Sunday, May 12, 2013

come proofread recital Program..Make sure your dancers name is spelled correctly

Preliminary Recital Program will be hung on the wall at the Studio. If you care that your dancers name is spelled right or if they are in the correct show or even on the program please come and look at the program and correct anthing wrong. If it is wrong on the final program and you did not come in to look at it...well then its not my fault! Big Busy Week ahead of us!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Fall Non competitive Classes...Registration open May 6th

2013 Fall Non Competitive Classes
8:30-9:15 3yr Ballet/tap
9:15-10 3-4yr Ballet/Tap
2:15-3:00 3-4 yr Ballet/Tap
3:00-4:00 5-7 yr Ballet/Jazz
5:00-6:00 5-7yr Ballet/Jazz
5:00-6:00 8yr+ Ballet/Jazz
9:00-9:45 3-4 yr Ballet/tap
9:45-10:30 4yr Ballet/Tap level 2
3:15-4:00 4yr Ballet/Tap Level 2
5:00-6:00 7-11yrs Ballet/Jazz Level 2
6:00-7:00 5-7 yrs Ballet/Jazz
7:00-8:00 7-10yrs Hip HOp
8:00-9:00 11 yrs+ Hip Hop

If you are 12+ and in Intermediate or Advanced please talk to Misty
*Tuition must be paid at time of Registration to hold dancers spot
*Tuition is non refundable