Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exciting Summer!

Wow! Great Job yesterday at the Recital! What a turnout! I thought by splitting the studio in half and having everyone only dance in one show, we would have more than enough seating. I guess I was wrong! We had more than 500 seats and still not enough room! Sorry!

I Just wanted to remind you all about some of the events coming up!

Stadium of Fire practices MANDATORY!
Tuesday June 2nd
Main Dancers 10:00
Wednesday June 3rd
Main Dancers 10:00
Junior dancers 11:00
Thursday June 4th
Junior dancers 11:00
Main Dancers12:00
Friday June 5th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00
Here are a few dates and times to start!
There will be more depending on how fast you can learn it! Plan on practicing a few days the following week as well!
I will let you know other times and dates next week!
Please be on time and stretching

Competiton Tryouts
June 2nd and 3rd

Pony Express Parade!
Saturday June 6th

Saratoga Splash Performance!
We have a time for performance at Saratoga Splash! I believe itis 11:30. Is There any Soloists duets, or Trios that would like to perform?? Here is the deal I am going to be out of town but I can have all of the music ready and find someone to be in charge if you would like to do it. I know you all know what your doing we have done this many times! Let me know!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pony Express Parade!

Everyone is invited to walk/ride in the Pony Express Parade on Saturday June 6th. The Davis' are letting us use their Trailer to ride on and we want to put Some of our Trophies on it as well! Is there anyone one who has a truck that would like to drive us and pull the trailer in the parade????? I thought it would be cute just to wear costumes from this year (your favorite one). Also I thought it would be fun for some to be dancing down the street. If you would like to be a dancer please meet at the studio at 8 AM to learn just a real easy routine (couple counts of 8) to do down the parade route. Please only 8 yrs+ dancing. 7yrs and Under can ride. This should be lots of fun! I am also going to get some candy to throw!
We will need to meet at the beginning of the parade route at 9:30. Pony Express Parkway and Sweet water dr. in the Ranches. The Parade starts at 10:00!

Please be advised you do not have to be on a Competition team to be in the Parade. As long as you are a dancer or Tumbler at Ultimate Dance Etc. you are invited!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pony Express Parade!

We are going to be in the Pony Express Parade on Saturday June 6th! Whoever wants to be in it can be in it! Let me know if you want to be in it! I will give more info as soon as I recieve it!

Stadium of Fire!

It's getting close to Stadium of Fire time! For those who are doing it please make sure you plan nothing on July 2nd after noon, all day July 3rd and 4th. These are mandatory and if yo miss one practice you are kicked out! These 3 days are at BYU. There will be other practices at the studio to learn the routines with me! Please be sure to be there. We have to send a DVD of us back to them by june 18th so we need to learn and perfect the dances ASAP!
Stadium of Fire Called and said that all of the Main Dancers (13 and older) are doing another dance as well. Therefore you will need another costume, unfortunately You will need to pay another $7. Fortunately it is only $7 and you get to keep the costume. Please pay that to Misty ASAP! Please plan for these days and times to learn the dances! This is going to be a lot of hard work but hopefully it will be well worth it! Thanks!
Junior dancers 8-12 yrs old
Main Dancers 13+

Tuesday June 2nd
Main Dancers 10:00
Wednesday June 3rd
Main Dancers 10:00
Junior dancers 11:00
Thursday June 4th
Junior dancers 11:00
Main Dancers12:00
Friday June 5th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 10:00

Here are a few dates and times to start! There will be more depending on how fast you can learn it! I will let you know other times and dates next week! Please be on time and stretching!

Spring Recital! What costume do you wear first??

Some are wondering what costumes they wear first for spring recital. Yes Everyone is doing both dances! All Solos are performing as well!
If you are in tumbling/Cheer that is the first performance of the show so be ready!
Sweet n Sassy-Respect
Pewees -Sea Cruise
Minis-Prayer of the Children
Dynamite-50's Mix
Celebration-Cotton eye joe
Expressions-Life is a highway
Energy-I got nothing left
Jr. Elite-Witch Doctor
Sr. Elite-Rock your soul

Thursday, May 21, 2009

year end random! Competition Tryouts!

Thank you to everyone who performed at the Rockette Review last night. You all did an awesome job!

Dont forget the Year end recital May 30th at Rockwell Charter High School check the website for you time!

Competition Tryouts! (please spread the word)

There are new times for competition Tryouts due to some schools not being out for summer break yet! Here are the new audition times.

