Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Slam Dance Camp in Idaho!

It's almost the deadline for our Summer Slam Dance Camp in Idaho! I need to start getting numbers on how many are interested in going so I can reserve hotel rooms and register for the camp. This is a very intense dance camp where they learn many dances and techniques and get to perform at the end. There are ribbon and award winning opportunities and our girls learned so much last year! Please let me know ASAP if your dancer is interested in going and don't forget Money is due by June 25th! Here is a list of the prices and what you get!
Cost for camp is $260
*3 nights of Hotel stay (4 to a room)
*3 days of breakfeast
*3 days of Lunch
*2 dance tops (matching for the whole studio)
*3 full days of dancing and intense learning. The camp usually goes from 8:30-5 The first 2 days and til 12 the 3rd day with a performance.
campers gift (given by the dance camp)
If you have questions please call Misty 801-718-6900

So far We have just as many parents as dancers going. I really want each of the dancers to stay at the same hotel because the girls practice together at night and then go swimming in the really big pool and bond together. The price I gave you is if each room had 4 dancers to a room. sooooo, I figured the rooms are about $97 after taxes and stuff. So I figured if there are 2 dancer and 2 moms in each room the moms will need to pay about $44 each to cover the rest of the charges.
Also, The camp charges $20 for the week to be at the camp as a spectator and if you want the catered lunches it is $30 for the week so a total of $50. It is up to you as the mom wether you are going to come and stay and watch or have the catered lunch, but I do need to know by the 25th!

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