Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disneyland Performance!

The Votes are in and the results are..... Disneyland. We will work for the cruise again maybe next year! We will be going the week of spring Break hopefully performing on that wednesday. I need to send in the audition video but first I need to know how many performers are planning on going. Please discuss this with your family and see if this is something that your dancer will be able to attend. I will have a sign up list in the office. If you are planning on making this very fun performance trip please put your dancers name on the sign up list before October 20th!
Last year the tickets were
$104-2day park Hopper
$134-4 day

I am hoping they will still be the same this year. If not I am sure it will be close.
I only need to know how many performers are going at this time. I dont need to know how many family and friends are going til probably Jan. or Feb. This is such a fun trip and a Great Experience for the girls! All Competition Teams are invited!

Please remember All Costume, Warmup, and bag fees are due this week!!!!!! I will not order your warmups if you have not paid yet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warm-ups, Hip hop Workshop, and Costumes Fees Due by Oct 1!

Thanks to everyone who attended the parents meetings!
Just a reminder that I am sending in the orders for Warmups on Oct. 1st. I will not order your warmups unless I have been paid. Also, Fees for the Hip HOp Workshop and Costumes are due by October 1st!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



I will be having a vote on our optional performance trip this spring. We are planning either Disneyland or a Cruise. Here are the prices and Itinerary for the cruise that you can look over to see if that is something your family would want to do.

CRUISE 4 Night 5 day Ensenada

May 31st Inside Cabin 3or 4th person Outside Cabin 3or 4th person
Approx $375/person Approx $260/person Approx $430/person Approx $300/person

June 7th Approx $ 425/Person Approx $320/person Approx $ 475/person Approx $375/person

These prices are estimated with taxes but not gratuity
These prices include all meals, 24 hour of eating, lodging, Camp Carnival for the kids, and Entertainment on the ship! $150 Deposit/person would be due by October 5th.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2010 Competition Dates!

Ok so I finally got dates for competitions! That is if they dont change them like they did last year! I made sure that none of them were over conference or Spring Break. We are doing a few new competitions this year for that reason. All Competitions are mandatory for all Teams. Please Mark your calendars for these dates;
February 25th-Solos,duets,and trios Thanksgiving pointe, Lehi
February 26th&27th-some solos, and All Teams.- Thanksgiving Pointe, Lehi(The majority of teams will bo on the 27th.
March 19th-Solos, duets, and trios-Spring Fling @ Timpview High school, Provo
March 20th-All Teams-Spring Fling @ Timpview High School, Provo
March 26th-Solos, duets, and trios-Ultimate Expression-Dixie High School, St. George
March 27th-All Teams-Ultimate Expression-Dixie High School, St. George
April 16th-Solos, duets, and trios-Competitive Edge-Northridge High School, Layton
April 17th-All Teams-Competitive Edge-Northridge High School, Layton
May 14th-Solos, duets, and trios-Dance Nationals-Lagoon, Farmington
May 15th-All Teams-Dance Nationals-Lagoon, Farmington

I have booked 50 rooms at the Holiday Inn for $92/night and I have also booked 50 rooms at the La Quinta for $74/night. If you want to stay at either one of these hotels you can call and let them know you are with Ultimate Dance and you can get this special rate! Please be advised that we have 150 dancers going to st. George so please dont wait til March to book these rooms for they will be gone.

The Holiday Inn $92/night has an indoor pool and hot tub and has a restaraunt on site, I think kids eat free!

La Quinta $74/night is really nice just brand new last year. They have a free hot breakfast w/ waffles, eggs, etc. They have an outdoor pool and an outdoor hot tub.

You do not have to stay at these hotels. You can make your own accommodation. These are just the ones I like and they gave us a really good group rate. This is the peak season for st. George so Hotels are usually well over $100/night.

Please remember You will want a room for friday night for sure and maybe saturday night if you are competiting in the 9 and older teams! Please fit this into your budget now, it is still 6 months away and is super fun and Mandatory for all dancers!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chairity garage sale, carwash and 5 k Run!

Garage Sale and carwash
September 12th 9am-1pm@ Ultimate Dance Etc. Studios
Carwash @ Walgreens
5K Run
The McKenna 5K run/walk/bike race
If anyone can beat Leukemia twice, McKenna can!
October 10th 2009
Harvest Hills Park
Saratoga Springs, UT

Register at McKennacan.com
To read her story go to McKennacan.blogspot.com
If you dont like to run you can just donate by going on her website!