June 2nd
1:00 8-12 yr olds for all Intermediate and above levels
2:30 12 + for all intermediate and above levels

June 3rd
1:00 5-8 yr olds
2:30 9-11 yr olds
4:00 12+
*please be advised, just because you tryout for an intermediate level team does not mean that you will be placed on that team. Misty will place you on a team that she thinks would benefit both the dancer and the team! Please dont tell me where your daughter should be placed and what skills she can do. I have been doing this a long time and I know what I am doing!

*Remember to pre-register online before tryouts it's free. Registration at the door is $5

Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week! Just a reminder

This week is not a regular week, so here is what's going on!
Pizza Party @ 4:30-5:30 No regular competition team practice
Stars, Dynamite, Sweet n Sassy, Diamonds If you would like to bring a treat for your team, feel free!

Pizza Party @ 5:30 No regular competition Practice
Mini's, Pewees, Jr. Elite, and Sr. Elite! If you would like to bring a treat for your team, feel free

Rockette Review Performance @ Rockwell High School
Celebration, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Dynamite, and Extreme
Call time 6:15 performance time 7:00
No Regular team practice

No Competition Team practice- Studio Pictures
Celebration, expressions, Energy, and Extreme will have their pizza party on the 28th!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congratulations!!!!! National Championships Results

Wow! Again our Studio was very consistant and did an amazing job!!! Everyone did so awesome I am so Proud of Everyone!!

This competition was the toughest competition our studio has ever attended! We still did great!

Now remember there was two competitions going on the champions (wich is everyone who has not taken a first place at a champion productions competition) and the Invitational (everyone who has won a 1st place at a regional champion productions competition compete against eachother, the best of the best) We only had 4 dances in the champions competition and 20 dances in the Invitation, best of the best, competition!

Here are the results!

Sweet n Sassy

music and me 1st place

Respect 3rd place


Sea cruise- 2nd place and Overall Mini amateur 1st place champion in the champions division

I hope you dance- 2nd place


Prayer of the Children -1st place and Overall Mini amateur Grand Champions in the Invitational division

What I like about you -1st place and Overall Mini amateur 1st place champion in the Invitational division


Imagine-1st place

Oh so quiet-1st place and Overall Mini amateur/intermediate Grand Champions in the Invitational division


I Believe- 1st Place

50's Mix- 2nd place


I'm yours- 3rd place

Hero- 2nd Place


Cotton eyed Joe- 2nd place

Hold your Hand-2nd place


Mercy-2nd place

Power of a dream - 2nd place and Overall Junior 1st place champions in the Champion division


Top of the World- 1st place and Overall Teen 2nd place champions in the Invitational division

Live is a Highway- 2nd place


I've got nothing left- 2nd place

Rich mans World- 1st place

Jr. Elite

Witch Doctor- 2nd place

Never alone-4th place

Sr. Elite

Wild Party- 1st place

Rock your soul -4th place

Wow 6 overalls ! That is amazing! Thank you so much to all the dancers for being so awesome, and to the Parents for all your support and Help.

Thanks to all the Team moms for having the girls ready and having things run so smooth. I appreciate you so much! Thanks so much to all of my teacher and my assistant Candice for all your hard work. We could not give these girls such an awesome opportunity without you!! Love ya all!

If you are planning on trying out for a competition team next year, be sure to pre register on our website at It is free if you pre-register or $5 if you register at the door. There will be new times for competition tryout due to the Ranches Academy still being in school. check back for times!

Thanks for a Great year!

Reminder! Celebration, Jr.Elite, Sr.Elite, Dynamite, and Extreme are performing at the Rockette Review at Rockwell High charter school in the ranches. Call time is 6:15 performance starts at 7!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solo Line up!

Here are the Solos lineups!
Remember you may want to be there an hour before your time so that you can stretch, practice and be ready in case they are running early! Yes these are all pm and they are all on Friday night!
Makelle 4:14 Auditorium
Kennedy 4:16 Auditorium
Dylainy and Megan 4:23 Small Gym
Kailee and Taylor 5:07 Small gym
Ashleigh, Jessica, and Baylie 5:43 Small Gym
Sydnie and Kyra 5:50 Small Gym
Whitney and Mckell 5:52 Small Gym
Delilah 7:04 Small Gym
Haylee S Tap 8:31 Auditorium
Katie 8:32 Gymnasium
Brecca 9:10 Auditorium
Haylee S 9:10 Auditorium LYR
Kaylee K. 9:11 Gym
Kaycee 9:11 Gym
Brittney 9:11 Gym
Mckenna 9:53 Gym
Cristen 10:01 Auditorium
Haylie N 10:01 Auditorium
As you can see with 3 stages running at the same time I cannot be everywhere at once. It is your responsibility to be there on time stretch and practice on your own. Bring your own music to practice. Make sure you are in you designated competing place at least 2o min before your time!
Good luck! you will all do great!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skyline Saturday may 16th competition lineups

