Sunday, May 3, 2009

Team Pictures!

Team Pictures will be held Wednesday May 13th. There will be no competition Ballet Classes,, Diamonds or Dynamites on that day. There will also be no class for the 3&4 yr. Old Ballet Tap classes. Please wear your Lyrical costumes first and bring your jazz costumes! Here is the schedule
3:00 Wednesday 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs
3:15Thursday 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs
3:30 Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs
3:45 Thursday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs
4:00 Jr. Elite
4:20 Diamonds
4:40 Minis
5:00 Celebration
5:20 Extreme
5:40 Sweet n Sassy
6:00 Sr. Elite
6:20 Pewees
6:40 Energy
7:00 Dynamite
7:20 Expressions
7:40 Stars


  1. Misty, I am not sure if there is any possible way before it gets to looked at if we could change Extremes pictures to be earlier. Maybe sometime in the 5-5:40 range? Sam and I have a huge mother/daughter activity to be at at 6 at the Timpanogos Temple. We will work it out if it can't be changed. Just checking. Thanks so much!

  2. Misty, I read Jennifer,s post. It would work out better for me if you switched Extremes with Pewees. We have a Soccer game from 5-6. It will be fine how it is. I just thought it was worth throwing that out there. Thanks! Your awesome!