:50 Davis Stage
3:51 Witch Dr.
5:54 Never Alone

Stars Be thee at 2:50 Davis Stage
3:51 Mercy
5:54 Power of a Dream

Sr. Elite be there at 4:00 Davis Stage
5:03 Wild Party
6:15 Rock your soul

Dylainy and Megan compete at 6:50 Canyon Stage
Kyra and Sydnie compete at 7:02 Canyon Stage
Kailee and Taylor compete at 7:11 Canyon Stage

Overall Novice Awards 2:30 Canyon Stage
Overall Beginning Awards 4:10 Canyon Stage
Overall Intermediate Awards 8:30 Davis Stage

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