Friday, June 5, 2009

Pony Express Parade!

Reminder Pony Express Parade is Saturday June 6th. If you want to dance in the parade (must be 8 or older) meet at the dance studio at 8 AM to learn your parade routine. If you just want to ride in the trailer meet us at Hidden Hollow Elementary school no later than 9:30! Please either wear your dance costume or Warmups! The parade starts at the Elementary school follows Pony Express Parkway and Ends at Smith Ranch Road at the Church right there. You can pick up your child at the Church!

If you want to bring candy to throw feel free! Please remember you dont have to be on a competition team to be in the parade, this is for everyone! This should be fun! If you need me I do have my phone again you can call me at 801-718-6900!

Thanks to the Davis' for driving us in the parade and letting us use their truck and trailer!

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