Monday, March 29, 2010

Attention Ultimate Co., Sr. Elite, and Dynamite

Attn Ultimate Co. and Dynamite: We need to combine and move a few classes for the next two months. I am so sorry and hope this doesnt inconvienence anybody........ Dynamites will now have class on Tuesdays @ 5 pm instead of 4 pm. Ultimate Co. Will now have ballet at 4pm on Wenesdays and Pointe at 5pm. Again sorry for the change and this will begin this week! Also Sr. Elite will have Choreography first and Technique second. So be sure to be on time!

Sr.Elite and Ultimate Co. Ballet

Sr. Elite and ULtimate Co. Ballet will now be combined for the rest of the year! Ballet will be at 4:00 and Pointe will be at 5:00.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

St. George Competition Results

Congratulations to all of the Dancers you did such a great Job!
sweet n sassy
somewhere over the Rainbow- 2nd Place
Dog Pound -3rd
Let Them be little-2nd
Stupid Cupid 2nd
Ordinary Miracle-1st and Overall Mini amateur 1st place Grand Champions
It's a Jungle-3rd
I'll Try-1st place and Overall Mini amateur/Intermediate 1st place Grand Champ
Wild West-1st place
You raise me up-4th
Say Hey - 2nd
Only Hope -1st and Overall Junior amateur 2nd Place Grand Champs
Jailhouse Rock - 1st
Softly Unspoken - 3rd
Route 66 - 3rd
Breathe - 3rd
Where I stood- 1st
Head Crazy - 1st
Raining Men- 2nd
Say your not sorry-2nd
Dance with me - 2nd
The Climb - 2nd
Jr. Elite
Battlefield - 2nd
Walk away - 2nd
Sr. Elite
Fly- 1st and Overall Teen Intermed 1st place Grand Champs
Toxic- 4th
Ultimate co.
Do your thang - 3rd
Hometown Glory - 4th

Also, Congrats to all of our soloists for doing such a great job! Congratulations to Megan for winning overall High Point in Junior amateur over 50+ girls and winning a 6ft Trophy!!!!!
We are so proud of our talented dancers!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fling Results!!

Wow Great Job everyone!
Sweet N Sassy
somewhere over the Rainbow- High Silver and Overall Best costume
Dog Pound -2nd

Let Them be little-1st
Stupid Cupid 3rd

Ordinary Miracle-Gold
It's a Jungle-1st

I'll Try-2nd

Wild West-2nd
You raise me up-2nd

Say Hey - 1st
Only Hope -1st

Jailhouse Rock - 1st
Softly Unspoken - 3rd

Route 66 - 2nd
Breathe - 2nd

Where I stood- High Gold
Head Crazy - Gold

Raining Men- Gold
Say your not sorry-2nd

Dance with me - 1st
The Climb - 1st

Jr. Elite
Battlefield - 2nd
Walk away - 2nd

Sr. Elite
Fly- 1st
Toxic- 1st

Ultimate co.
Do your thang - 1st
Hometown Glory - 2nd
You were all amazing and Candice and I are so proud of you!! Please pack your bags early for St. George and double check them! This is going to be so fun!!!

Also, Since this was our first year with Dance America let me know how you liked it compared to the other ones we do. I already have my opinion but I am curious to know how you feel.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Timpview Dressing room!

FYI: Our studios dressing room at the Spring Fling Competition at Timpview High School is in the Choir room. Please pass the word and lets all meet your teams there!

Good Luck I know everyone will do great!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. George Team Lineups!

saturday March 27th
Diamonds-Be there @ 9:00Think 9:55I'll Try 12:00
Celebration-Be there @ 7:30Jailhouse Rock 1:52Softly Unspoken 8:30
Excite-Be there @7:00Route 66 2:45Breathe 8:00
Extreme- Be there @ 8:30Say Hey 2:04only hope 9:25
Stars- Be there @ 7:35Dance with me 1:00The Climb 8:35
Energy-Be there @ 8:00It's Raining men 9:10Your not sorry 1:10
Sweet n Sassy-Be there @ 9:45Dog pound 10:45Somewhere over the Rainbow 11:17
Pewees- Be there @ 8:30Stupid Cupid 9:27Let them be little 11:15
Minis- Be there @ 8:00jungle out there 8:55Ordinary Miracle 11:30
Dynamite-Be There @ 8:45wild West 10:51You raise me up 9:45
Expressions-Be There @ 9:15Head Crazy 3:59Where I stood 10:17
Jr. Elite- Be there @ 9:45Walk Away 10:45Battlefield 2:15
Sr. Elite- Be there @ 8:30Toxic 9:25Fly 1:00
Ultimate Co- Be there @ 1:25Do your Thang 4:25Hometown Glory 2:25
Awards for sweet n Sassy, Pewees, minis and Diamonds are at 12:00
Awards for Everyone else are at 5:00
Dixie High School in St. George 350 E 700 S

Hotel Room in St. George

Misty has an extra room in st. George if anyone needs one! It is at La Quinta where the majority of UDE is staying! Let us know ASAP!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. George competition solo lineup

Jasmine 4:06
Ella 4:06
Rylee 5:49
Tyler 5:49
Taylor 5:51
Brittney 6:47
Haylee-tap 7:12
McKenna 7:09
Katie 6:45
Delilah 8:25
Allison 7:59
Megan 7:54
Dylainy 7:35
Award for Jasmine and Ella are @ 6:00A
Awards for Everyone else are@ 9:15
Be there 1 hour prior to performance time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fling Competition March 20th Lineups

