Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disneyland Performance!

The Votes are in and the results are..... Disneyland. We will work for the cruise again maybe next year! We will be going the week of spring Break hopefully performing on that wednesday. I need to send in the audition video but first I need to know how many performers are planning on going. Please discuss this with your family and see if this is something that your dancer will be able to attend. I will have a sign up list in the office. If you are planning on making this very fun performance trip please put your dancers name on the sign up list before October 20th!
Last year the tickets were
$104-2day park Hopper
$134-4 day

I am hoping they will still be the same this year. If not I am sure it will be close.
I only need to know how many performers are going at this time. I dont need to know how many family and friends are going til probably Jan. or Feb. This is such a fun trip and a Great Experience for the girls! All Competition Teams are invited!

Please remember All Costume, Warmup, and bag fees are due this week!!!!!! I will not order your warmups if you have not paid yet!


  1. Fun Fun! We are planning on going in October of next year. Wish I could see the girls dance! Good luck :)

  2. Count us in!!! Since I'm not pregnant this year, looks like we can go :)

  3. Count us in.. We are very excited!