Monday, August 10, 2009

Competition Team Info for 2009-2010

Ultimate Dance Etc. Competition Teams
Information and Fees for the 2009-2010 year

Here are a few dates, fees and due dates for the upcoming competition season so that you can plan ahead!

*Fall session Begins Monday August 31st
*Mandatory Competition Parents Meeting Tuesday September 8th at 8:00 for
Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Company, and Energy , Diamonds, and Stars.
*Mandatory competition Parents Meeting Monday Sept 14th at 7:00 for
Sweet n Sassy, Pewees, Minis, Dynamite, Extreme, Excite, Celebration, and Expressions.

All of the meetings will be at the Dance Studio! This meeting is very important for I have lots of information, and we will also vote on our optional performance trips! I will also have all of the dates of the competitions for the spring!

Tuition is due by the first day of class. Please remember you can still get a ½ month free and no registration fee if you pay for the whole session. I will be in the office on August 18-20 from 10-11 or the week after from 10-12 if you need to come pay tuition! Here are the prices for the teams for the whole fall session if you have not paid tuition yet. This is with the discount.
1hour classes $140 (sweet n sassy, pewees, minis)
2hour classes$225 (dynamite, diamonds, extreme, celebration, Excite, Energy,Expressions)
3hour classes$280(stars, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Company)

Competition Fees for 2009-2010 $140 for the Year. 5 competition 2 dances each. Due on November 1st!

Costume Fees for 2009-2010
Sweet n sassy, Minis, Pewees, and Diamonds- $80/year
All other teams- $90/ year
This is for 2 costumes that are used many times! Due October 1st!

*You will need to buy tights, and dance shoes when it comes to competition time. I will let you know what colors and style after I have chosen the costumes! Tights run between $7-$10 and Shoes run between $14-$20.

*It is absolutely mandatory that your dancer comes to their ballet class in black leotards and pink or white tights. They must also have Pink Ballet shoes and have their hair pulled all they way back. There is no way that the instructor can give them proper critique if they can’t see dancers lines and muscles. If the dancer does not come to ballet in proper dance attire they will be asked to sit out and watch.
St. George Competition-Please remember it is mandatory for all competition Dancer to attend the St. George Competition. Hotels, Transportation and Food are at your own cost!

Here are some other estimated Optional costs and opportunities for the dancers these costs are on the high end:
*Warm ups jacket and bottoms $70-We are getting brand new warm-ups this year they are poly-cotton and the logo and names are embroidered!
*Garment bags- $15
*Stadium of fire performance- $120 (in July)
*Summer slam dance camp in Idaho-$250 (in July or August) This includes Hotel for 3 night, 3 days of Dance classes from professionals, Breakfast, Lunch and Transportation.


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