Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lagoon National Grand Championships results

WOW! I cannot believe how well our teams did at this competition. I am truly amazed at how Awesome everyone is! This is supposed to be the worlds largest Dance Competition! There were 101 teams and out of the top 10 overall high scores, Ultimate Dance won 6 of them!!! Way to go I am so proud of you all! Thanks to all the Team Moms for all your help!

Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 1st place
Respect 1st place

I hope you dance 1st and Overall High point
Sea Cruise 1st and Overall High point

Prayer of the Children 1st and Overall High Point
What I like about you 1st and Overall High Point

Oh so quiet 2nd place
Imagine 2nd place

I'm yours 1st place
Hero 1st place and Overall High point

50's Mix 1st place
I believe 1st place

Hold your hand 1st place
Cotton eye Joe 2nd place

Top of the world 1st place and Overall High Point
Life is a highway 1st place

Power of the Dream 1st place
Mercy 2nd Place

Jr. Elite
Witch Doctor 1st place
Never alone 2nd Place

Rich mans world 1st place
I have Nothing 1st place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 1st place
Rock your soul 3rd place

Overall Novice Best Dance Studio
Overall Beginning Best Dance Studio

Congratulations and Good Luck Next week!
Our Soloist and duos and trios did awesome as well! Congrats!
McKenna Queen and Overall High Point Queen
Brittney Queen
Dylainy and Megan Queen
Taylor and Kailee Queen
Sydnie and Kyra Queen
Delilah 2nd Place
Jessica, Ashleigh and Baylie 2nd Place
Ashleigh, Jessica, and Baylie 2nd


  1. Did you need a U-Haul to bring home all the trophies? :)

    Congratulations on a truly terrific day!

  2. You need to put that you got Best Director Award on there. I think you are going to need a room just for all of these trophies!!! You are the best. Thanks for making our girls look so great!!!