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Stadium of Fire Dancers

Ok so here is an email that stadium of fire sent to me so I will just relay it on to you. Please read thoroughly so that your dancer is prepared!
SOF Dancer Important Information:
REHEARSALS - Make sure your dancers are ON TIME for roll call at EVERY rehearsal.
July 1 & 2nd will be on the N. practice field (Canyon Rd. 1230 N.)
July 2 (evening dress rehearsal) & July 3rd rehearsal will be at the BYU stadium.
a. Dancers need to wear - Tennis shoes and knee pads (or something else to cover their knees) for all rehearsals on the north practice field. We will be practicing on Astroturf and it is extremely HOT and will BURN their feet and their knees if they don’t wear something to protect them. Gore boots will melt on the Astroturf, so it needs to be tennis shoes!!!! Bring you tan gore boot to wear for dress rehearsal and for the morning rehearsal on July 3rd at BYU stadium.
b. Shade!! Parent helpers should be prepared with their own shade canopies to keep themselves and your dancers in the shade during breaks, etc… We will have some sandbags to help anchor the canopies down (NO STAKES can be used – only weights or sandbags).
c. Drinks & Snacks!! We will have a constant flow of cold water available for the dancers all day during our rehearsals, however, I encourage you to bring Gatorade/Powerade type drinks to keep the dancers’ electrolytes balanced throughout the long rehearsals. Healthy snacks are also great – FRUIT is best. Just remember that anything we bring in, MUST be taken out with us – NO GARBAGE left behind!!!
d. Blankets/Chairs – Bring your own blankets and chairs to sit in under your shade canopies.
e. SUNSCREEN – please be sure your dancers are well protected from the sun!! We run the risk of heat stroke and painful sunburns if the dancers aren’t taking precautions to protect themselves. It’s no fun dancing with a bad sunburn – PAINFUL!! L

PROPS – You should all have your props by now (if not please call Lori at 330-701-0802). Junior wings: Please duct tape the ends of your sticks before you put them into the wings. Sew the opening closed once your put your sticks into them. Trim the length of the wings according to the height of the dancer. The wings should NOT be longer than the Achilles tendon on the back of the dancers’ leg. I don’t want any dancers tripping on their wing props. Main Dancer “Ball” prop: Be sure to pump up your balls up so they are totally full and DO NOT LOSE THE PLUGS for the balls. We don’t have extra and you’d have to buy a whole new ball to get another plug. Also, these balls are difficult to find due to the color and we don’t have extra, so be very careful with these!!! To transport the balls easily – you may need to deflate them about ½ half way and then we’ll have a compressor at the rehearsals to blow them up all the way, but make sure they are blown up at least ½ way before arriving to rehearsals. ARRIVE EARLY to allow time to blow up the balls so we can start rehearsals on time!!! Main Dancer “Flag” prop: Be sure your flags are not twisted and that they are tightly affixed to the poles. Don’t get the stars dirty – keep them looking WHITE!!!

COSTUMES – Your costumes will be able to be picked up on July 1st during your rehearsal time at the N. practice field. Keep a director with your dancers and then you or your assistant can go pick up all the costumes for your dancers including your hairpiece, tights ordered and/or shoes ordered. Your SOF director shirts and any tanks or t-shirts ordered will also be there at the practice field. Be sure your dancers don t forget to bring any of their own items from home that they’ll need for dress rehearsal on the night of July 2nd.
COSTUME is…… Girl dancers both Main and Junior: Red metallic HOT Shorts with tan tights under them and tan gore shoe. Red and Silver/White top worn with a white spaghetti strap tank/camesol under it (the back of these tops are slightly see-thru).
Silver Sequin/White hair pieces will be worn like a head band and tied underneath your pony tail. You will need lots of bobby pins to hold the hair piece in place.
Boy dancers will wear Red Shiny Basketball shorts with a fitted short sleeve lycra shirt to coordinate with what the girls wear, but with out the “glitz”. Boys need to wear either the tan gore shoe or plain white or gray sneakers. No bright colors or black shoes please.
HAIR …… Girls need to pull their hair back into a SLICKED low pony tail – no curl, just straight and clean looking. No wispies – lots of gel and hair spray!!! Bobby pins to hold hair and headband in place. The headband hair piece will tie in a knot underneath the pony tail and have approx. 4 inches of fabric left hanging there. Boys hair should look nice and professional – keep hair out of face!!
MAKE-UP….. Performance make-up for everyone – Whatever you’re used to doing for competition including FAKE eyelashes and nice rich/dark colors for eyes, cheeks, and lips. (you will NOT need to wear make-up for dress rehearsal, but you will need to be in FULL costume and hair pulled back into pony tail).

