Monday, March 23, 2009

Spanish Fork Dance Competition!

Here are the preliminary lineups for the Competition this saturday March 28th. The competition is at Spanish Fork High School. I just barely recieved them! Times may still change so please check the blog daily!! Please be on time! Please remember there is a charge at the door for spectators. You can check their website at for info. Dancers must have a wrist band that I should hopefully recieve in the mail today for their entrance. This will be their ticket in and their ticket to recieve their awards! Good Luck!

Please meet in the lobby of the Auditorium! please find your team mom!
Sweet N Sassy-Be There at 8:30 am -Auditorium
compete Music and me @ 9:29 am
compete RESPECT @ 9:57am
Pewees-BE There @ 7:45 am-Auditorium
compete I hope you dance@ 8:23 am
compete Sea cruise @ 8:43 am Quick change!!!!
Minis Be there @8:30 -Auditorium
compete prayer of the children@ 9:29
compete what I like about you @ 10:45
Diamonds Be There @7:30 am-Auditorium
compete Imagine @ 8:23
compete Oh so quiet @9:10
All morning , Mini age category(sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, and Diamonds) and Mini overall high point Awards @ 12:30 - Gym

For the teams below please meet in the practice room located on the north side of the gym upstairs behind the bleachers!
Dynamite be there 8:15 -*update*
compete I believe @ 9:09 -Meet in Auditorium foyer
compete 50's mix @ 11:47 -Meet in Gym
Extreme be there @ 10:00-Gymnasium
compete hero@ 10:51
compete I'm yours @ 11:47
Celebration be there @ 9:00-Gymnasium
compete cotton eye joe @ 10:00
compete Hold your had @ 11:00
Stars be there 10:15-Gymnasium
compete power of a Dream @ 11:13
compete mercy @ 1:30
Expressions be there @12:15-Gymnasium
compete Top of the world @1:13
compete Life is a highway @4:25
Energy be there @1:10-Gymnasium
compete I got nothing left @2:09
compete Rich mans world @ 4:55
Jr. Elite be there @ 9:15-Gymnasium
compete Witch Doctor @ 10:12
Compete Never Alone @ 1:44
Sr. Elite be there @4:20-Gymnasium
compete Rock your soul @ 5:18
compete wild party @ 5:55

remaining team Awards, junior and teen High point awards@ 6:00 -Gym

It is not mandatory to stay for awards but is always fun!


  1. Hey Misty, Do we have a time yet for when the girls are performing at Disneyland? I have family and friends that live in California that would like to come watch her.

  2. Hey Misty,

    It looks like the Diamonds are going to be performing in the mini's again this year? Just curious, let me know!

  3. Yes, Debbie I talked to Misty this morning and they are competing amateur intermediate in minis.

  4. do you think that will that be the same for st george then?

  5. your talking about the Mini category right? I have no idea. Hopefully I will know within the next few days!