Sunday, November 29, 2009

Competition Team Newsletter


I am so excited for the progress I have seen on every team! I can’t believe that the fall session is almost over, and we will soon be into the competition season! Every Team has either learned both dances or are very close to finishing both dances. It is very critical that from here on out that the dancers do not miss any classes, unless it is an emergency. We will begin really cleaning all of the dances when we get back from Christmas break. We appreciate all of your support and are very excited for the competition season! Have a happy holiday and we will see you soon!

Winter/Spring Registration
The last day of classes for the Fall Session is on December 11th. Please remember you do need to pay for the upcoming winter/spring tuition. However, you do not need to register online for the class. Winter/Spring consists of 5 month instead of 4 and will begin January 4th. I will not let anyone with a balance compete if tuition is not paid!
Competition Teams
Early Bird Pre-pay Discount if paid by Pre-Pay discount if paid after December 18th (including recital fee) December 18th(including recital fee)
Sweet n sassy, minis, & pewees
1hour class= $ 170 1 hour class=$190

Dynamites, extreme, expressions, Energy, Diamonds, Excite, and celebration
$270 $ 305
Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Stars, Ultimate Company
$330 $ 370

Class Change
Due to building and teacher scheduling conflicts, I had to change the time of both the Excite and Dynamite Teams on Mondays. Dynamites will be coming on Mondays from 4:00-5:00 and Excite will be coming from 6:00-7:00. All other days and times will remain the same. Sorry for any inconvenience. These time changes will take place beginning January 4th.

Competition Fees and Costume Fees
Both competition and costume fees are extremely over due! I cannot buy costumes or register for competitions unless I have been paid. If I have not received all your fees by December 16th we will space your dancer out of the dances. (unless other arrangements have been made with Misty). Everybody was aware of these fees back in May at tryouts, you have had a very long time to plan for them. Competition fees are $140 per dancer and Costume fees are $90 per dancer.

Have a great Christmas Break and Happy Holidays!

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