Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ultimate Dance November/December Newsletter

Message from Misty

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to have all you as a part of our Ultimate Dance Family and appreciate all of your support!

We will be super busy these next few weeks as our fall session will be coming to an end. Please read through this note thoroughly so that you have all the info that you need! Also, As it is getting colder please make sure your dancers bring home what they bring to the studio (coats, gloves, boots, etc.)

If you have any question please Email me at


Dance Showcase

Here is the performance schedule for the Dance showcase. Please Invite whomever you would like this is a very personable showcase and is held at Ultimate Dance Studio. Each classes showcase will be about 15-20 minutes long.

Monday  December 17th

5:00 Monday 9:30 Ballet/Tap Misty

5:45: Monday 3:00 Ballet/Jazz Michelle

6:30 Wednesday Ballet/Tap  5:00 Michelle          

7:15 Wednesday Ballet/Jazz 6:00 Michelle

8:00 Monday  Ballet/jazz 5:00 8yrs + Michelle

Tuesday December  18th

5:00 Monday 10:30 Ballet/Tap Misty

5:45 Tuesday 9:30 Ballet/Tap Misty

6:30 Tuesday 10:15 Ballet/Tap Misty

7:15 Wednesday 3:25 Ballet/Tap Misty

Wednesday December 19th

5:00 Monday 2:15 Ballet/Tap Misty      

5:45 Monday Ballet/Jazz 5yr-7yr Kristin

6:30 Thursday Hip Hop 7-11yrs 7:00 Kristin

7:15 Thursday Hip Hop 11yrs+ 8:00 Kristin


Disneyland/California Adventure performance

Our Competition Teams have auditioned and been accepted to perform at California Adventures on the”Hollywood Backlot stage” On Tuesday April 2nd. I have a list of people who said they wanted to go, if you are one of those people please put this on your calendar! Hotels and Travel are on your own. Although, I am going to see if I can get some group rates at a couple of the hotels  across from the park! I will send more info later. Because of the new “Cars Land” prices have gone up in general for the parks. Normal prices are $220 for a 3day pass. We will be able to get you a 3day pass for $160, 4day pass for $191, and a 5 day pass for $201. So add up how many tickets you will need so that we can get a count when we get back in January!  This will be during spring break so even if you don’t have a dancer performing and would like to come to Disneyland during spring break let me know and I can get you the group discounted rate!! Please plan on paying for tickets by check or cash! If you would like to use a credit card there is a 5% fee on each order!


Winter/Spring Registration

Registration is now OPEN! All non-competition classes must re-register for the Winter/Spring Session. All competition teams don’t need to re-register but must pay for spring tuition and recital fee!  This is a 5 month session, January-May! Register now and pay tuition in full to receive one month free and no registration fee. Offer Ends December 20th! Recital fee is $10 per dancer and is due at the time of registration. Costume Fees for all non-competition dancers are $40 and Due February 10th! Classes will begin Monday January 7th!

Here is the prices for the early bird discount(1month free and no registration fee + recital fee)

45 min $150

1hour $170

2hour $310

3hour $390

4hour $460

Competition Teams

All Costume Fees are now Over Due! $90 There will be a $10 late fee added to your account Dec. 1st if not paid.

Competition Fees are Due December 1st! $170


  1. Will there be discounted tickets for 1 or 2 day passes?

  2. I will look into that! I am sure there is!

  3. I have realized I am past the early bird discount for my girls compt. team classes. What is the total for 2 hours a week if you missed the early bird?