Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NO CLASS TODAY!!!! or the rest of the week!

Hi everyone!
So According to KSL they say the storm is going to be really bad tonight. They said they suggest people don't go on the roads after about 4pm. Therefore, I am going to Cancel all dance classes tonight. If you would like to make up a class you may attend any of the Ballet, or Technique classes next week! I will feel bad if the storm really isnt that bad.....but I will feel worse if it is as bad as they say and people are driving on unsafe roads and the chance of an accident. The last big storm we had I had students til 2 am and it was really scary! Please Spread the Word to anyone you know that has dance tonight!! Thanks for your understanding and sorry for any inconvienence!

Please remember there are no classes Wed or Thurs either due to Thanksgiving Break!

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay Safe!

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