Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012-2013 Ultimate Dance Competition teams!

Thank you Everyone for coming to Competition Tryouts! We had such a great turnout and such great dancers! We are going to have an amazing year next year! Below is a list of the teams and what time they will come! I have not yet ran this past all of my teachers yet so some may change. I have put a lot of time and energy into my schedule  and into my teams so I hope it all works well for all. I am actually leaving out of town now and will be out of service so please dont try to contact me by phone for I wont be able to answer it! If you have any questions please email me ultimatedanceetc@yahoo.com . I will be back in town on Monday and will be returning emails after then!
Sweet n Sassy Wed 5-6

Tabitha Gerber

London Laws

Audrey Jensen

Ansley Withers

Marissa Jackson

Kaylee Bell

Kamryn George

Monet Geertsen

Jessica Jacobson

Ainslee Nyland

Sabrina Shunn

Pewees Mondays 3-4

Sadie Gatherum

Adalyn Weaver

Paislie Mason

Olivia Cornia

Jackson Weidauer

Madi Laird

Annie Schaugaard

Lizzie Shunn

Kate Mitchell

Brylinn Horsley

Gavin Cornia

Courtney Sabey

Savannah Carpenter

Brooklyn Jackson

Dynamite Wed 4-5

Ayva Stanclift

Anna Johnson

Evia Wadell

Hallie Dangerfield

Meilla Olson

Afton Perry

Anna Jensen

Kylee Holt

Lainy Stenigal

Chloe Shumway

Mckenna Everett

Brylee Rodabough

Mary Gifford

Diamonds Mon 6-8

Morgan Westwood

Chloe Norwood

Hadley Earnshaw

Lina Siddoway

Sarah Murphy

Makaylee Baima

Bella Weaver

Sarah Bullock

Mariah Godfrey

Ashtyn Hansen

Marysa Straw

Cambrie Foster

Hailey Huff

Brooklyn Ward

Stars Mon 4-5 Wed 6-8

Kelsy Tippetts

Ester Waddell

Sydney Dierig

Trianna Jaburek

Mckenlie Perry

Nicole Aguero

Genae Jarrett

Allie Nielsen

Presleigh Corniea

Tyson Weidauser

Katie Shunn

Katelyn Backus

Kayla Freitag

Elizabeth Holt

Mini Co. Mon 6-8 Thurs 4-5

Ashley Randall

Sydni Desmond

Jordyn Johnson

Sydney Johhnson

Ella Shippen

Sariah Geertsen

Sydney Johnson

Lily Bailey

Bailey Johnson

RyLee Rovig

Jr. Prep Tues 6-7 Thurs 4-6

Mattie Taylor

Dominic Weidauer

Mckenna Mrozla

Mckenzie Metcalf

Maizy Pate

Madi Vierig

Allie Wootton

Lindsay Doney

Jazmin Godfrey

Alyssa Hayes

Katie Baertsch

Emily Brinley

Jr. Elite Tues 7-9 wed 6:30-7:30

Ashley Austin

Kayli Odonnell

Makayla Shattuck

Aurie Gatherum

Allison Furse

Delilah Stutz

Kelsey Christensen

Brianna Shumway

Energy Thurs 5-7 (If you would like to take another technique class ask for options)

Lexi Brock

Haley Horrock

Jada Garza

Madeline Cunningham

Allie Wendel

Mya Vennker

Kaylee coleman

Hanna Reid

Amber Robinson

Jazmine Godfrey

Sr. Elite Tues 7-9 Wed 5:30-6:30

Kayla Beckstrom

Sage Austin

Amberly Bray

Maddie Tarr

Autumn Schaugaard

Mckenzie Carpenter

Taylor Curdie

Rylee Marrott

Lexi Bergman

Dylainy Hansen

Britney Shunn

Elite Prep Thurs 6-8

Zjanae Stevens

Rachel Robinson

Madeline Burfitt

Kelsey Lamb

Brenly Horrocks

Eliza Emerson

Kenzie Warner

Jr. Co. Mon 4-6 Wed 6:30-7:30

Ashley Nielson

Macklyn Call

Morgan Sherwood

Jasmine Parker

Eliza Waddell

Sage Schaugaard

Maddie Evans

Sr. Co Tues 4-6 Wed 3:30-4:30

Kaisha Rose

Emma Waddell

Dylainy Hansen

Sam Beesley

Sydney Norwood

Rachel Doyle

Kennedy Yates

Riley Robinson

Ultimate Co. Tues 5-7 Wed3:30-4:30

Kennedy Ericksen

Kaycee Chamberlain

Toshina Young

Shanny Jensen

Kyra Geertsen

Brecca Bastian

Pointe Wed 4:30-5:30

*If you came to tryouts and dont see your name please email me for I may have accidentally missed your name when I typed it on the computer!
** So sorry for any misspelled names!!!! I still love you! I just stink at spelling!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Competition Tryouts Make up day!

Make-up day for those who wanted to tryout for Competition but were out of Town or couldnt make it will be Monday May 11th
5-7 yrs 9:00
8-11 yrs 9:30
12+yrs 10:00


Message from Carma Gray Photography

Dance Photos from Carma Gray Photography:Hi Everyone! All of the printed photos are with Misty at the dance studio and all of the digital copies have been emailed out…whew!!! I had a huge struggle with my internet connection this week. After emailing for an hour or so a box would pop up saying random emails didn’t go through. I’m pretty sure I worked it out but if you haven’t received them yet, please email me at info@carmagray.com. I need your daughter’s name, costume info, and whether she’s in competition or not. So sorry for any hassle! Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks, Carma Gray
I need an email address for the following people so I can send you your photos:
Amber Foster
Heather Willis
Char Jensen
Leigh Bullock
Angie Wendel
Kami Miller
Kim Coleman
Farrah Johnson
Christine Paulsen
Tyree Geertsen
Michelle Evans
Jennifer Bassett
Kolbi Sorensen
Jen Burtenshaw Wray Dix
Michelle Olson
Connie Robinson
Lora Walker

Monday, June 4, 2012

What day should I tryout?

I have had a lot of questions on what day to bring your dancers to tryouts! hopefully this will help. Wednesday tryouts are only for those have been on a prep, elite, or co. team. Ex(jr. prep, Elite prep, Jr. Elite, Sr. elite, and Ultimate Co.)Wednesdays tryouts are going to be very advanced routines. You must have clean triple pirouettes, fouettes, etc! Everyone else should be on tuesday! please come to the age you are now!! unless told otherwise!
Cant wait to see everyone this week! Good Luck !