WRISTBANDS – you should all have received your wristbands by now. Be careful with these!! The Blue ones are for dancers and directors. These ARE your tickets into the show!! The yellow wristbands are for any “helpers” you choose to bring with you to rehearsals, but these will not get your “helpers” into the show. You do not need to use your yellow wristbands if you choose not to, and I suggest you choose your “helpers” wisely!! Your helpers should help to keep our rehearsal running smoothly and HELP you rather than “baby” the dancers or hinder are rehearsalsJ. You understand what I saying here – right?!
“Helper” Responsibilities are: Keep dancers focused and on task during the long rehearsals!! Keep the dancers re-applying their sunscreen. “Spray” the dancers down with water every once in a while without causing a distraction to the rehearsal. Make sure the dancers use the restroom on breaks (the dancers may not feel like they need to, but this actually helps their bodies to not overheat and get “heatstroke”- learned this from the EMT guysJ). Clean up any and ALL garbage. Help keep track of the dancers’ props. Help transport dancers to and from rehearsal ON TIME!!!
Director Responsibilities are: Know the SOF routine inside and out including ALL the Charts and how the dancers should move to get to each formation. Help down on the field and with dancers getting to know exactly where they need to go and on what count they should move! Be sure your dancers are ON TIME FOR ROLL CALL!! Provide a positive, helpful, and respectful atmosphere for everyone involved with the show. Set an appropriate example for your dancers to follow – don’t try to bend the rules or do things that you know are not allowed or considered professional and appropriate for this show. NO ONE is allowed in the VIP seating area or in the SOUTH area of the stadium. During the show – NO ONE leaves the field EXCEPT those main dancers who have “ball” props and yourselves!! Ball props will be carried off the field and to our “prop storage” area under the WEST bleachers (same place as last year). Directors will collect the “Flags” from the main dancers and the “Wings” from the junior dancers and take them to the “prop storage” area. Everyone must then return to the field and sit in your designated area with the rest of your group to enjoy the show and prepare for our FINALE number following Carrie Underwoods’ concert. Directors must be in their Navy Blue SOF shirt and/or navy blue Directors shirt and will ALL need to participate in the FINALE number with your dancersJ If you have a Navy blue shirt of your own to wear then that’s fine. WE just need to look professional and uniform down on the field.
Dancers’ Responsibilities are: All dancers MUST come to rehearsals prepared and ready to work hard!!! NO WHINING!!! Positive attitudes and well rehearsed so that we can move smoothly through the routine and the charting!! The routine should be PERFECTLY cleaned and SHARP!!! Once dancers are done with their SOF performance, they need to sit quietly in their designated “seating chart” area on the field. Dancers may NOT stand up and jump around during the show, but they are welcome to be on their knees and “bounce” around and have fun. NO tumbling or “partner stunts/piggy backs/etc….”. If the dancers need a bathroom break during the show, Directors need to escort them out through the Northwest or Northeast portals and accompany them to the restroom.
SOF Dvd’s – You have until the end of this month to Pre-order your amazing SOF DVD’s at the discount rate of $20/each. These DVD’s are so fun for th dancers to have. They are priceless to have as a memory of your kids’ involvement with this AWESOME SHOW!! We will have fun montages of rehearsals, exciting photos, camera views/angles from all three sides of the stadium during the show, AND the TV coverage all put onto this fun SOF Dancer DVD!!! I’ve attached the order form to the email for you. Anything postmarked after June 30th will be $30 instead of $20 per dvd!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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