Friday, June 19, 2009

Congratulations 2009-2010 Ultimate Dance Competition Team Members!

Congratulations to Everyone who is on Ultimate Dances 2009-2010 Competition Teams! We have so many exciting plans and routines for this coming year! We are excited to see everyone Excel and are looking forward to another great competition Season in the spring!
Please be Advised that the following teams will not necessarily be competing in the same level as last year. Levels will be determined after choreography is learned! Please remember that Competition teams are a full dance year commitment and there are extra costs such as travel to St. George and other competitions which are mandatory!
*If you are placed on a team and you know you will not be able to participate please let Misty know ASAP.
Also, If you tried out and do not see your name, Please contact Misty.
*If you were on a competition Team Last year and missed tryouts and would like to compete this year please contact Misty.
Reminder ***Early Bird Discount For Tuition Ends JULY 15TH********
I will be in the office June 23rd -26th from 9-1 if you would like to come pay your tuition
Costume Fees will be due on October 1st and Competition Fees will be due November 1st this year!
Sweet n Sassy=Monday 5:00-6:00
Lexi Rogers
Kelsey Tippetts
Marisa Gear
Emma Byrd
Ashtyn Hansen
Sianna Shakespear
Sydney Derieg
Ester Waddell
Genae Jarrett
Juliet Casper
Katie Shunn
Sara Murphy

Pewees- Wednesday 5-6
McKenzie Metcalf
Bennett Petersen
Katie Baertsch
Hope Knorr
Megan Dobson
Emily Hawkes
Alyssa Hayes
Sariah Geertsen
Kayla Gunn
Rylee Berkley
Halle Gleaves
Gracee Barnes

Minis=Wednesday 6-7
Jazmin Godfrey
Alyssa Hazard
Alexa Smith
Aniston Jeppson
Paige Anderson
Alyse Johannessen
Hailey Smith
Jada Garza
Allie Wendel
Hanna Reid
Mia Hampton
Ashlin Loftus

Diamonds =Monday 5-6 & Wednesday 4-5
Jalen Gleaves
Madison Evans
Teriesa Ballard
Josie Bassett
Morgan Sherwood
Jacee Peterson
Madeleine Cunningham
Anna Berkley
Jasmine Parker
JoJo Petersen
Jessi Bradbury

Sr. Elite-Tuesday 4-6 & Wednesday4-5
Jasmine Salomone
Haylee Schoonover
Maddie Beck
Maddie Seegmiller
Brittney Dulle
Taylor Miller
Brecca Bastian
Kailee rose
Alisha Swain

Sr. Ultimate-Tuesday 5-7 & Wednesday 5-6
Mckell Finch
Cristen Davis
Whitney Swain
Hailey Nosack
McKenna Morris
Taylor Seegmiller
Katie Foote
Kamber Hopkins

Stars-Monday 3-5 &Wednesday 7-8
Allyson Van Valkenburgh
Riley Robertson
Vanessa Melena
Megan Hibbert
Dylainy Hansen
Deliliah Stutz
Lauren Pearson
Kaylee Kohler
Jordan Seegmiller
Baylie Herbert
Rylee Kohler
Tiny Madsen (Victoria)
Expressions =Thursday 6-8
Cherity Couchman
McKensie Elison
Morge Miner
Abby Beal
Madison Fiser
Makinsey Gardner
Kylee Hazard
Ansley Beck
Julianna Smith
Becca Snider

Jr. Elite =Tuesday 6-8 &Monday 6-7
Kylie Buchanan
Kelsey Bond
Kaitlyn Bott
Abbie Stockman
Tylar Hansen
Alyssa Bacon
Kyra Geertsen
Kaycee Chamberlain
Alexandra Degn
McCall Funk
Mallory Ferkovich
Makelle Mooring
Kennedy Ericksen

Energy=Tuesday 7-9
Starli Meyer
Jolie Anderson
Christina Crum
Jessica Jensen
Sloan Orejana
Kaitlyn Rose
Rhea Bytendorp
Jadalyn Adamson
Jessica Montgomery
Katie Anderson
Kennedy Neathery
Sabrina Spens
Meleah Hepworth
Shaylee Brown

Dynamite= Monday 6-7 & Tuesday 4-5
Keeli Shakespear
Meghann Smith
Brinley Watkins
Taite Hudson
Bailee Miner
Samantha Nance
Eliza Waddell
Makayla Shattuck
Averie Dunyon
Aurie Gatherum
Lexi Bergman

Celebration =Thursday 5-7
Samantha Westwood
Brookelle Shakespear
Lynsea Hayes
Chelsea Hayes
Mackenzie Ekblad
Chloe Byrd
Jayde Pearson
Ashleigh Marshall
Jessica Buxton
Samantha Sanderson
Extreme=Thursday 4-6
Shadie Davis
Britney Shunn
Tatum Bates
Sloan Riding
Becca Baertch
Allison Furse
Taylor Nonnenmacher
Rylee Marrott
Hannah Smith
Kyra Poduska
Kodi Steele
Shelby Bond
Bridget Beal

Excite-Monday 4-5 & You are required to take at least 1 other Ballet Class. Preferrably 2. Talk to Misty to decide what day and time for Ballet!
Emma Waddell
Kennedy Yates
Kaisha Rose
Reagan Madsen
Kortney Buchannan
Rachel Doyle
Hanna Price

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  1. Thanks Misty!!!! You are an awesome lady to have done a private try out for me! i am so glad i made it!!!!!!!!

    ~Meleah Hepworth~

  2. Hey Mistie just wondering what time dance camp starts on monday morning, I've forgotton.

  3. When does dance start in the fall? I can't remember what you said. Thanks for making me only drive in one day. Rylee is very excited. Carrie

  4. The last monday of August is when fall session starts! Mistie camp doesnt start til tuesday morning! Check the website for times Meleah your very welcome!

  5. hey misty, sorry to bug ya, but did you get those black gore shoes ordered? we just have to have them by drill camp and i'd feel terrible if they didn't get here in time, since my friend already paid for them.

  6. Hey there is no Sydnie Poulsen. Just checking?!

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