Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Competition Time!!!!!

I can't believe its almost here! Our first team competition is 5 weeks away!!! It is absolutely critical that there are no absences from here on out. Please do not let your dancer miss class!!!
If you havent paid your costume and competition fees please do so now!!!!

With competition time also has to come dress Rehearsals! Please note these extra practices for Dress Rehearsal! These practices are Mandatory! they will wear costumes and have hair and makeup done so that we can make sure everyone has the right attire and everyone looks the same! Parents welcome!
Celebration Thursday February 16th 4:00
Expression Thursday February 16th 5:00
Elite prep Thursday February 16th 6:00
Stars Monday February 20th 3:00
Sweet n Sassy Monday February 20th 4:00
Pewees Monday February 20th 5:00
Minis Tuesday February 21st 4:00
Quad Number Tuesday February 21st 5:00
Ultimate Company Tuesday February 21st 5:30
Sr. Elite Tuesday February 21st 6:30
Jr. Elite Tuesday February 21st 7:30
Diamonds Wednesday February 22nd 4:00
Jr. Prep Wednesday February 22nd 7:00
I am aware that February 20th is a holiday but that is the only time that we will have the whole studio space available for a great dress rehearsal! Please be there.
There are no other classes held that day than what are listed above!
On Thursday February 16th and Tuesday February 21st there are No Ballet or technique classes for competition teams!
I am so excited for this competition seaon and the teams are looking awesome! This is going to be a great season!
Jr. Elite I have made the decision that you will wear foot undeez for both dances for it is hard for the tumblers to do their tricks in gore shoes!
Celebration-Please make sure you order your special Hip Hop Shoes ASAP in the office!$30


  1. I also heard that Celebration needs nude colored tights. Is there anything else we are missing besides the shoes and tights other than what we paid for with our costume fees? Any hair accessories? And how much do we need to send for tights, and what are the sizes? Can we order those tights from you next week?

  2. Never mind, we seem to have found our note that was sent home today buried in our dance bag. :) $7 tights. Got it. Thanks!

  3. Do we know yet how the hair is supposed to be. Sorry, if you told the girls none of mine remember. Thanks.

  4. Will we also be doing dress rehearsal for solos those days as well?