Finally we have lineups!!! Yay! please check your bags and make sure you have all of your costumes and accessories. some stuff was left at the studio after pictures. Dont forget your props! This Competition is at Skyline High School 3251 E 3760 S Salt Lake City.

sweet n Sassy Be there at 12:30 Auditorium
Respect competes at 1:30
Music and Me competes at 2:18

Pewees be there at 11:40 Auditorium
Sea cruise 12:40
I hope you dance 1:00 Quick change!

Minis be there at 12:00 Auditorium
What I like about you 1:00
Prayer of the children 2:00

Diamonds be there 12:40 Auditorium
Oh so quiet 1:37
Imagine 1:55

Dynamite be there at 4:00 Auditorium
I believe 4:54
50' mix 6:54 Gymnasium

Extreme be there at 9:45 Gymnasium
Hero 10:45
I'm yours 3:50 Auditorium

Celebration be there 3:30 Auditorium
Hold your hand 4:30
Cotton Eye Joe 5:37 Gymnasium

Stars be there 11:30 Auditorium
Power of a dream 12:30
Mercy 6:44 Gymnasium

Expressions be there 9:00 Gymnasium
Life is a highway 10:00 (big time change) spread the word
Top of the World 4:52 Auditorium

Energy be there 11:15 Gymnasium
Rich mans world 12:13
I got nothing left 6:14 Auditorium

Jr. Elite be there 3:15 Auditorium
Never Alone 4:15
Witch Doctor 5:39 Gymnasium

Sr. Elite be there 10:45 Auditorium
Rock your soul 11:45
Wild party 7:30 Gymnasium

Good luck Everyone!

Dont Forget Pictures Today!!!

Please Remember Picures are today! Expression will have theirs next week because they have girls out of town! Stars can start coming at 7:20 if you want! Better Yet that is a good time for the Stars to be taking solo Pictures! Everyone come in Lyrical and bring Jazz! See ya tonight!

Monday, May 11, 2009


After many phone calls and emails, I still dont have lineups for this weekend. The only answer I got was that I will recieve them on Wednesday and we will mostly be competing in the evening on Saturday. But, You never know what will change. I will have times out as soon as I recieve them! Sorry!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lagoon National Grand Championships results

WOW! I cannot believe how well our teams did at this competition. I am truly amazed at how Awesome everyone is! This is supposed to be the worlds largest Dance Competition! There were 101 teams and out of the top 10 overall high scores, Ultimate Dance won 6 of them!!! Way to go I am so proud of you all! Thanks to all the Team Moms for all your help!

Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 1st place
Respect 1st place

I hope you dance 1st and Overall High point
Sea Cruise 1st and Overall High point

Prayer of the Children 1st and Overall High Point
What I like about you 1st and Overall High Point

Oh so quiet 2nd place
Imagine 2nd place

I'm yours 1st place
Hero 1st place and Overall High point

50's Mix 1st place
I believe 1st place

Hold your hand 1st place
Cotton eye Joe 2nd place

Top of the world 1st place and Overall High Point
Life is a highway 1st place

Power of the Dream 1st place
Mercy 2nd Place

Jr. Elite
Witch Doctor 1st place
Never alone 2nd Place

Rich mans world 1st place
I have Nothing 1st place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 1st place
Rock your soul 3rd place

Overall Novice Best Dance Studio
Overall Beginning Best Dance Studio

Congratulations and Good Luck Next week!
Our Soloist and duos and trios did awesome as well! Congrats!
McKenna Queen and Overall High Point Queen
Brittney Queen
Dylainy and Megan Queen
Taylor and Kailee Queen
Sydnie and Kyra Queen
Delilah 2nd Place
Jessica, Ashleigh and Baylie 2nd Place
Ashleigh, Jessica, and Baylie 2nd

Friday, May 8, 2009

I lost my phone

I have lost my phone so if you need to get a hold of me I am sorry! See you at lagoon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Champion National Dance Competition

Unfortunately I still do not have lineups for the competition on May 15 th and 16th. But, I did get wristbands today. The wristbands are not like the ones we got for the other competitions. They are actual bracelets. rubber purple and white and they say "I dance with Champion Dance" on them. I will send them home the next dance day they have. Please do not lose these wrist bands for this is their ticket into the competition. The competition is not at UVU it is at Skyline High school the address is 3251 E 3760 S. in Salt Lake City. Please check regularly for the lineup and I will post them as soon as I recieve them!
In the mean time! I will see you this weekend at Lagoon! I am so excited! we will do great! Please dont be late!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rockette Review Performance!

