Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ultimate Dance Competition Newsletter

It’s Competition Time!!!

It’s here again, My favorite time of year! Competition Time! All 14 of our teams have been working so hard and it’s almost time for all of their hard work to pay off! Please Read thoroughly through this note and keep it on your fridge so that you can refer back to it!!! Please Remember all Competitions are MANDATORY!!  I usually do not receive times for competitions til 7 days before. So please check every day on our blog and please become a fan on our ultimate Dance Etc. facebook page so that you are always in the know and don’t miss out on any important information!!!!

There must be absolutely no Absences from here on out! We are in our crucial time of cleaning dances. If dancers miss unexcused they may be spaced out of their dances and there are no refunds!!!


Most of the costumes have already been tried on and passed out! There are still a few that are coming and they will be passed out within the next few weeks! We have tried on all outfits to make sure they fit how they are supposed to. If they are not right I have called the parents and we have fixed the problem! If you have not been called then your dancers costumes fit the way they are supposed to! Please keep these costumes in a safe place and don’t allow the dancers to play dress up in them til after spring recital!


I sent out a list of dates for competitions back in September and nothing has changed! Here is the list again just as a reminder!

February 23rd –Thanksgiving Point –Free Admission

March 16th-Salt Lake community College-There is an admission charge at the door for parents/familyL

March 23rd-Dixie High School, St. George Utah-Free admission

April 27th-Spanish Fork High School, Spanish Fork-Free admission

May 4th-Lagoon, Farmington Utah-There is an admission charge at the door for parents/familyL

*May 18th-Spring Recital*

Shoes, Tights and Dress Rehearsal

Shoes and tights were not included in your costume Fees and must be purchased for competition! Below you will find a list of what each team needs!Gold High tops, Silver High Tops, Tan Gore Shoes, and Tan Tights must be purchased in the office so that everyone has the same color tan! If you don’t know how to do a sock bun please watch it on Youtube!

Sweet n Sassy- Dress Rehearsal-Tuesday February 19th 4:00 pm. Need white tights, Pink ballet shoes, Tan stirrup tights, and tan Gore shoes. Hair sides up curly

Pewees-Dress Rehearsal –Monday February 18th 5:00 pm. Need white footless tights, Tan Stirrup tights and Tan Gore shoes. Hair Curly Bun

Dynamite Dress Rehearsal-Tuesday February 20th 4:30 pm. Need Tan Stirrup tights and Tan Gore Shoes. Hair Curly Bun, white tights, and pink ballet shoes

Diamonds Monday February 18th 6:00pm.  Need Tan stirrup tights, Tan Gore Shoes, White footless tights hair curly Bun

Stars Dress Rehearsal-Wednesday February 19th 7:30-Need Tan Stirrup tights. nude foot undeez, Tan Gore Shoes. Hair curly Bun

Mini co.Dress Rehearsal Monday February 18th 6:30 pm. Need nude foot undees, Tan stirrup tights, hair Sock bun, and fake eyelashes.

Jr. prep: Dress rehearsal Thursday February 14th- 4:00- Tan Gore shoes, Nude foot undeez, Tan Stirrup tights, Hair Bangs pulled back, slick low curled pony, Fake eyelashes.

Energy-Dress rehearsal Thursday February 14th 5:00-Tan Stirrup tights, Silver High Tops, hair Curly bun, Fake eyelashes

Elite Prep-Dress Rehearsal Thursday February 14th 6:00-Tan Stirrup tights, Gold high tops , Hair in Sock bun, fake eyelashes

Jr. Co-Dress Rehearsal Monday February 18th-5:30-Tan Stirrup tights, nude foot undeez, Hair in sock bun, Fake eyelashes

Jr. Elite Dress Rehearsal Tuesday February 19th  7:00-Tan Stirrup tights,  Foot paws, Hair in Sock Bun, Fake eyelashes

Sr. Elite Dress Rehearsal Tuesday February 19th 8:00-Tan Stirrup tights, foot paws, Hair in Sock Bun, Fake eyelashes

Sr. Co Dress Rehearsal Tuesday February 19th  5:00 Tan Stirrup tights, foot undeez, hair in sock bun fake eyelashes

Ultimate Co-Dress Rehearsal Tuesday February 19th 6:00 Foot undeez, Sock Bun for Jazz,

Please Note these other important dates:

Monday January 21st-No Classes-Martin Luther King Day

 There will be no competition Ballet and Jazz classes Thursday February 14th               

Monday February 18th-No Regular classes (except assigned Dress Rehearsals)-Presidents Day!

There will be no Technique Classes Tuesday February 19th


Price List for shoes, and tights:  All orders must be made in the office before February 1st!!!!

Foot undeez or Foot paws-$18

*Silver or Gold High Tops-$25

*Tan Gore Shoes-$20

*Tan Stirrup Tights-$7

 White footless tights you can buy at walmart or target!  I believe they are around $4

*This item can only be purchased through Ultimate Dance. They must all be the same exact brand/style

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  1. For the Stars dress rehearsal it says Wed. Feb it on tue or wed?