Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stadium of Fire practices!

Please dont forget the Mandatory Stadium of Fire Practices coming up! It is next week I cant believe it!
Wednesday June 24th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 1:00

Thursday June 25th
Junior Dancers 9:00
Main Dancers 1:00
Rehearsal Schedule for July 2,3,4th…..
July 2nd.
Junior Dancers 4:00-7:00pm N. Practice Field “I’m Alive”
Main Dancers 7:00-10:00pm N. Practice Field “I’m Alive”
July 3rd
Main Dancers 6:45am-11:30am N. Practice Field - both routines
Junior Dancers 7:45am-11:30am N. Practice Field – both routines
Main & Juniors 1:15pm-3:30pm N. Practice Field – FIRE
Main & Juniors 5:15pm-7:30pm BYU Stadium (come in costume)
Main & Juniors 8:00pm-11:00pm DRESS REHEARSAL @ BYU Stadium
July 4th
Main Dancers 6:45am-12:00noon BYU Stadium (final rehearsal)
Juniors Dancers 7:45am-12:00noon BYU Stadium (final rehearsal)
ALL Dancers 6:15pm SHOW Call time – meet in portals for roll call
Must be TOTALLY ready – costume, prop(s), make-up, hair, attitude!!!BYU has replaced their football field with brand new grass and astro-turf. Thus they are being extremely protective of this new field. We are only allowed limited time on the actual performance field, but we have a fantastic “practice field” that we are able to use. The “practice field” is located just north of BYU’s stadium at: 2230 N Canyon Rd. (between Canyon Rd. and University Ave.) - Provo, UT.There will be parking available on the South or East sides of the “practice field”. The parking is limited, so only directors will be able to park and stay. Parent helpers may have to park a block away, but there is plenty of near-by parking lots that will be available to use.Please Remember to bring snacks, and drinks (maybe Gatorade or something) Water will be available. Wear lots of sunscreen!When you are on the practice field only Sneakers allowed. When you are on the stadium field only Gore shoes are allowed. Please remember you need tan tights and tan shoes!

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