Saturday, December 26, 2009

Competition News!

Message from Misty
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break! Now its time to work, work, work! We have less than 8 weeks til our first competition. For those of you who it is your first year on Competition, this is when things get crazy busy. It is absolutely critical that the dancers do not miss any practices from here on out. Even with one person missing it is really hard to have a 100% successful practice. It was your choice to let your daughter tryout for the team so please be responsible in making sure that they don’t miss class! If we all work together I know we will be as successful if not more as the past 7 years competing! Thanks you for all of your support!

All of the costumes have been ordered and some have already arrived! I will be sending them home with those who have paid all of their costume, competition, and tuition fees! I will have them try them on during class to make sure they fit like I want them to. Please do not let the dancers play dress up in their costumes for we want them to be in tip top shape for performances. Please put them in a safe place for I will not be able to order another one if you are missing a part of your costume.

I am still missing some costume, competition, and tuition fees. These are all over due! Please pay them immediately or your dancer may be spaced out of their dance and will not be able to compete. Thank you so much to those who have paid on time or have made payment arrangements with me. I really appreciate your responsibility!

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
Please mark your calendar for these rehearsal dates. It is critical that everybody is there so that we can use the whole dance studio and space the dances as if they were on a stage! Parents may attend if they would like. Parents are encouraged to come for the younger dancers so that they will have help to change their costumes. Dress rehearsal means full costume including hair, make up, tights, shoes etc. Please come in your Jazz costume first.

Saturday February 20th at the dance studio
8:00 Sweet n Sassy 10:00 Extreme
8:30 Pewees 10:30 Dynamite
9:00 Diamonds 11:00 Excite
9:30 Minis 11:30 Stars
Tuesday February 23rd (There will be no Technique this day)
5:00 Sr. Elite
6:00 Ultimate Company
7:00 Jr. Elite
8:00 Energy
Thursday February 25th (There will be no Ballet this day for competition teams)
5:00 Celebration
6:00 Expressions
Please read both sides of this note!

Mandatory Competitions
Here is a reminder of all of the competitions that we will be attending this year as well as the address! Please remember ALL OF THE COMPETITIONS ARE MANDATORY! I will not receive lineups or times until the week before the competition. As soon as I receive them I will post them on the blog . so please check frequently for last minute updates and information.
Most competitions do charge an admission fee at the door usually $5 or $6, so please be prepared for that.(I know, I think it is absolutely ridiculous as well.) The Thanksgiving point competition this year will have FREE Admission! Yay!
Most solos are on Friday nights and most team dances are on Saturdays. These usually take up the whole day so please keep these specific Saturdays clear from other activities. It is not mandatory to stay for awards, but it is so much fun for the girls. So, if you can attend the awards ceremony please do!

February 26th-27th= Thanksgiving Pointe Competition in Lehi
March 19th-20th= Spring Fling Competition @Timpview High School 3570 N Timpview Drive Provo, Utah
March 26th-27th= Ultimate Expressions Competition @ Dixie High School 350 E 700 S St. George Utah (plan on staying over at least on Friday night for competition starts very early) I have rooms blocked out at La quinta and Holiday Inn. If you would like to stay there tell them you are with Ultimate Dance to get the group rate. Call soon!
April16th-17th= Competitive Edge Competition @ Northridge High School 2430 N 400W Layton, Utah
May 14th-15th=Nationals Championships @ Lagoon Amusement Park Farmington Utah

Shoes and Tights
I will be ordering shoes and tights on Friday January 15th. All tan shoes and tights must be ordered through us so that they will be the same color. Black and white attire can be bought wherever. I sell them to you at the wholesale price. If you do not have Revolution brand tights and tan shoes you must order some in the office before Friday January 15th.
Tights =$7
Gore shoes=$20
Foot undeez= $18
I will be listing on the blog what each team is required to have.

Thank you for your continued support!


  1. Hey Misty, when is the first day of the spring semester?

  2. misty i miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much!

  3. Deb we start on the 4th of Jan!
    Hailey we miss you too! Good Luck to you and the Westlake Storm this coming saturday! I will be there to watch!

  4. Will you be having classes on Martin Luther King day, and President Day?