Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final Line up for Northridge March 19th

Northridge Competition March 19th @ Northridge High School in Layton

Sweet N Sassy be there at 8:15 in ballet costume
Pewees be there at 8:15 in ballet Costume
Minis be there at 8:45 in Lyrical costume
Diamonds be there 8:45 in Lyrical

Awards at 12:30

Extreme be there 1:00 in Jazz costume
Celebration be there 12:30 in Jazz Costume
Elite prep be there at 9:15 in Jazz costume
Expressions be there 1:00 Jazz costume
Sr. Elite be there 9:30 in Jazz costume
Ultimate Co. be there 12:15 in Lyrical costume
Energy be there 1:15 in Jazz costume
Stars be there 1:45 in Jazz Costume
Jr. Elite be there 2:00 in lyrical costume

Awards at 3:45

Be sure to bring both costumes. Each teams 2nd dance is really close after their first dance. It takes at least 1hr to get to Northridge High so Please dont be late!!!!!
This will be a fun competition and I know everyone will do Awesome!

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