Friday, March 20, 2009

Solo, Duet, and Trio times for Spanish Fork!

Here are some preliminary times for The spanish Fork Competition Friday March 27th. Please remember it is always good to be about an hour early from the time posted. I will be there but please remember it is your responsibility to be there on time, have your costume on and Stretch so that you are ready to perform. I will have your master copy cd to turn in but it is your responsibility to have a practice or backup cd! Good luck Ladies! you will do great! please remember times may change.

Time # Name Place of performance
4:20 9 Delilah Auditorium
4:22 10 Jess, Ash, Bay Auditorium
4:13 6 Dylainy&Meg Auditorium
5:10 28 Syd&Kyra Auditorium
5:27 34 Kailee&Tayl Auditorium
5:55 44 Mckell&Whit Auditorium
6:06 48 Brecca Auditorium
6:10 50 Kennedy Auditorium
7:11 61 Haylee S Auditorium(lyric)
6:2355 Kaylee K Auditorium
7:23 65 Katie Auditorium
7:27 67 Haylee S. Auditorium (Tap)
7:4875 Makelle E Auditorium
8:02 80 Cristen Auditorium
8:07 82 Hailey N Auditorium
5:29 125 Mckenna M Gymnasium
5:14 118 Brittney Gymnasium
5:08 116 Kaycee Gymnasium
Minis, duos, and trio awards 6:30-Auditorium
Remaining Awards-9:30 Gym

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