Sunday, January 6, 2013

We're Back!!!!!

Dance Starts this Week!!!!!

I need to know who is going to Disneyland, How many tickets you need and payment for the Tickets by January 15th!!

Competition Fees Are wayyyyyyy over due!!! I must have those turned in this week or there will be a late fee!!!

6 Weeks til Competition!!!

Storm Night Thursday Jan 10th be there at 6:30
Senior Company and Jr. Company be sure to bring your costumes this week for dress rehearsal for Storm night! We are doing Walk away and Never Alone. Hair in sock bun!

Mini Co. Bring your lyrical Costume from last year! Hair in Sock Bun

Ultimate Co. ....Angels bring your red costume and Tosh and Kyra find a costume that fits your Character. Tosh and Kennedy please bring your props!

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