Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fling Results!!

Wow Great Job everyone!
Sweet N Sassy
somewhere over the Rainbow- High Silver and Overall Best costume
Dog Pound -2nd

Let Them be little-1st
Stupid Cupid 3rd

Ordinary Miracle-Gold
It's a Jungle-1st

I'll Try-2nd

Wild West-2nd
You raise me up-2nd

Say Hey - 1st
Only Hope -1st

Jailhouse Rock - 1st
Softly Unspoken - 3rd

Route 66 - 2nd
Breathe - 2nd

Where I stood- High Gold
Head Crazy - Gold

Raining Men- Gold
Say your not sorry-2nd

Dance with me - 1st
The Climb - 1st

Jr. Elite
Battlefield - 2nd
Walk away - 2nd

Sr. Elite
Fly- 1st
Toxic- 1st

Ultimate co.
Do your thang - 1st
Hometown Glory - 2nd
You were all amazing and Candice and I are so proud of you!! Please pack your bags early for St. George and double check them! This is going to be so fun!!!

Also, Since this was our first year with Dance America let me know how you liked it compared to the other ones we do. I already have my opinion but I am curious to know how you feel.


  1. How do the rankings go? Is gold or 1st better and so on?

  2. I liked this competition as far as cleanliness, location of the dressing room and the nice big auditorium. I also liked how they posted the number performing. I didn't like the entry cost and I still don't understand how the judging worked. I'm indifferent - if we do it again fine, if we don't that's fine too. We still had fun:)

  3. if they got a rating gold, high gold etc. It means they didnt compete against anyone and they just got a rating according to their score! ya kinda lame!

  4. When we arrived there was a line clear out the door and we could not get in. I think we hit right when a lot of other people did too. The cost makes it hard because when they charge 7.00 instead of some even number then everyone has to get change etc. and it takes a long time. I was standing in the middle and finally said to the girl at the counter that I needed to get in and she said only one guy on the side was taking money. Maybe they need a line where just dancers and their escort could go through and a line for family? I'm not sure why they have to charge so much too when you've already paid a ton in competition fees?

  5. I agree kim! I knew there was a fee but they didnt tell me it was 7 buck! ridiculous! I thought it would be at the most 5 like the other ones! I dont think we will go to that competition next year! Especially for solos, the awards were lame and it was expensive!

  6. The awards for solos were pretty lame, especially in comparison to the Thanksgiving Point awards.
    I am so excited for St George this weekend!