Sunday, April 5, 2009

St. George RESULTS

Sweet N Sassy
Music and Me 1st place
RESPECT 1st place

I hope you dance 1st place and overall amateur 1st place Grand champs & Judges Choice overall best technique!
Sea Cruise 2nd place

Prayer of the Children 2nd place
What I like about you 1st place

Imagine 1st place
Oh so quiet 2nd place and Overall amateur/Intermediate Grand Champions

I believe 1st place
50's mix 1st place

HOld your hand 2nd place
Cotton eye Joe 4th

Top of the world 1st
Life is a highway 2nd

Hero 3rd place
I'm Yours 1st place

JR. Elite
Never alone 1st place
Witch Doctor 3rd place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 3rd place
Rock your soul 2nd place

Nothing left 1st place
Rich mans world 2nd place

Mercy 2nd place
Power of a dream 3rd place

Way to go! I am so proud of you! We did really well in solos duets and trios as well! Congrats to Kaylee Kohler for winning Overall High Point in Juniors and winning a 6 ft trophy!

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