The Rockwell Rockettes have invited the Celebration, extreme, Dynamite, Jr. Elite, and Sr. Elite Teams to perform at their year end Review! This Performance will be on Wednesday May 20th at Rockwell Charter High School. Obviously there will be no ballet for Jr and Sr Elite and no class for Dynamites on this day! Please Mark your calendars! Celebration, dynamite, and Sr. Elite will do their Jazz routine and Extreme and Jr. Elite will do their lyrical routine. Please be to Rockwell by 6:15 pm.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Team Pictures!

Team Pictures will be held Wednesday May 13th. There will be no competition Ballet Classes,, Diamonds or Dynamites on that day. There will also be no class for the 3&4 yr. Old Ballet Tap classes. Please wear your Lyrical costumes first and bring your jazz costumes! Here is the schedule
3:00 Wednesday 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs
3:15Thursday 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4yrs
3:30 Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs
3:45 Thursday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs
4:00 Jr. Elite
4:20 Diamonds
4:40 Minis
5:00 Celebration
5:20 Extreme
5:40 Sweet n Sassy
6:00 Sr. Elite
6:20 Pewees
6:40 Energy
7:00 Dynamite
7:20 Expressions
7:40 Stars

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lagoon Nationals Competition May 8th&9th Line up

Competition Time again! Yay! Here is our line up for the Lagoon Competition. Your dancers should have recieved discount parking and entrance passes. If you are only going to watch and not ride I would use the competitor passes (blue ones). YOu just turn them in at the ticket office(at least they let us use them 4 yr ago even if you werent a competitor). If you are riding rides, either ticket is good. I have more of both so if you need more let me know!
Please be at the designated stage at the time posted, not pulling in the parking lot! Both Stages are at the North End of the Park behind the flyin aces and Jet star ride. This competition is ran by the same competition as the Thanksgiving Point competition so things are ran about the same way. Good Luck!

Friday May 8th
Be there 1 hour before your performance time!
McKenna Morris 4:07 Davis Stage
Delilah Stutz 5:42 Canyon Stage
Brittney Dulle 6:03 Canyon Stage
Jessica, Ashleigh , Baylie 7:07 Canyon Stage

Saturday May 9th

Dynamite Be There at 7:30 Davis Stage
8:08 50's Mix
8:26 I Believe

Sweet N Sassy Be there at 8:10 Canyon Stage
12:08 Music and Me

Pewees Be There at 8:40 Canyon Stage
9:37 Sea Cruise
12:23 I hope you Dance

Minis Be There at 8:40 Canyon Stage
9:37 What I like about you
12:23 Prayer of the Children

Extreme Be There at 9:00 Canyon Stage
10:06 Hero
12:31 Im Yours

Diamonds Be There at 9:10 Davis Stage
10:08 I magine
1:19 Oh So Quiet

Celebration be There at 9:20Davis Stage
10:21 Hold your Hand
1:28 Cotton Eye Joe

Energy Be there at 9:35 Davis Stage
10:39 I got nothing left
2:56 Rich mans World

Expressions Be There at 10:25 Canyon Stage
11:25 Life is a Highway
12:37 Top of the World

Jr. Elite be there at 2:50 Davis Stage
3:51 Witch Dr.
5:54 Never Alone

Stars Be thee at 2:50 Davis Stage
3:51 Mercy
5:54 Power of a Dream

Sr. Elite be there at 4:00 Davis Stage
5:03 Wild Party
6:15 Rock your soul

Dylainy and Megan compete at 6:50 Canyon Stage
Kyra and Sydnie compete at 7:02 Canyon Stage
Kailee and Taylor compete at 7:11 Canyon Stage

Overall Novice Awards 2:30 Canyon Stage
Overall Beginning Awards 4:10 Canyon Stage
Overall Intermediate Awards 8:30 Davis Stage