Here are the Preliminary Lineups for the Spring Fling Competition at Timpview High School. Times may change so I will post any changes by the 16th.
Friday March 19th solos-Be there 1 hour prior to your performance time!
Auxiliary Gym
Ella 5:15
Megan 5:30
Katie 6:00
Delilah 6:30
Jasmine 6:45
Dylainy 7:15
Tylar 8:40
Brittney 8:50
Rylee 8:25
Arena Gym
Haylee 8:30
Cristen 8:00
McKenna 8:05
Satuday March 20th
Diamonds-Be there @ 9:00
Think 10:00I'll Try 11:15
Celebration-Be there @ 7:30
Jailhouse Rock 8:30Softly Unspoken 12:45
Excite-Be there @8:45
Route 66 9:45Breathe 11:15
Extreme- Be there @ 9:45
Say Hey 1:00only hope 10:45
Stars- Be there @ 8:15
Dance with me 9:10The Climb 10:15
Energy-Be there @ 8:15
It's Raining men 9:15Your not sorry 10:50
Sweet n Sassy-Be there @ 8:45
Dog pound 9:45Somewhere over the Rainbow 11:00
Pewees- Be there @ 7:45
Stupid Cupid 8:45 Let them be little 11:50
Minis- Be there @ 8:30
jungle out there 9:30 Ordinary Miracle 10:30
Dynamite-Be There @ 10:45
wild West 12:15You raise me up 11:45
Expressions-Be There @ 9:30
Head Crazy 11:35Where I stood 10:30
Awards 1:00
Jr. Elite- Be there @ 2:30
Walk Away 3:30Battlefield 6:25
Sr. Elite- Be there @ 2:15
Toxic 3:15Fly 6:00
Ultimate Co- Be there @ 1:00
Do your Thang 2:00Hometown Glory 5:00
Awards 6:40

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March competition Team Newsletter

Congratulations to UDE Competition Teams!
We had our first competition at the end of February and did extremely well! We received mostly 1st and 2nd places. Our Pewee team and Minis team also won overall High Point in each of their lyrical pieces. They had one of five highest scores out 70 teams! We also Won Overall best Dance Studio in both Novice, and Beginning levels, and our Jr. Elite team topped it off with a 1st place High Gold in Intermediate level for their Jazz routine. I was so proud of all the teams and had many compliments from people outside of our studio. Our Soloist did extremely well too. We had 13 soloist compete and left with nine 1st places and four 2nd Places. Not bad for our 1st competition!

St. George Competition
Please make sure, if you haven’t already, that you find accommodations for the st. George competition. I would plan on spending the night on Friday the 26th. The competition usually starts really early in the morning and we need all dancers there rested and refreshed! As usual, We will not have any Competition Teams classes on Thursday the 25th. Most of the Staff and dancers will be leaving that day for St. George so that we can be there for solos on Friday.

Upcoming Mandatory Competitions-All competition Teams
March 20th- Spring Fling Timpview High School- 3570 N. Timpview Dr. ,Provo
March 27th-Ultimate Expressions-Dixie High School 350 E 700 S, St. George
April 17th-Competitive Edge- Northridge High School 2430 N 400 , , Layton
May 15th – Open Dance Nationals-Lagoon
March 22nd Spring Recital
I usually receive lineups 1 week prior to the competitions. I will post them on Facebook or the Blog as soon as I receive them!

Stadium of Fire Performance
This is the last call for anyone who wants to perform at the Stadium of fire this summer. You must be 9 yrs old by Sept 1st to perform. This is a great experience but very rigorous, mandatory practices. The cost to perform is $120. This includes costumes, props, all practices and the dancers ticket to the stadium of fire. I have to send in the deposit by the 20th of March. If you want to do this you will need to pay$20 and put your name on the list in the office before March 15th. The rest of the payments are due as follow:
March 15th-$20
April 15th-$60
May 20th-$40
Carrie Underwood will be the performer!

Spring Break
Please remember there will be no classes during Spring break April 5-9th.

Attention Dynamite, Pewees, and Jr. Elite
Dynamite, Pewees, and Jr. Elite have been asked to perform their Jazz routine at the Rockwell High School Rockettes Review on Friday March 19th. Please Meet at Rockwell High School ready to perform in Jazz costumes by 6 pm. This will be a great practice for the competition the next day!

Ella and Tylar: you will have solo competition at Spring Fling that day! Depending on the time that you compete you may or may not be able to make the performance. Sorry!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stadium of Fire Performance is on! I need deposit by March 15th!

Ok so I guess there is enough people that are interested in performing. Sooooo, I have to send in all the work by the 20th. Which means we must have a final count of who is going with a $20 deposit per dancer by March 15th!
There will be mandatory practices in June as well as July 1, 2, and 3 all day at the stadium. This is a very fun experience but a lot of hard practices in the heat! You must be 9 yrs old to perform by Sept 1st. Here is the payment schedule:
March 15th $20 deposit due
April 15th $60 Due
May 20th - The Remaining $40 is due

This pays for rehearsals, costumes, props, and the dancers ticket in. Last year we got to sit right up front on the field it was Awesome!
If you are interested then please sign up in the office and pay your $20 deposit fee!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All Hip Hop Classes are Cancelled Thursday March 4th

We are sorry to announce that all Hip Hop classes are cancelled on Thursday March 4th. These classes will be made up at a later date! Sorry for any inconvienence!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stadium of fire!

Hey Dancers! I am trying to decide if we are going to Perform at the Stadium of Fire this year! It will be $120 and that includes all practices, props, costume and the dancer only ticket to the stadium of fire. Carrie Underwood will be there! please let me know if there is an interest. Dancers must be 9 years old to peform!